Hero Audition Ch. 12



When I woke up, I was lying in a bed. Not in my room. And someone else is sitting on this bed with me. The memories of wrestling with Peony and hitting my head in the bath quickly flooded back into my mind.

It should’ve been my head that got hit, yet it is my legs that feel weird and heavy. As my vision cleared up, I was able to see who else was on my bed with me. Lily.

She was laying at the foot of my bed and putting all her focus into stroking my legs. She only stopped when I let out a small groan and startled her out of it.

“Ah….where am I?”

“The infirmary. You hit your head in the bathroom. You should be happy that the person who beat you was a healer.”

Lily smiled like she was looking at a small child and handed me a glass of water.

Melia and Peony are healers, so they probably treated me on the spot. When I touched the top of my head, I didn’t find any blood or even a bump.

I accepted the cup and brought it to my lips. There was a faint lemon smell to it. I’m not sure whose idea that was, but they have good taste.

“Why are nobles hated?”

Lily started wandering around the room, and after stopping in front of the window, muttered that question aloud. She must still be thinking about the combative attitude Peony had back there. She is surprisingly sensitive.

“Why are commoners looked down upon?”

This was a genuine question, not me trying to hit back at her. From the exchange in the bathroom, it was obvious that Peony was trying to maliciously twist Lily’s words.

However, it is also true that there are people like Olive out there who looks down on commoners and attack with sarcasm.

“I do not wish to argue whether the chicken or egg came first. Do you know why?”

It doesn’t seem like she is going to get upset like she did with the cold water in the shower. She just genuinely wants to hear my opinion.

“Isn’t it because they don’t know anything about each other? Just like how Lily-san doesn’t know that commoners don’t use showers, commoners don’t know anything about the pain of being a noble.”

“I feel the same. I figured you would come to a similar conclusion.”

I never thought I would be able to present a new perspective on things, but it is a little irritating having someone act like they knew exactly how I feel.

Lily stopped gazing out the window and walked back towards the bed. She knelt down beside me and leaned in close enough that I could feel the heat from her breath.

“Do you wish to know more about me?”

I know she doesn’t mean it in a strange way, but since she has gotten so close, I got embarrassed and turned my face away. I have no idea why I would feel embarrassed considering everything that has already happened between us.

I nodded my head while staring at the wall, and Lily moved away from the bed.

“It is strange saying so myself, but I am the third daughter of an extremely prestigious noble family known as the Ruhuna family. Putting aside the case of me not being the eldest son, if I was born a man, I would be looking towards at least receiving some land in the future.”

Lily started wandering around the room as she spoke.

“It’s already late, but I am only a pawn meant to be used in a political marriage. I joined this competition to change that life.”

“Already late…..you’re still young aren’t you?”

“Nineteen is late enough”

I guess there are a lot of lolicons in aristocratic society. I am seventeen, so I am just barely below the line.

“My current rank, position, and even the clothes I am currently wearing are all given to me by the Ruhuna family. With the current state of affairs, changing my life any other way is but a dream. My goal is to become a hero, leave home, and live on my own two feet.”

The anguish of someone born as the daughter of a noble I never knew. Commoners can’t choose to live their life as they please either, but at least they do not need to marry someone they don’t like.

“So it really is like that. Olive and the other nobles will be wanting to break their shackles in the same way I suppose.”

“You think so? Well…..I suppose it would depend on the person. How about you?”

Lily looked straight into my eyes. It’s the kind of look that is watching for any sign of a lie or cheat, not that I had any plans on doing something like that anyway.

She was the first one to applaud me for my dancing. There are times where she’ll come down hard on me for some reason, but it’s not like she is doing that because she thinks she is above commoners or anything. I could see her and I being friends from now on. Even after the auditions if possible.

“Honestly….just because. I applied because I thought it would be nice and just happened to get selected. Everyone else is here for one important reason or another. I’m out of place.”

Lily started laughing as soon as I told her my reason. Was it that amusing?

“You’re not angry? There’s some random woman in the mix while everyone is trying so hard.”

“I like people who are honest. Although if possible, it would be interesting if you showed some motivation and threatened my position. Being a guaranteed first place is boring.”

Meaning I am insignificant as I am now. I will just end up failing in the audition if I don’t take things seriously. So there’s no reason for her to get angry.

“Speaking of angry, I still haven’t punished you for pouring cold water on me.”

Lily suddenly remembered what happened in the bathroom. She walked up to me, taking the glass of water out of my hands and drinking all of it in one go.

After gently placing the cup on the desk, she grabbed my arms and wrestled me onto the bed. Her soft hair clung to my face. I didn’t feel like resisting. Somewhere along the line, I realized I was expecting things to go this way.

Once again, Lily’s face was close to my own. My head is pointed towards the ceiling, so there is no effort on my part, but I wonder if her arms get tired from needing to support her weight like this all the time.

“Heh…..you said it doesn’t matter if you are a noble or commoner right? Yet you’re using your social status to defile me here”

“That’s just something I said for the sake of this audition. It would help me get ahead. I’m sorry to say, I am not one of those idealists who think everyone in the world whether they are commoner or noble should hold hands and all get along.”

“Then….what is this? You’ve gotten involved with me since the first day. You sent me to the noble’s circle by myself at the party. Did I, do something?”

Lily looked troubled. It was the complete opposite of her attitude which exuded confidence until now.

Her lips trembled ever so slightly, and without saying anything, she let go of my arms and backed away. Taking a seat on the bed, she began speaking without showing me her face.

“I am a wicked aristocrat who loves to torture commoners on a daily basis. A dancer at the lowest rank would be a perfect target right?”

She is an awful liar. I haven’t been around her much, but I know she is not that kind of person. But she must have a reason for wanting to tell a lie like this.

“Thinking about it, I never thank you for your help yesterday. Thank you”

Lily’s head spun around towards me. She wasn’t expecting me to say that.

“That….was my fault. Why are you thanking me?”

“There’s nothing wrong with reaping the benefits from the seeds you’ve sown. But there are plenty of people out there who would only take the benefits without caring about the consequences.”

“You are much kinder than I am.”

Lily finally smiled.

“So Lily-san is aware she’s a good person after all.”

“Silence. Do not analyze every little thing I say.”

So I’ve confirmed today that Lily really isn’t a bad person. So let’s end things with another slightly nasty question. I’m already knocked down, and she isn’t going to kill me. Worst case, I will just get my ear bitten.

“Since we’re talking about it, is the reason why you noticed that Olive tripped me because you were staring at my legs while we danced?”

Lily immediately left the room without saying a single word. But it probably wasn’t just my imagination that her ears were a bright red under that silver hair of hers.

Does she also think she managed to escape without me realizing she was cuddling with my legs while I was unconscious? If so, then besides being a kind person, she is also a natural airhead.

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  1. Ok I love this Lily duo now, hope to see the point where both of them become conscious of each other!
    Thanks for the translation!

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