Grimoire Master Ch. 71


Chapter 8
Section 8: Solretta Defense 2

I told them I came here to fight, but………

(So, what am I supposed to do next………?)

Looking around, we have around 100 soldiers stationed here. That isn’t including the additional fifty volunteer adventurers and lumberjacks who are ready to fight as well. We outnumber the ents sure, but unfortunately, ents are powerful monsters. If I were to equate each soldier here to a goblin, victory becomes something hard to imagine.

At this very moment Saluena is struggling on her own below the wall…….no, actually she’s tearing through the ents with constant, unstoppable force.

But we still can’t just leave her alone. I came here to fight too. I’m, an adventurer too.

(Well if we’re being technical I guess I’m more of the church-like equivalent like Rose-san than an actual adventurer, but still.)

“Lapris. Let’s go.”

“Hey, oi. Go where? Seriously, there’s no way we’re jumping into that mess right?”

Lapris slowly floated over to me, vehemently whispering into my ear while still trying to put up her front as the Goddess’s envoy. I gave her a smile for her efforts.

“Of course we are.”

“Oi oi oi oi, what’s up? You were always the more prudent, thoughtful type weren’t ya? When we were fighting the dragon, you kept coming up with one strategy after another……”

“A full charge is a splendid strategy.”

“……isnt’ that the same as you saying you have no strategy at all? Haven’t you become completely desperate?”


I glanced down at the white-silver ring on my left hand’s pinky.

“I can go, assuming I’m not misunderstanding the strength I feel right now. I, should be able to help Saluena.”

Straddling Unicorn’s back, I stroked my left hand against her neck. Just like how Saluena did, gently, gently. Show my appreciation.

“Please. Lend me your aid Unicorn.”

And at my small whisper, Unicorn released a powerful neigh. Her purple mane gradually began emitting a white light. A glow similar to the one the holy water gave off during the baptismal rite. A faint, gentle, soft as silk white. And yet the light had a power all its own that prevented you from looking away.

“O-Oi oi oi. What are you thinking about right now?”

“I’m thinking about charging right at my enemies.”

“You already said that. Do you just like charging now? Does it tickle your fancy or something?”

“Yeah, is sounds good. Makes us seem strong.”

“You sound like an idiot right now.”

“Well~, maybe. But that’s fine too. Even an idiot can do something as simple as a charge.”

I felt calm during my exchange with Lapris. I’m ready and determined.

“Hoh, a unicorn? Never did I think the day would come when these eyes would get to see one in person.”

Suddenly Grandpa Ferdinand appeared from behind the captain and walked over to me. He was flanked on both sides by a couple of lumberjacks who had called out to me at the guild a few days ago.

“Oh!? Taking a look, aren’t you that girl from back then?”

“I had my doubts when that knight appeared out of nowhere……. And now there’s this unicorn……just who are you?”

This is the man who served me some tea that first day I waited for Toslin and the others to get back from their job. He’s carrying a big ax on his back just like back then.

“This is Iris Calvafon. Grimoire Master and receiver of the Goddess’s blessing. A level 25 red corundum.”

Lapris returned to her solemn demeanor and spoke on my behalf.

“A-A red corundum rank!? S-Seriously…….. That’s the same rank as the hero put in charge of slaying that dragon.”

The lumberjacks were visibly shocked to hear I was red rank, but Grandpa was different. He kept his calm on the battlefield and quietly nodded his head after a moment.

“Grimoire Master……I see. It seems I was not mistaken when I said you had changed since I last saw you.”

“Grandpa, so you came here too.”

“That Marcus came to get me. Well, it is the duty of those who live in the city to keep it safe. I’m happy to cooperate as best I can.”

“In that case Grandpa, is it okay if I ask you a favor?”

What I’m going to do after this is extremely simple. But I’m going to need collaborators in order to make it work.

“You’re like a granddaughter to me Iris. And there’s no way this old man is going to turn down a request from his cute granddaughter.”

“Fufu, thanks Grandpa.”

After thanking Grandpa, I asked the captain for his help as well.

“Soldiers, can we ask you for your help in this?”

“Y-Yeah….. If we can be of help, we’ll do whatever you need.”

“We’ll help too!! We’re lumberjacks. If the job’s cutting wood, we’re confident we won’t lose to nobody!!”

The motivation for every lumberjack gathered here was set ablaze, and a powerful roar rose from the group as they raised their axes into the air.

“Iris-sama, leave healing those who get injured to us sisters.”

With morale already on the rise, a small group of sisters dispatched from the church joined our group.

Soldiers, lumberjacks, and a few adventurers thrown into the mix.

With a few sisters joining us, there’s nothing else we need to worry about.

“Hey, with this many people here, there’s no need for us to go out ourselves right? Anego is already out there too.”

“That’s no good. Unicorn is already raring to go, and besides……I’m already an adventurer. It doesn’t make any sense for me to stand back and be protected anymore.”

Unicorn’s mane has completely changed from purple to pure white for some reason. Looking behind me, I see that her tail has turned snow white as well.

The ring on my pinky is flickering light. Almost as if it were waiting for my signal.

(Yeah, I know. What we should do, and what we can do……)

With everyone’s gazes locked on me, I kissed Unicorn’s ring. At that instant, a huge torrent of light was released from both the ring and Unicorn’s body at the same time.

“W-Woah!? What!? What did you do Iris!?”

“Made a powerful shield that cannot be broken.”

Lapris was disoriented by the light and jumped into my hair. Several geometrically patterned magic circles of various sizes expanded around me and floated in midair.

Whether my thoughts were transmitted through the ring or not, *Tak Tak Tak*……Unicorn started tapping her hoof against the cobblestone ground. Her breathing was wild, and she impatiently waited for me to finally give my order. For some reason I had gone off and thought she was a good, calm child because she’s a mare, but after that incident with the gate earlier, maybe I need to rework how I think.

“There’s just one thing I need to ask all of you.”

I gave everyone a general outline of the plan with a wry smile floating in my heart. I felt just like how I had when I faced the dragon in Relton.

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6 thoughts on “Grimoire Master Ch. 71

  1. So Iris still has a plan I see, not just CHARGEEEE!!!

    That suits her more IMO.

    But man, I never knew Unicorn has such high Strengh stat. Kick a bent iron gate back into shape? And with front legs no less? Hell, that a first for a horse/unicorn (for me at least).

    Thank you for the chapter! Looking forward to the next chapter!


    1. Well unicorns here are spirits and extremely rare and powerful at that. Also, possibly, lvl of summoner affecting summoned “pets” and Iris here is red rank which is very rare.


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