Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 19


Episode 19: Club Application

“You want to make a photography club and take pictures from the roof………?”

Currently in the staff room, I am standing in front of an adult woman with medium cut hair. And I just had my request repeated back to me in question format.

“That’s right. I want to remake the photography club.”

So I asked Sensei once again.

Whether it be morning, noon, or night, there is probably no club more flexible than the photography club in getting to use the roof for club activities. We can always use the changes in the weather to justify us wanting to take repeated photos of the sky or the city line……although it’s all an excuse.

“It hasn’t been that long since club activities have been introduced to you all. Have you properly considered any of the other clubs available to you?”

True, during our last class today, all the freshman students gathered in the gym so the different clubs could sell themselves to us. Asking to start my own club almost immediately afterwards probably would come off as being hasty, but……

“Actually, I was already interested in the photography club when I first enrolled in the school…..and I saw on the homepage that you were the teacher in charge of the club in the past. Please allow me to restart the club.”

I bowed my head forward slightly without breaking eye contact with Sensei. 

I did my homework before coming here. The photography club was still listed in the school’s list of clubs as recent as last year, and they were holding proper activities. From the selection of photos they had posted, there was even one that had been taken from the roof.

“Do you have any experience with photography?”

Her head leaned to the side as she asked me a question. Hitting me right where it hurts――

“No, I am just interested, and I do not have my own camera. However when I saw the scenery from the school gate, I knew I definitely wanted to join.”

This is a good, convincing answer suitable for a newbie like me. At least, it’s supposed to be.

So, our school is located on top of a hill, and the view from the front entrance is wonderful enough. If you could get to the roof and climb the ladder near the entrance, it would certainly be a fantastic sight. Plus there aren’t any electrical wires or telephone poles blocking the sky up here. There are a whole bunch of reasons for why the roof makes for a perfect spot for photos. Speaking of that photo I mentioned before, it was a picture of the sun setting and looked like the kind of painting you would find in a museum. When I saw it on the school homepage, I unconsciously muttered, “Beautiful,” aloud and couldn’t stop myself from wondering what a wonderful place the roof must be. No, to be more accurate, there were several minutes there where I sat and stared at the photo, unable to think of any words fit to describe it. 


Sensei rested her fist underneath her chin as she thought about it. Well, what will it be?

“Got it, it should be fine.”

“Thank you! Then――”

“However, there is one condition.”


Sensei raised up her index finger before dramatically pointing it down towards me. What could it be……

“You’ve become friends with Hino and Otori right? In that case…….”

“Help them study……”

If she’s bringing up their names, I doubt it could be anything besides this.

“Got it in one. That’s right. I’m sure you will be having those two join you in your club activities right? Then it would be convenient for both of us if those two are able to avoid any red marks on the upcoming supplementary test. Since you are our highest scoring first year student, I thought I could ask you. Will you do it?”

Sensei was looking at me seriously. So if I don’t do it, my club request won’t be accepted…….that’s the insinuation I’m getting here.

“Of course, leave it to me.”

I encouragingly clenched my fist.

“That’s good to hear. Apparently those two struggled academically in middle school as well. This may be a well-to-do escalator school, but we still can’t send students ahead without at least the minimum level of academic ability. You’re really helping me out.”

So those two have been ‘problem’ children for quite some time. However since I already know their willingness and efficiency in studying, I doubt it will be a difficult problem to solve.

“Even without those conditions, I would gladly like accept your request without making a fuss about it, but some of the people above me will probably kick up a fuss…….so giving them this in advance should help grease the gears.”

Indeed…….it sounds like the hurdles to my club are vague, but things should work out for me――when she told me there was going to be a condition, I was expecting something weird.

“Don’t worry. I will take responsibility for both our club activities and those two.”

“Fufu,” Sensei laughed at me. Was I showing off too much?

“Now then, will you regularly need the key to the roof?”

Saying that…..


“Take it”

Sensei tossed a key my way. This is…….?

“It’s the spare key to the roof.”

“Eh, but my club hasn’t even been approved――”

“You will need to gather enough people, but I’m not worried about that. If it bothers you, I can take it back.”

“N-No. Thank you very much!”

“The scenery from up there truly is beautiful……but, enjoying it on your own is a waste.”

Sensei looked out the window while mumbling something aloud. She seemed to be talking more to herself than me.

She then opened one of her desk’s drawers and casually pulled out a file.

“Here, this is the club application form. Collect five names and then submit it back to me. If your club is approved, I will give you the key to your club room. That’s all you need to know about making your own club. Do you understand?”

A quick and rough explanation. I accepted the club form while listening to her.

“I understand!”

“You praised the roof during your interview as well……. Were you hoping for this?”

Uh oh? Did I talk about the roof during my external student entrance interview…….? Was she there? I hurriedly sifted through my memories in my mind as my mouth gave a short, “Yes,” to cover up the silence. I never told any lies during my interview, but it looks like my words have come back to help me. Good job, past me.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, Sensei then suddenly stood up.

“Yosh, I’m taking a small smoke break.”

“Eh? Outside? But we’re still on school grounds……”

“Outside of course, but…….there’s a special place on the premises…….”

She gave me a wink before turning around, pulling a key from her pocket and spinning it around her finger. It looks similar to the one I have…… is she going up to the roof? So I guess the roof will be my own exclusive date spot and her occasional smoke break spot.

“It’s already this late though, so shouldn’t you be hurrying home now?”

“You’re right. Pardon me.”

Sensei lazily raised her hand, waving farewell to me without bothering to turn around. She’s already on her way out of the staff room.

I bowed my head before heading out the room myself. Timewise it’s already getting close to supper-time. The school hallway had grown quiet and eerie, but despite this horror movie setting, my heart was racing as my head filled up with plans for my yuri harem. 

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