Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 104


[El]: “Rose”

(Haa, how will El answer……)

[El]: “Rose~?”

(I should start by imagining the worst-case scenario and shoring up my defenses!)

[El]: “Hey~ Rose~”

(No but, imagining the worst-case scenario really stinks~)

[El]: “Rose!!!”

[Rose]: “Uwaa!!!!”

Suddenly a loud voice rose up from behind, surprising me and causing a most unladylike scream to pass out my throat.

[Rose]: “E-El!? ….you surprised me…….since when did you get here!?”

[El]: “I kept calling your name, but you didn’t notice me.”

El smiled and added on an apologetic, “Sorry to surprise you.”
I was apparently so engrossed in wondering how El was going to answer Rinoa-sama that I didn’t notice him walking up right behind me.

[Rose]: “……El, you’re alone?”

A mixture of relief and disgust ran through my heart when I saw that Rinoa-sama wasn’t with El.

[El]: “Huh? Rinoa? Yeah, she decided to head back to where everyone else is waiting first.”

[Rose]: “R-Right……”

(What was your answer…….I really want to ask El how things went, but I really don’t want to know the answer.)


[El]: “……Rose, are you worried?”


[Rose]: “Yes…….”

I’m sure it’s not good to admit to something like that. But I keep wondering how El responded to Rinoa-sama’s confession. Me feelings were all shored up when I thought Rinoa-sama and El were going to get together, but now that El is standing right before me, I’m hesitating.

[El]: “Why do you look so sad? Is it because you think Rinoa and I are dating now?”

El suddenly closed the distance between us.

[Rose]: “Eh, d-do I really look like that!? ……I mean, y-you’re so close…….”

El getting so close to me out of nowhere threw my brain into chaos, and with the wish I held from my previous life bouncing around in my head, I could only manage to let out a short, broken, and crude voice.

[El]: “Do you trust me so little?”


[El]: “You really don’t have anything to worry about. Rose is the only one for me. That feeling will definitely never fade.”

Saying that, El brushed his hand past my ear, and taking a small bunch of my hair in his hand, he brought it to his lips.

A gesture so sexy I couldn’t stop my face from turning a hot red.

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