Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 141


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Another Introduction to Our Heroes

An introduction to the main characters of the story and the dragons who came in halfway.
For more information on Ellis and everyone else, please refer to Character Memorandum 1 and 2.


{Warren’s Jewelry Box}


Her second name is the Golden Mistress.
Dragon Maiden for the Land Dragon.
Associate member for the Warren Council.
Adviser for the Warren Thieves’ Guild.
President and CEO for Ellis Finance.
Her main source of income comes from real estate and financing through her company Ellis Finance. She’s like a dangerous drug, taking money away from people, and having them be happy she’s doing it.
Her insides are made up of a loli-loving, 30 year old hikineet woman.
Quite possibly the number one whimsical person on the Almerian continent.



Her second name is Lady Bluegreen.
Dragon Maiden for the Storm Dragon.
Currently unemployed.
Her main source of income is her winnings from the casino Ril Rush. Oftentimes working with her own grandfather’s sinister plans, she’ll mercilessly strip her opponents of all their money.
A girl who radiates the ‘Yuri’ element, showing off even a little makes women’s hearts jump out of their chests.
She might look focused at first glance, but in truth she’s not really thinking about anything at all. A typical case where somebody can’t really be relied on for anything except for making sure something gets dead.
She always makes a sweet voice whenever Ellis rubs her finger across her neck.



Her second name is the Crimson Beauty.
Dragon Maiden for the Phoenix Dragon.
Head accountant for Ellis Finance.
Adviser for Freedom Promenade’s restaurant association.
Restaurant Construction adviser for the Western Fishing Village (tentative name) on behalf of the Merchant Guild.
Main income is from her advisory fees. A ray of hope for employees whose motto is that profits will surely increase so long as they continue to do their best.
A woman who acts like an older sister you can count on. She is usually the one left cleaning up after Ellis and the other girls. She is also in charge of disciplining the dragons.
But at night she is a filthy pig woman.
Always lets out a sweet voice whenever Ellis bites on her earlobe.



Her second name is the Jet Black Lady.
Dragon Maiden for the Chaos Dragon.
President and Chairman of Claire’s Design Office.
Manager of the Workshop Guild’s Freedom Promenade branch office.
Her main income is the money taken in from the above-mentioned businesses along with patent fees from the Claire-Flint brand product line. Second richest person behind Ellis.
Even though she is a super talented staff officer whenever she is alone with Ellis, she turns into an enthusiastic little sister who can’t read the air whenever she’s paired with anyone else.
Whenever Ellis licks her nose, she always makes a cute noise.



Her second name is the Pure White Catgirl.
Dragon Maiden for the Frost Dragon.
She has no steady source of income. She’s someone who doesn’t care if she has any money, but will celebrate and spend it haphazardly while she has it. She has a track record of moving through the city wearing just her underwear, so Ellis bought her a dress to wear.
At first glance she looks like a cool beauty, but her head is actually an empty flower garden. Completely unable to read the air.
However, she’s a catgirl who will occasionally mercilessly cut right to the truth of a matter.
She’ll always purr whenever Ellis scratches under her chin.





Land Dragon

Ellis’s dragon. He is called Ra-chin.
A salamander-like dragon whose scales would make someone believe he was actually wearing a set of lightly shining golden armor.
In the last Demon/God war his honest nature was taken advantage of by the Demon Lord, and he fought on the demon side of the war. However because he never made it to the battlefield, his only contributions to the war was attacking any travelers who were unfortunate enough to cross his path.
When he surrendered to the girls, he revealed he could grow his scales back like an octopus can grow back its arms, and they’ve been using those scales to make new armor.
The truth is that he had already noticed a black spot on Ellis’s soul when they first met. This could have been perceived as an impurity when the contract was formed, but he had already decided that having Ellis as his Dragon Maiden would be a point of pride for him. If he was wrong, then there is a high probability that ectoplasm would’ve spewed out of his nose and mouth.
He’s level-headed in times of emergency, and very vigilant. He has a search ability that allows him to pick out individuals who stand out among the rest, but he also has two weaknesses in that he can’t fly and is rather loud.
He is also particularly lazy, so while all the other dragons hang off their Dragon Maidens, he needs to be carried. At first Ellis always carried him under one arm, but because she needed to make sure her hands were free, she modified some straps to create a makeshift bookbag to carry him on her back.
He loves the smell that comes from the tea that Aiful and Credia prepare in the Jewelry Box Tea Room. He will stay inside the shop until his tea cools off, taking the leftover cold tea back home with him afterwards since it would be a waste to toss it out. Originally it would be Ellis’s job to take that tea home with her, but after Claire made a dedicated barrel that he could wear around his neck, he became able to carry it home himself whenever Ellis is busy.
He does almost nothing but laze around, requiring Ellis to take care of him, a trait that all the rest of the dragons admire and respect.
He is the face of Warren’s Guardian Dragons.
His motif would be a Thunderbirds Jet Mole.¹
He kind of looks like a cute version of an Akamturm from Monster Hunter.²


Storm Dragon

Reeve’s dragon. Goes by Su-chan.
Covered in ultramarine leather, it’s a thin Pterosaur-like dragon with wings that could make someone believe they were wind made solid.
He already carried some bad memories even before the previous Demon/God War, so he hid himself away in a southern cave to avoid both the Hero and the Demon Lord. However because of Ellis’s trick he was drawn outside of the cave, and he was successfully captured by the Land Dragon’s attack. At that time he noticed how well Reeve took care of her boots which were made from his leather, so he decided to make her his contractor.
He is capable of carrying Reeve and one other Dragon Maiden while still being able to go at his full speed, but because he is unable to form a barrier, ordinary people can’t ride him alone. The end result if one tried can be found in the Ultraman section in your Fantasy Science Textbooks.³
In his miniature size he’ll usually fit himself on Reeve’s chest, covering her B-cup breasts with his wings. The situation is a little different from what one would expect though, and he is more similar to a set of breast armor in that state.
Anyhow he is someone who gets easily carried away and always has something to say whenever something happens. Normally though he remains quiet, and he can seem quite intelligent. The truth however is that his impulsiveness pairs well with Reeve and his natural airheadedness means he easily botches various different orders.
He is relentless towards his enemies, and will pepper them constantly with blades of wind. This is another trait that pairs well with Reeve who is quite happy with her, “Kill first, ask questions never,” policy.
He used to practically whistle the words, “Fucking idiot,” but Gurre seems to have gotten him to drop the habit.
His motif would be the Thunderbirds No. 1
He looks like a cute version of the Storm Dragon from Monster Collection.


Frost Dragon

Katie’s Dragon. His new name is Ah-nyan.
A snake-like dragon that gives off a noble feeling covered in it’s pure white hair.
In the last Demon/God War he deemed that the Hero was at a disadvantage, so he dared to side with the underdog. He rampaged through the Demon Lord’s front lines, but after being brought down by some of the Demon Lord’s suicide bombers, he was trapped in a purification labyrinth. What’s more is the fact that the Hero who he had once aided decided to leave him in there.
Inside the labyrinth he grew a hatred for both sides of the conflict and attacked everything for fear of being permanently cleansed. In the end, he lost before the combo attack of the Land and Storm dragons.
Even the other dragons had to admit how beautiful he was on the outside. Unfortunately the inside is completely dirty, vulgar, and hostile even by the other dragons’ standards. He constantly throws out insults in a dialect that is a little hard to understand at times. He calls himself a ‘hot spring gourmet’, but that really only equates to him acting like an old man.
But he fits in perfectly with the airheaded Katie. The two have already become a self-proclaimed comic duo. He’s also like Katie in that he’ll put in much more effort than you’d expect in trying to find the spot in a bath that has the hottest water.
His motif would be the Thunderbirds No. 4.
He is very similar to Dragon Ball’s Shenron if that dragon was covered in white hair.


Phoenix Dragon

Frau’s dragon. Named Fe-rin.
As it’s name would suggest, he is a bird-like dragon with the body of a bird, head of a dragon, and covered in crimson feathers.
In the previous Demon/God War he declared himself neutral, lending his aid to neither side.  However the real reason why he made this choice was because, “I hate scary things.” He is actually quite timid.
This time around he saw the Demon Lord’s national broadcast and appeared in Ceramics to try and declare his neutrality as soon as possible. That was when he was captured by the Hero.
He barfed ectoplasm from his mouth after the Hero’s party member Peach kissed him, trying to force a contract with him. It was impossible for the other dragons to not feel a level of sympathy for him. He was later freed by the girls and formed a contract with Frau in order to achieve some small level of revenge on the Brave Party.
His cowardice is outstanding compared to the other dragons. Because of this he will usually end up hiding himself in Frau’s hair, rarely showing himself. For that reason it is very rare for any of Warren’s citizens to ever see him.
In addition to Frau, he can carry two other people on his back without it impeding his flying, and since he is quite proficient in making barriers, even an ordinary person can enjoy the ride.
As a result it has become the situation where he is often treated as a sort of handyman by Frau who is in turn often treated as a handyman by the rest of the girls, but he doesn’t mind since those jobs usually involve going shopping with Aiful and Credia or picking up that sneaky old grandpa which he greatly enjoys.
His motif would be the Thunderbirds No. 3.
He looks similar to Final Fantasy’s Phoenix if it was more red.


Chaos Dragon

Claire’s dragon. Goes by Pi-tan.
An evil dragon with a vicious figure and pure black body, he is a being to be feared by anyone who lays eyes on him.
Originally he was picked up from a labyrinth as a Metal Eater where he would chow down on any swords and spears thrown his way, enjoy being caressed in different pairs of breasts, and could be said to have all around won at life. His only job was to occasionally spit out a few magic crystals for the girls. Ellis’s contract with the Land Dragon however turned his life completely over.
A dragon had yet to appear in front of Claire, but he knew that she loved him and if a dragon ever did appear before her, she would assuredly choose him over that dragon. But that would make Claire the only one to not be a Dragon Maiden, putting her future at risk. Knowing all of this, he decided to leave the mansion, taking him out of the equation.
He was originally seen as an invincible monster that should be run away from without fail before. But now everyone knew the truth. He was just a monster with zero attack power, and as such, he was captured almost immediately and brought back to the girls. Then by chance, Claire’s lips brushed against his nose while she was scolding him, and then like the fairy tail where the princess kisses the frog, his form as the Chaos Dragon was restored.
When his true form was revealed, all the other dragons shouted, “Chaos Dragons are dangerous!” while giving out evacuation orders to their maidens. It’s natural that a Chaos Dragon with no memories would be a target for bullying by all the other dragons.
However when he regained his Chaos Dragon form, he still had the same mind as when he was a Metal Eater. Gradually some of his old memories started trickling in, and he was able to pick a fight with the other dragons as well.
His time as a Metal Eater with the Jewelry Box Girls, spending time with Frau and being picked up by Ellis, has left as being the most loved of the dragons by all of the girls.
His motif is the Thunderbird No. 2.
He looks like Lars from Bastard if he was completely black.

1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunderbirds_machines   So each machine has its own job like No. 1 is used for reconnaissance. https://thunderbirds.fandom.com/wiki/The_Mole_(TB2015)   This is the machine Ra-chin is referenced to.


3. In case you didn’t know Ultraman is a Japanese superhero. And the Fantasy Science Textbooks, or 空想科学読本, is a pseudo-science series where the author uses made up science to show how silly the made up science in science fiction works are.

4. Monster Collection is a Japanese card game apparently, so unfortunately the best image I could find was of the card itself.

5. I know you probably don’t need this image, but here it is anyway.


7. So I’m afraid I actually couldn’t find a picture that this references. Bastard is a manga series that’s been ongoing for years, and Lars is a dragon knight who turned into a dragon among other events. Here’s a link to the wikipedia page in case you want to do a little research. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastard!!


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