Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 106


“Rose, I love you.” El already told me how he feels, but I’ve been too caught up in his kindness to be able to tell him how I feel. 

(Well, it’s only recently that I myself realized how I felt……. And it’s all thanks to Rinoa-sama too~)

[Rose]: “E-El……um…….”


[Rose]: “M-Me too…..I… you too.”


I hadn’t lost my nerve, but halfway through telling El my feelings, I became more and more embarrassed, so my voice did taper off a bit.

However, it looks like my words still managed to get through. His droopy ears shot upright, his tail began wagging faster than the eye could see, and his whimpering face broke out into a wide smile.

[El]: “Do you mean it? ……it’s okay for me to think you love me like a man, and not like a little brother right?”

[Rose]: “Yes, El, I love you as a woman. I realized how I felt with Rinoa-sama’s help.”

[El]: “Eh? Rinoa’s?”

[Rose]: “Mm, without her, it would’ve taken me a lot longer to figure out how I feel. If I would have figured it out at all.”

Maybe I would have noticed when El got married, and I would have had to sit through his ceremony with a knife twisting in my heart.

(Maybe I’m just dense?)

I thought I liked people in my previous life, but I never had somebody I loved enough to not want them taken away by somebody else.

That’s why I figured what I felt for El was just something you would feel for a member of your family. And although I do feel a bit confused and lost in uncharted waters, the fact that I know El feels the same way makes me not want to worry.

[El]: “I see. Then I’ll need to thank Rinoa. …….Rose”

Calling my name in his sweet-sounding voice, El looked a little more mature and a little sexier than usual.

For the first time ever I’ve felt myself becoming flustered just from looking at him, but my eyes won’t look away. He brought his face closer to mine, so I closed them instead. And I waited. Waited for what would inevitably come next.

Chapter 105Epilogue

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