Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 97


[El]: “Ah, here you are Rose.”

I was once again studying with Prince Eric in the library…..
In order to prevent the constant curious looks I was subjected to last time, this time we were together with Lou, Sophia-sama, and Will-sama. ……At first at least.

I was just wondering if our little study session would be coming to a close. It was at that moment that El and Rinoa-sama came to the library together.

(They’re together today too……)

[Rose]: “El…….is something wrong?”

[El]: “No? I was just looking for Rose because I wanted to study with you.”

[Rose]: “Oh yeah, it’ll be El and Rinoa’s first exams. If you’re fine with me, I’ll be happy to help.”

[El]: “Thank you! Umm……”

With that being said, we had to figure out where El was going to sit.
Lou is sitting on my left, and Prince Eric is on my right. With Sophia-sama and Will-sama sitting in front of me, that meant there was no room for El.

[Rose]: “Should me move to the other table? This one is a bit small.”

[El]: “Mm! And then Rinoa can sit where Rose was sitting. You’ll be taking the same exam as I am right Rinoa? In that case I’m sorry to ask, but could you explain to her anything she doesn’t understand Prince Eric?”

[Rinoa]: “Eh? I figured I could have Roselia-sama teach me alongside you…….”

[Sophia]: “Oh Rinoa-sama, we would be more than pleased to help you study as well. Wouldn’t we Will-sama?”

Sophia-sama refused to give Rinoa-sama any wiggle room, practically forcing her into my former chair.

[Rinoa]: “……i-if you would be so kind, then I’m sorry to impose……”

Rinoa-sama’s round ears folded over for an instant, but they just as quickly shot up back as she turned to me and shot an annoyed look my way.

[Rinoa]: “…..Roselia-sama! Be prepared, for I will be sure to score higher than you on this exam!”

I wasn’t quite sure how I was supposed to respond to Rinoa-sama’s direct challenge.



For the next few hours I watched over El as he studied, and if there ever came a time where I didn’t understand something, our reliable seniors Sophia-sama and Will-sama were there to help out.

[Will]: “You have a good head on your shoulders, so I’m sure you’ll be fine for tomorrow’s exam.”

Will-sama patted my had as he praised me.

[Sophia]: “Indeed, if it’s Rose-chan then I don’t have anything to worry about. …….Prince Eric on the other hand”

It’s no wonder Sophia-sama would think that way considering what she’d seen today.
After Prince Eric received his practice test back once it had been graded, he received a piece of paper that was more red marks than actual answers.
He wasn’t like this yesterday though, so it’s a little strange.

[Eric]: “Grr, it was so easy to understand things when Roselia was teaching me, but Big Brother keeps making things too complicated, and I can’t understand anything he’s saying!”

[Sophia]: “Oh no~ how strange. Ahahaha”

(I’m not sure what to think about that. There are so many red marks there I would like to take the time to go over his mistakes, but I just don’t have the time today…….what should I do?)

[Eric]: “Roselia, my apologies, but would it be possible for you to come in early tomorrow morning? It’s so much easier to have you teach me!”

[Rose]: “Okay. I’d hate for a member of the royal family to get a failing grade. I would be happy to help.”

[Will]: “If you’re truly sorry for bothering Rose this much, I assume you’re prepared for some extra strict studying with me when we get back to the castle Eric?”

Will-sama turned towards Prince Eric with a devilish grin on his face.

(……my condolences Prince Eric. I can’t help you with that, but I’ll at least come in to school early tomorrow.)

Rinoa POV βŠ₯ Chapter 98

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