Villainess Wants to Live Freely El POV (3)


“This is my room. I think El’s is probably next door? If you’re ever lonely, feel free to come over. You’re always welcome.”

Next I was guided over to her room. If I ever get lonely……I hate dark nights because it reminds me of that room I was kept in. But, I’m a beastman, so my scent will rub off on her if I hang around too much……..isn’t that fine though? Mine……I want to, but…….well, humans wouldn’t understand it anyway, so I’ll just visit if I start to feel lonely.

“El’s hair is so fluffy and nice. And you have the same blue eyes as Allen. I’m jealous.”

She said that while reaching out to pet me. In my head I know she’s different from them, but my body acts on its own. I squat down on the floor, my arms covering my head as my whole body starts to shake.
I don’t want to cause her any trouble…..but my body just……I just hope she isn’t annoyed with me.

“El? By chance, are you scared? ……I’m sorry. I didn’t realize, but it’s okay now. You’re all right.”

No, you’re not scary. She gently hugged my trembling body and started rubbing my back.

“El, I’m really sorry. However, I won’t ever hurt you! …….El, look at this hand. This hand will never hurt you! ……..please remember that……..”

I’ll remember, I’ll definitely remember. My body was still shaking, but to show her I understood, I kept looking between the palm of her hand and her face while nodding my head.

“Fufu, thank you El. …….Allen has prepared some herbal tea. Shall we have some together?”

After seeing Allen make the tea from behind, I watched as she and Allen slowly started talking to one another. The herbal tea was really tasty, and it helped loosen my stiff body.

“I am relieved my tea is to El-sama’s tastes.”

“Be careful not to drink too much, El. After all, a splendid dinner is waiting for us!”


Both of them are very kind and considerate. I wish I could stay next to them……
The three of us enjoyed our time together, drinking tea while telling silly stories to pass the time.




That night, I really did have a scary dream………one where the violence never ended.

*……..Knock Knock*……..*Knock Knock*

“……..Who is it?”

I couldn’t answer because I didn’t have a voice. While I was busy trying to think about what to do though, the door opened up a bit.

“Well! El! What’s wrong?”

I was relieved to hear her voice and ended up hugging her tightly while burying my face in her chest.

“Then let’s sleep holding each other’s hands! That way there won’t be any more scary dreams.”

I went to bed while holding her hand and slept facing her.

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