Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 98

With this chapter finished, there are only ten more chapters to go. Things are a little hectic with school about to start, but let’s keep trucking on.


The testing period stretched over the next several days, and once it was finally finished, the results were posted on the hallway wall.

With our exams then being passed back to us, our scores written in bright red numbers at the top, it was time for the match Rinoa-sama had decided on a few days ago. Will-sama thought it would be fun to talk about the tests together, so he reserved a private room for everyone to meet.

[Will]: “Hey Rose, congratulations on getting first in your grade. As smart as ever.”

[Rose]: “Thank you Will-sama. And congratulations to you for doing the same.”

Yeah, I managed to get the highest score in the class once again. Will-sama was first in his grade as well as the first to congratulate me.

[Rose]: “……how did you do Prince Eric?”

My biggest worry of this testing period had to be that. On the first day of exams, Prince Eric came to school with dark, heavy bags under his eyes. He then studied with me all morning up until it was time to actually begin.

[Eric]: “I managed to avoid failing any of my classed thanks to you. I came out with a pretty good score in the end.”

“Thanks to you,” he says. Prince Eric isn’t nearly as stubborn as he used to be and a lot more approachable too.

[Will]: “But you still only came out somewhere in the middle of the rankings didn’t you? This might call for retraining.”

[Eric]: “Eeek”

So traumatized from his study session that night before exam season began, Prince Eric turned a ghastly shade of white when he heard Will-sama’s laugh.

(Do your best Prince Eric)

[El]: “Rose, Rose”

El excitedly grabbed the end of my sleeve from his seat next to me, his tail wagging behind him.

[Rose]: “What is it?”

[El]: “Congratulations on first place finish Rose! I managed to get first in my grade too. And it’s all because you helped me study. Thank you!”

[Rose]: “Well! Congratulations to you too El. But I only helped you a little the day before the exam. It’s all thanks to your own hard work and ability that you managed to get first in your grade.”

Just what I would expect from El. I always knew he was smart. Although, I never thought he was smart enough to be head of his class.

[El]: “No, it’s all because of how good a teacher you are Rose. You explained all the parts I didn’t get well enough that I could solve similar problems on my own.”

[Rose]: “Well I’m happy to hear I could help.”

[Will]: “I know Rose got first and Lucas came in second, but how did everyone else do? Julius?”

Will-sama started showing a keen interest in how everyone else did as well.

[Julius]: “I landed right in the middle.”

[Sophia]: “Julius-sama has been able to score well even without any studying. He’s been like that ever since we were small. It’s unfair!”

As Julius-sama’s childhood friend, Sophia-sama puffed up her cheeks and began complaining about his laziness. Meanwhile Julius-sama let out a small laugh while scratching his cheek in embarrassment.

(A face as cute as that could easily give somebody a heart attack. I can only imagine what kind of damage it’s doing to Julius-sama when Sophia-sama is his first love.)

[Will]: “……so, then. Rinoa-sama, how did you do on your tests? Were you able to follow through on the challenge you issued the other day?”

(Haa~, so that’s why Will-sama was so interested in everyone’s ranking. For the sake of  this one moment……Will-sama……is that the only reason you brought us here to begin with?)

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