Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 180



What Do You Think You’re Doing

This is heaven.

“My my. Will this somehow work out?”

“We’re dealing with an unprecedented incident, so this was unavoidable.”

The two beams of light that had hit the Demon Lord and Hero were shot from the God of Warriors and God of Mages directly from heaven.
The Demon Lord and Hero of the Almerian continent have been brought low before the overwhelming power of a god.

“You two, what are you doing!? Have you even considered the consequences of using the Horn of the End and now directly interfering in a world!?”

“There isn’t a problem as long as nobody finds out.”

“You’ll not want to talk too much about this yourself either.”

The God of Thieves furiously protested the two’s actions, but the God of Warriors and God of Mages dismissed his objections, walking past him as if he had nothing to do with them and left the area.

The God of Thieves turned his eyes to the lower world with a worried expression. Like this, the people of this world would be destroyed just as those angels were. Even a god can’t be allowed to permeate such acts on innocent people. But things are already in motion.

“The rest will all be dependent on you. Go for it Eiji.”

The God of Thieves whispered a few words down to the world below before turning around and leaving himself.



“Gray! Gray!”

Marionetta had grown frantic, repeatedly calling out Gray’s name while holding his still body. He wasn’t responding. Although she could still hear his heart beating, it was fleeting and sounded like it would stop any second now.

“Isn’t this forbidden? Marionetta, for now help me carry the Hero and the Demon Lord to a safe place.”

Beruiel disgustedly muttered something to himself before calling on Marionetta to help him.

“We’ll help too. Reeve, Frau, lend a hand.”

Reeve helped Beruiel in carrying the Demon Lord while Frau helped Marionetta carry the Hero. They brought them over to a nearby cabin and gently set them down as per Ellis’s instructions.


Ellis used the ability of the Full Recovery ring on the two men. However, the ring didn’t look like it had any effect on them.

“This is the power of a god, the so-called divine punishment. The very fact that their hearts are still beating is a miracle in and of itself.”

“Divine punishment?”

“Ellis, that light came directly from the heavens. Perhaps the gods who summoned the Hero and Demon Lord to this world have decided to take a direct approach. A decision that isn’t normally allowed.”

Beruiel answered Ellis’s question with a trembling voice, not bothering to even try and hide the rage brewing in him. Yes, Beruiel knew just how insane it was for a god to have a direct effect on an outside world. That was why he had believed the gods would recognize this world once the score of angels had been defeated. And yet the gods have have interfered. Which means……..
Suddenly all of the rage clouding Beruiel’s heart drained away, replaced by an unending dread.

“Oh no, after this…….”

Screams rose up outside of the hut, completely eclipsing whatever Beruiel was going to say next.

“A large army of angels!”

Warren’s sky was once again filled with a countless number of angels. All here to eradicate the people down below.


The Dragon Maidens and their dragons all rose to meet with the angels once again. But this time the overwhelming presence that was the Hero and Demon Lord wasn’t there to back them up.

“Reeve, Frau, Claire, Katie, don’t die okay? Ra-chin, Su-chan, Fe-rin, Pi-tan, Ah-nyan, protect us.”

“I’m not going to have any problems thanks to Ellis’s special power, but the rest of the girls will only be able to use the dragons’ ultimate release one or two more times. The Dragon Maidens’ spiritual strength won’t be able to last much more than that. Ellis and I will keep raining fire on them with {Summon Volcano}, so the rest of you should stick to your regular weapons and breath attacks.”

Ellis and Ra-chin relayed a battle strategy to the others as they took off, followed by Ellis shouting as loud as she could to the sky above.

“Angels! You’re going back where you came from!”

Her shout acted as a signal to all the rest of the Dragon Maidens scattered across the battlefield.



“{Summon Volcano}!”

For some reason Ellis’s connection to Ra-chin was similar to that of a magic tool, so she was able to repeatedly use {Summon Volcano} without it draining on her mana. So long as her physical strength held out, the volcanic rock would keep flying.
And so Ellis and the Land Dragon charged forward on the ground, shooting volcanic bombs up in the air and knocking angels down onto the ground.


Su-chan rushed through a flock of angels at high speeds, using the resulting shockwaves to knock the angels down onto the ground.
Reeve waited down below, and with her sword in hand, she cut down every angel that came close before their bodies hit the ground.

“{High Voltage Breath}!”

Every time he made a new pass through the crowds, Su-chan released another one of his breath attacks and crippled a new set of angels. The angels would fall to the ground paralyzed by the electricity until Reeve walked past and stabbed them in the chest. It was like an angel-hunting demon had risen from the pits.


“{Super High Heat Breath}!”

In contrast to the Storm Dragon, the Phoenix Dragon Fe-rin was dancing through the air, constantly using his breath attack on the flocks of angels to cover Frau from above. Any angel touched by the attack would instantly evaporate before the overwhelming heat.
Any angels that landed on the ground to avoid the breath attack became good prey for the waiting Frau who was wielding her halberd and standing guard near Warren. Thanks to Frau’s Interception equipment, the other girls all received a physical damage reduction of ten. Add that on to her own armor’s effects that stop an additional twenty physical damage and fifteen magical damage, and she was a human fortress.


Pi-tan took up a position right next the Land Dragon with Claire standing right on top of him.

“{Black Ball Breath}!”

Pi-tan knew that Ra-chin’s volcanic bombs would be a vertical attack, so the Chaos Dragon released several beads of breath towards the angel swarm to crisscross their attacks.

“{Homing Valkyrie Lance}!”

Claire had figured the angels would be more vulnerable to physical attacks than magical ones, so she modified the {Homing Missiles} spell so that it would fire off multiple {Valkyrie Lance} spells instead. Each lance accurately pierced a different angel, cutting them down after a single blow.

“Yosh, next”

Claire pulled off an emptied Spirit ring from her finger before sliding on the next one. Sitting right next to her was a bag from Ellis filled with the things.

“Claire! If you run out of rings, let me know, and I’ll refill them”

“I know Ellis! Then next. {Homing Valkyrie Lance}!”

“{Black Ball Breath}!”

With their rapid firing bullets, it was as if Claire and Pi-tan had become a fixed turret on the battlefield.


“Pincer attack nya!”

“Got it Katie!”

Katie and Ah-nyan have moved to the opposite side of the battlefield by the frozen lake.

“Hand-to-hand warfare is the best nya.”

“I think so too.”

“So, put some spirit into it nya?”

“You bet. {Extreme Cold Breath}!”

The Frost Dragon shot its breath, freezing hundreds of angels after one attack. Then with Katie on his head, they plunged into a group of angels that had landed on the ground.


Ah-nyan released a mighty roar, using his entire snow white body as a whip to blow the angels away.


Katie leapt off of Ah-nyan’s head, using her claws to tear apart any angels the Frost Dragon knocked over.
The angels tried to fight back, but they just couldn’t stop the Dragon Maiden and her dragon’s dance. As if she had completely understood the dragon’s movements as it slid through the large crowd of angels, the Dragon Maiden fluidly moved right beside the snake-like dragon, leaving a trail of dead angels in her wake. Watching from a distance, Ellis saw it as “The Dance of the War Maiden and Dragon.”


With Warren’s Powder Keg taking the lead, the armies of Warren, Wheat Grace, and Ceramics continued to keep any angels from entering the city.
Suddenly, Beruiel appeared next to Ellis and started casting his own magic against the angels as well.



And yet, the number of angels wasn’t going down at all. No matter how many angels the girls killed, they just kept on flying down from the sky one after another.
It was reminiscent of an endless snowfall.
A beautiful yet deadly snowfall.

Chapter 179

Chapter 181

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