Villainess Wants to Live Freely Epilogue

Last chapter folks. Another story done and gone. It’s funny, although this one had 129 chapters in total, the chapters were so short that this is definitely my shortest project. I’m a bit sorry to see it go though. I picked it up because I found a pickup request on novelupdates, and it carried a lot of the properties I was looking for in a story after finishing Slow Prison Life. It had shorter chapters so I could keep pumping chapters out while working into a routine with the second series I do. It wasn’t yuri. (Even if yuri is my favorite genre, I do my best to make the two series I work on different.) And it was fun to read. Also, after finishing this story and looking at the one I’m picking up next, I realized that every story I’ve done has a female protagonist. This really is just a coincidence, but it’s a funny one for me to see. Thank you for following along all the way to the end though, and I hope to see you next time. Have a great night.


[Rose]: “You look incredibly beautiful Sophia-sama.”

[Sophia]: “Fufu, thank you Rose-chan.”


Today is Sophia-sama and Will-sama’s wedding.

[Sophia]: “Rose-chan, I can’t believe you left to study abroad for a whole year in Ashtel. I’ve been so lonely!”

[Rose]: “Sophia-sama…… I’m sorry. But I wanted to broaden my horizons…..and, I……wanted to see El……”

That last part made me feel so embarrassed that I couldn’t stop my voice from trailing off, but Sophia-sama still managed to hear me loud and clear.

[Sophia]: “Jeez! Well, I suppose I can forgive my cute Rose-chan. I’m just glad you made it to our wedding.”

[Rose]: “There’s no way I wouldn’t be here! This is a once in a lifetime event. I won’t die even if you kill me if it meant I didn’t get to see you during your big moment.”

Sophia-sama’s beautiful mermaid wedding dress perfectly fit her body, and the diamonds studded across the fabric made her shine all the more.


After pouring my feelings out to El, his study abroad period came to an end, and he had to return to his home country.
Mother and Father were both overjoyed to hear about our engagement before he went home.

(Although Father did look a bit lonely too.)

Since El was going to talk to his parents himself, he asked me to write them a letter that he would take with him.

I was wondering if it would be all right for a beastman prince to suddenly get engaged with a human from another country, but soon after, I received a letter from El confirming that our engagement had been approved. I also received another letter from his parents expressing their joy at the news, and the whole thing felt very anti-climatic.

But then, at the very end of their letter, El’s parents suggested I study abroad for a year in Ashtel.

Sophia-sama and Will-sama both graduated while I was away, and during my time studying abroad, Sophia-sama has spent the past year immersed in her lessons to become queen.

(In every letter she wrote to me she made it sound like queen education is something straight from hell. It’s scary for me just imagining it. This will be my fourth year in school…….the year I’ll be graduating myself.)

It will be one year after my graduation before I’ll have my own wedding in Ashtel.

The year I spent together with El as we worked to better understand each other was amazing and some of the most fun I’ve had in my life.

[Sophia]: “I simply can’t wait to see Rose-chan’s wedding! Your wedding dress will surely look wonderful. Don’t you think so too Prince Routh?”

Today, El is visiting to attend Sophia-sama and Will-sama’s wedding as Ashtel’s representative.

[El]: “Yes, I’m positive it’ll look wonderful as well. I’m looking forward to seeing it Rose.”

El’s only gotten handsomer as time’s gone on, and I still can’t help but blush when he smiles at me like this.

We’ll be apart for a year, but once I’ve graduated, I will be returning to Ashtel to be educated as an assistant to the crown princess. It’ll be lonely being separated from my family and friends, but so long as I have El, I will be fine.

I received a second chance at life, was gifted a wonderful family, and made invaluable friends. And most miraculous of all, I’ve met someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. 

I was reborn to the world of an otome game as its villainess, but I lived my life freely, never bothering to sink to the role of villain.


And I’m incredibly happy for it.



Chapter 106

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