Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 95


[Rinoa]: “So you don’t like Routh?”

[Rose]: “…..I’m, not sure. But, I’m always happy and feel safe whenever I am with him, so I think I might.”

Seemingly convinced of something, Rinoa-sama muttered, “As I thought,” under her breath before focusing her gaze once again squarely on me.

[Rinoa]: “I like Routh. That makes you and me rivals!”

(Huh? What what what? Where is this sudden rival declaration coming from!?)

I was suddenly made into someone’s rival.

I’m only just coming to terms about my own feelings and already I have a rival challenging me.

(Well I might’ve never understood those feelings if it wasn’t for Rinoa-sama. No, but, suddenly calling someone out as your rival is still a bit……)

[Rose]: “U-Um, did you say rival?”

I had to double check, but Rinoa-sama was off in her own little world…..

[Rinoa]: “Heh. Heh. Heh. This is delightful! I put all that work into getting into this school. But how can you claim to have had a fulfilling school life without any romance!? And what is love without a rival to compete with!? We didn’t have things like this in Ashtel. I am so happy!”

…..happily hopping around where she stood.

There was no trace of the sharp atmosphere she carried with her before or the sweet gestures she used the first time we met, almost as if she were moving entirely on instinct right now……I was seeing for the first time what Rinoa-sama is really like.



[???]: “…, ma~……Ri……sama~…..Rinoa-sama~!”

Before things could get back on track, I noticed that there was someone calling for Rinoa-sama a little further away.

[Rose]: “Rinoa-sama, somebody is…..”

However the people calling for her were on top of us before I could bring it up.

[???]: “Hm? Roselia is here too?”

[???]: “How strange to find Rose and Rinoa alone together.”

It turned out to be Prince Eric……and El, the very topic of our conversation.

[Rinoa]: “Routh! You wanted me?”

That movement she did of entwining her arm around El’s while coyly questioning him was so cute, I’m sure even I would’ve had my heart racing if she had done it to me, and I’m a girl.

[El]: “Prince Eric was looking for you. Weren’t you told not to go off on your own without permission?”

El furrowed his brow but didn’t move to pry her off of him.

(… that I know how I really feel, seeing them like this is…..a bit difficult.)

I desperately forced myself to keep my trap shut. If I were to open my mouth as I am right now, I might end up shouting something along the lines of, “Why are you letting her just hang off of you like that!? Is El in love with Rinoa-sama!?”

[Eric]: “Rinoa-sama, I can guide you around.”

[Rinoa]: “Your Highness will be my guide? Then that leaves room for Routh to be my escort.”

[El]: “No, I had business with Rose. Besides, Prince Eric is to be acting as your escort while you’re here.”

El gently removed Rinoa-sama from his arm after saying that and walked over to me.

[Eric]: “Rinoa-sama, I’m sorry, but please bear with me.”

While making a face that most certainly did not match with the “I’m sorry,” it was saying, Prince Eric forcibly escorted Rinoa-sama away from us.

(They call him an escort…..but is this really okay? He looks more like an owner pulling on their dog’s leash because their pet is refusing to listen.)

[El]: “Rose, are you okay? Did Rinoa do anything to you?”

Self-conscious from what Rinoa-sama and I had just talked about, when El worriedly looked into my eyes, I ended up avoiding his gaze and hanging my head down because I was afraid he’d be able to read my thoughts.

[El]: “Oh no, she really did do something!?”

It would take a while after that for me to calm El down and convince him he was misunderstanding something.

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6 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 95

    1. Learn to read Chinese and Japanese sentences within their context. El misunderstood. He thought Rinoa was bullying Roselia. That’s a misunderstanding.


    2. I’m Chinese and have learned enough Japanese to know when the translations are wrong. I can message chat with native Japanese in Japanese. So I know how to read in between the lines and within the context. What it says is that El was worried that Rinoa was bullying Roselia. Like an Erina #2.


  1. Oh yes. Some chapters back someone condemned the author on overdoing exercise not being for ladies saying that the author was sexist or something. That’s not true. You need to read up more on anatomy and physiology, Men can afford to have a little extra muscle mass since they don’t look bad with it yet. It still doesn’t make them a beefcake man. But if women exercise too much, they build up too much muscle mass and end up looking like a beefcake woman. And nobody likes beefcake people. That’s why I recommend practicing far eastern martial arts instead of exercising, You kill two birds with one stone. One, you learn to fight properly in self-defense, Two, you tone and exercise your whole body with gaining muscle buildup in the wrong places and thus don’t become a beefcake person.


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