Grimoire Master Preface   Prologue   Heavy clouds hung in the sky like a stagnant river, letting loose drizzling rain onto the ground below. A wingless dragon bellowed as innumerable raindrops were dyed a dark red by the evening sunset as if it were raining wine. Collapsed ramparts, and a burned down mansion. Beyond that, a pearl … Continue reading Grimoire Master Preface

Grimoire Master Character Intro   Iris Calvafon Age: 16 Height: 152cm Race: Hyurian The heroine of this story. She likes books, especially adventure novels. Because of heavy snowfall, she was left unable to return home after visiting a neighboring village and has lived in its in for half a year now. It was here that she met and hit it off … Continue reading Grimoire Master Character Intro

Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 143   The Cat Wins by a Landslide Peach, Cliff, and Dams--and then there was the Nightmare Dragon in his humanoid form there as well--were rustling around in the room given to them inside the royal palace. "And then you skillfully slip in like this." "Furthermore here, is the best position." "So then should we … Continue reading Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 143

Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 43   Breastless Girl Warren was lively the day before the harvest festival. A tremendous amount of people had gathered in the town square reading the auction list that the Merchant Guild had posted on the bulletin board. Everyone's attention was naturally drawn to the Resistance plate armor that the Thieve's Guild had apparently put … Continue reading Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 43

Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 40   Enter the Mascot Katie has the Brave Ripper equipped on her arm. The performance of the dark mithril material is currently unknown, so Ellis decided everyone would travel to the Wight Labyrinth in order to verify its magical abilities. Just to be safe, Purification and Stupor had been copied on all the rest … Continue reading Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 40