Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 28


Episode 28: Getting Along with Rantan

I immediately made my way to the classroom door as soon as class was over. You guessed it. It was so I could procure the high quality, rich pudding from the cafeteria before it sells out! Not really though. I needed to go visit Saki in the infirmary…….!

Or at least, I thought I did.

“S-Saki? Feeling better already?”

As soon as I moved into the hallway, I saw her walking up the steps. She looked kind of depressed though.

“I don’t have a fever, so I’m fine~. Thanks for worrying though”

Her expression softened when she noticed me and gave a small smile. Her mood seems to have improved, but her spirits are still down. Did she take a nap? She’s still clearly feeling conflicted.

“Oh, Saki—! You feeling all right?”

“Ufufu, sorry to worry you~”

Just to be on the safe side I was giving Saki a shoulder massage after she took her seat when Honoka and Yuzuriha came flying over.

“Saki……did you get some rest?”

“Sure did~”

Saki tightly wrapped her hands around Yuzuriha’s and gave an energetic answer. Hmm, I can take some relief in that things look patched up on the surface at least. 


“Saki—! Listen to this, Listen to this! We became friends with Rantan! She’s a super interesting girl!”

Honoka immediately stuck the knife into the very thing I was concerned about. Oh no, oh crap. Is she going out of her way to see my concerns sprout?




Confused by the seemingly random name drop, Saki didn’t know what was going on until Yuzuriha explained things. A shadow passed over her expression when she realized who we were talking about――but she soon regained her cheerful demeanor.

“Heh, is that so~? So she’s not a bad person after all~?”

“Mm……good person……”

“Good or not, she’s certainly interesting—! She fits right in with a bunch of weirdos like us!”

“I-I’m a weirdo too? …….I wonder”

Uh oh, our princess seems to have some reservations about that. But, she has to realize she’s not exactly normal right? That’s what’s so cute about her.

So then, “We’re thinking of having her join our group, but are you okay with that Saki?”――yeah, there’s no way I can just come out and ask that. If she completely turns me down here again, it’ll be exceedingly difficult for me to keep being friends with Ranko.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to Saki. If you don’t get along well with her, there’s no reason why you should have to force yourself.”

So I did the opposite and gave her the option of saying no up front. Saki took my words with a nod, but partway through she showed her usual sweet smile.

“Thank you, but I’m okay with her joining in with our group~.”

“Right, I figured you wouldn’t……What?”

Hmm? Did she just say she was okay with it just now? Am I misunderstanding something here?

“It’s not like I hate her? And Hono and Yuzu are already friends with her right? Then there’s no problem~!”

“None at all!”

“O-Oh. Well that’s good to hear.”

Saki was giving the thumbs up, and her mysterious energy was getting Honoka worked up as well. What, was I worried for nothing? What about all the plans I had worked up over the last couple class periods? Have I just been spinning my wheels?

“Okay then~. I should work to become friends with her as well I suppose~”

While I was embroiled in my confusion, Saki headed over to Ranko’s desk.

“Ranchan~. Do you want to have lunch together with us~?”

I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

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