Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 132


Freedom Promenade: Morning

“Alright, line up!”

At Ellis’s order, the remaining four Jewelry Box members and five dragons made two separate rows in front of her. For today, the women and their dragons were wearing matching unisex outfits.

Ellis and EllisonRa-chin were wearing white blouses underneath brown vests. Their shorts were the same colored brown.
Reeve and RevateinSu-chan had on a wine-colored t-shirt with a black jacket with some tight-fitting black pants. Reeve was carrying her katana as Revatein used the light blue saber.
Frau and BrauseFe-rin wore a forest green long t-shirt with some white capri pants.
Claire and CrestPi-tan put on an ocher flannel shirt paired with some blue overalls.
Katie and CassiusAh-nyan chose their usual pair of of white shorts, but they also chose some white t-shirts with the Jewelry Box’s flag printed on the front. Katie had on her Brave Ripper while Cassius was equipped with some white silver claw gauntlets and greaves. By the way, the Jewelry Box printed t-shirts are an item currently being sold at Masquerade.

Today is the grand opening of a new city district. There was a ceremony being held at the live house for all the uncles and aunts who love that sort of thing, and in order to help make everyone understand the concept of this new district, Ellis’s group prepared these outfits in advance.
One by one the leaders of Warren and its townspeople filed into the live house with even some people from the surrounding villages thrown into the mix. Among them were Katie’s father and others from her village who had gotten trimmed up for the event. Gatis was the village leader for the Western Fishing Village (tentative name), so he was here attending as a guest.

And then the opening ceremony began. Ellis stood on stage using magic to raise the volume of her voice with the other members of the Jewelry Box and their dragons standing alternately behind her. Upon seeing them there were many people in the audience who began to sigh or cheer, and even some who left to try and imitate their favorite outfit.
It was over this noise that Ellis greeted everyone.

“Thank you all very much for coming together here. Today this city shall be reborn. This new district’s concept is, ‘Don’t mind it’. Everything’s fine so long as everyone’s having fun, and we tried to put that feeling in our outfits today.”

While everyone was applauding Ellis’s opening, Reeve and Frau headed towards a signboard covered in a white cloth. At Ellis’s signal, that cloth was ripped away.
The words ‘Freedom Promenade’ were printed on its surface.

“Today, Cross Town is no more, reborn as Freedom Promenade!”

Thus the new district Freedom Promenade was officially open.

“Oi oi, it’s not very lively here.”

The Hero Gray and thief Gise had stayed up late yesterday due to the disappearance of Wight Labyrinth’s entrance, so they decided to stay overnight. The next morning though, when they went out to have some breakfast, they noticed there were a lot fewer people out than normal. After asking the nearby An-chan Street Stall for the reason, the owner, An-chan, answered Gise like it just couldn’t be helped. “It’s the grand opening for the new city district,” he said.
Their interests piqued, the two decided to head over and visit this new district.

“Heh, this place is bustling.”

Gise admired the sight. On the other side, this was actually Gray’s first time in this part of town. Because for Gray, Warren was Marilyn.

“There’s a good cafe up ahead. Let’s eat breakfast there and have some morning tea.”

Gise invited Gray over to the cafe in the inner part of the city.

“Heh, the store’s changed its name. Pot and Kettle, what a pretty name.”

With Gise in the lead, the two of them headed inside where a crowd of people had already formed. Coincidentally Gise just happened to notice someone who has continued to stay on his mind.

“Pardon me, is it alright if we share a table since it’s so crowded in here?”
“Please do, oh my, Mr. Gise, how rare.”

At a table for four, Aiful and Credia were sitting next to each other. Since today was the grand opening, they decided to come and have a light breakfast at the Pot and Kettle before opening the Tea Room.

“Mr. Hero, long time no see.”

Gray felt a little nervous when Credia suddenly greeted him. Why does this little girl know me? Gise was quick to explain.

“These two were the wife and daughter of Wheat Grace’s Durkfienance family. Currently, they’ve given up the Durkfienance name and have opened up a store in this city. There’s no need to feel tense, I know how you feel.”

However when it came to these two, Gray was more upset that they knew his real identity and that his name wasn’t actually Gise.

“Hey, maybe everyone already knows I’m the Hero?”
“I don’t think it’s been leaked to everyone. These two only know you because they met you before, and they have no reason to spread that information around. More importantly, let’s order.”

Gise asked Aiful to make a recommendation for this store and was eager to strike up a conversation with her. What Aiful ended up ordering arrived at just that time. It was seafood soup with raw vegetables mixed in, and a roll of bread.

“This soup is the shop’s recommendation,” after she made a small introduction for the food to Gise with a smile, the mother and daughter began elegantly eating their meal. The men took a quick look before ordering the same thing.

Gise praised his good fortune. Before his eyes he was seeing how this woman kept up her figure.
By the time Aiful and Credia had finished their meals, Gise and Gray’s had just arrived. As the two ladies rose up and bowed, Gise panicked and raised his voice.

“Is the Tea Room closed today?”
“No, we’re heading back to get it ready to open right now.”
“Is that so, then I’ll see you again later.”
“I’ll be waiting for you.”

And so Aiful and Credia left the store. Thereupon Credia began teasing her mother in a whisper.

“That Gise, he’s been watching Mother for a long time now. But I wonder if he’s too late.”
“My my, that would be troubling.”
“You’re going to get in trouble with Uncle Buzz, Mother.”
“Well, this child.”

The Tea Room was peaceful.

“Hey, Master”
“What Berunal?”
“Didn’t you make a reservation for today?”
“Ah, that’s for this evening.”
“Please take me there early. I want to play my game.”
“You know Berunal, sometimes it’s important to endure your desires.”
“Alright then I’ll endure playing my games until later, so embrace me.”
“No good. I’m saving myself until I see Margherita tonight.”
“Then please take me shopping in the city.”
“You have a million ril.”
“I’m saving my million for my games, so Master should buy me some new clothes with his pocket money.”
“It can’t be helped. You get 100 thousand ril.”
“I love you Master”

Having lost a few screws after turning into a woman, Berunal’s mind had been all but completely blown away after being bedded by the Demon Lord and becoming a gambling addict.
Some troublesome demons saw the two of them fly away, but it was the type of situation that the Demon Lord had zero interest in at all.

“It looks like the Demon Lord and Berudeus are going somewhere again today.”
“I wish I knew where they were going.”
“Berudeus’s Demonic Sense is unusual.”
“That guy’s fine. Hey, Shadow Stalker, go follow closely behind the Demon Lord.”
“Am I part of a suicide squad? No way.”
“It’s fine. It’s not like you’re going to attack Berudeus or the Demon Lord. Even if they find you, you can just say that you were taking a walk.”
“It won’t work. I’ll be found too quickly and scurry home.”

In this way the Demons who were no longer managed by Berunal-Berudeus-Beruiel began to steadily make preparations so that neither Berudeus nor the Demon Lord would act violently if angered.

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Chapter 133

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  1. Another note, Shouldn’t “Claire and Crest(Crest) put on an ocher flannel shirt paired with some blue overalls.”
    be “Claire and Crest(Pi-tan) put on an ocher flannel shirt paired with some blue overalls.”

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  2. Feel so sorry for our hero duo. They really are just unfortunate victims. Poor gise loves a woman who is already taken and grey loves a woman who feels nothing for him.

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