Grimoire Master Ch. 190

Chapter 16
Section 20: Capitol Defense – Plutowald

[Yuhanna]: “My apologies for the tardiness!! The Shirayuri Knights, have arrived!!”

When Yuhanna-sama threw out her hand, the gates for the fifth wall were flung open, and the air was filled with a thunderous quake as scores of knights straddling white horses surged forth from the opening. 

[Yuhanna]: “We dedicate these five thousand knights in support to our brave rookie!!”

Five thousand knights would mean every single member of the Shirayuri Knights. Those knights fanned out as they moved, and those in the front row held up their shields while drawing their swords. The sound is extremely pleasing to the ear. 

[Yuhanna]: “Sanz Wanz!! The price for your ignorance in attacking the royal capital shall be your life!”

[Lapris]: “Hey, they’re not thinking about charging in there are they? Even with five thousand of them, they aren’t going to be able to scratch that stone!”

[Grides]: “…..You, don’t know?”

Grides’s hair was stuck to her face from the rain and sweat, yet her smile radiated through it all. 

[Grides]: “Half the members of the Shirayuri Knights are wizards you know? And Yuhanna-sama who stands at the very top of those knights… the best witch and best conductor I know.”

[Iris]: “……conductor?”

[Yuhanna]: “Ohohohoho!! Now, in dedication to His Majesty, a plutowald¹……”

Yuhanna-sama raised a staff into the air, and on cue, half of the deployed knights raised their own staffs high above their heads as well. 

[Yuhanna]: “Let’s begin”

2,500 women cheerily raised their voices. 

[Knights]: “”Oh, wild progenitor of life. What only derives from you!?”‘

The ground shook as a tsunami of sound and voices formed together in a single chant. 

[Knights]: “”Cross over from faraway seas to this place where people reside and fulfil your small wish!!””

At first, it was faint. A small candle-like light formed on the tip of each knight’s staff. 

But eventually those candles became torches, and the flames grew. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “When a swarm of insects gathers in the dirt, it is only natural to squish them. The price for me teaching you this lesson…..will be your lives!!”

Sanz Wanz’s body grew even larger. Its strength seemed to grow in proportion as Rose-san and the knights’ barriers were being pushed back more and more. 

[Rose]: “Auntie!!”

[Yuhanna]: “I told you to call me Yuhanna-sama!! No matter how many times I tell you this, you never listen you brat!!”

Yuhanna-sama shook one hand while the other continued to hold up the staff. Immediately after, a flash of magic shot out from a portion of the staves held by her knights. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Gu, huh!?”

While trying to continue to push back against the barriers, suddenly a myriad of chains extending out of the ground wrapped themselves around Sanz Wanz’s limbs. Those chains creeped up its arms, wrapping themselves around its body and neck as well to pit it in place. 

[Lapris]: “Is, that magic too? The color’s kind of the same as Linzflare’s.”

[Sanz Wanz]: “Don’t think you can halt your destruction with magic of this level!!”

[Yuhanna]: “Oh my, you think so? Even if the magic itself is not very powerful, don’t underestimate the effect it can have when you cast it enough.”

Yuhanna-sama waved her arm around over and over again. And each time, the light coming from the staves would come and go as magic would continue being cast. 

I’m starting to understand what Grides meant when she said conductor. 

In their own way, the Shirayuri knights are their own orchestra. The multitude of different sounds were being played at Yuhanna-sama’s will——or magic in this case. 

[Yuhanna]: “What are you doing!? You are the the main star of this performance rookie!! Play your part with confidence and lead the other sounds!!”

Grides suddenly received some loud encouragement from Yuhanna-sama. 

[Grides]: “Y-Yes!”

A few drops of sweat fell from the ends of Grides’s eyelashes as she took a deep breath, and the pillar of flame relentlessly burning Sanz Wanz began growing even more intense. 

Then, as if she were the one following along, Yuhanna-sama grandly waved her staff. 

[Knights]: “”I hold but a single hope. The resurrection of all things. Rebirth from destruction……””

The chanting resumed, and the fully gathered magic power connected to the spirits gathered in the area. 

[Yuhanna]: “A maiden is extravagant yet elegant. However, there are times where they need to scream fiercely as well. So don’t hold back, thinking it’s something that should never be done.”

The light coming from the staves grew even more intense. Soon the entire city would be covered in the light, releasing it from the darkness brought in by the thick rainclouds. 

[Knights]: “”One to nothing. Countless to oblivion!!””

The chants of over a thousand knight finished, and their spell was activated. 

*Ping*…..and the ground beneath Sanz Wanz’s feet began to shine. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Hu……”

At that moment, all the sound around me suddenly gave way, and the only thing I could hear was the sound of the legendary dragon breathing. 

But that silence lasted only a moment. 

After, *do-*…….*FWOOSH!!* A solid white fire blew up from Sanz Wanz’s feet, coiling around its enormous body. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “——!?”

Sanz Wanz was being silently burned alive. 

The Shirayuri Knights had put all their might into these flames, and it was melting the outer shell that even Phoenix’s claws couldn’t break. 

[Yuhanna]: “Ohohohohoho!! Don’t look down on us humans!!”

Sanz Wanz tried desperately to escape the pillar of flames, dragging around its limbs that were melting away like candy. 

But Rose-san’s flower cage was alive and well, and they would never let Sanz Wanz slip past to spread its destruction. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “——!! ——!!”

The pillar of flames rose up higher and higher, piercing the clouds far above our heads and drowning out Sanz Wanz’s screams as its body melted and evaporated away. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “…….Gah……Ah. Gu……Oshunel, sama…… I-I…..p-power….. Grant me……your, blessing……”

And yet when the fire subsided, Sanz Wanz was still alive. 

Just as we pray to the Goddess, it sought salvation from its lord, Oshunel. 

[Rose]: “Iris-san. Now is the time.”

[Iris]: “……Yes!”

Sanz Wanz is still alive. But that doesn’t matter. Rather, this is that moment I’ve been waiting for.

(Right now, with this opportunity everyone has given everything to create, I am betting everything on you!!)

A dark silver ring was perfectly fitted on the ring finger of my left hand. 

[Iris]: “…..Saluena”

The purple jewel shined. This was the beginning of everything I am now. All my power and the precious memories I’ve formed. 

[Iris]: “I, Iris Calvafon, offer my kiss to thou as per the contract.”

I touched the ring with my lips while reciting my name. 

(Please, Saluena. Once more……lend me your strength.)

I poured all the magic power I had left into the dark violet ring. 

[Iris]: “I now…..release the bonds on this world”

Then, in order to finally put an end to the long battle with Sanz Wanz, I spun the prayer given to me by the Goddess.

1. The kanji here translates to “multiple ensembles”

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