Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 4

For the record, yes Katie does say nya at the end of her sentences, and yes, I do find it adorable. Especially in later chapters.


My Guardian is a Swordswoman


Reeve is the daughter of a rural aristocrat. As she watched her sisters get married in political marriages, she began to wonder if this was what she really wanted from her life. So when her turn came around for a political marriage, she decided to run away from home. From the start, she had experience in using a sword and had taken training from her family. On her way to the city, she earned some pocket money from suppressing monsters however she soon hit a roadblock. Reeve did not have much for traveling expenses, and with her ability, she is unable to kill strong monsters by herself.

Requests for exploration are more popular than suppression because any treasure and items you find while exploring can be turned into the guild and become extra income. However, Reeve was disgusted with the men who would always look at her with vulgar eyes, and female adventurers are very scarce.

That is why Reeve was left sighing in front of the bulletin board earlier.

After learning about Reeve’s story, Ellis spread her arms out and smiled. “Reeve, were you looking at Aida’s Labyrinth on the bulletin board before? I have explored there before with my father, so how about I go with you?”

Aida’s Labyrinth is a labyrinth for beginners and can be overcome with only two people, a warrior and a thief. Mushrooms called “Aida Mushrooms” are considered delicacies and can be collected at the back of the labyrinth, so it is a labyrinth that always has recruitment offers posted. Unfortunately, it is said that it is impossible to capture the labyrinth by oneself, it can be cleared by even two beginners. If you have three or more people, then success is pretty much guaranteed.

Of course, the more people you have the more you have to split the loot. In essence, it is a labyrinth of pocket money earnings, so it is actually not that popular.

This was all knowledge procured from Father and Ellis’s diary.

“Ellis, is it fine?”

Oh. She’s started calling me Ellis instead of little girl. That’s a good sign.

“Yes, but I also have a request. Is that okay?” Ellis decided to get Reeve’s help.

“If it’s something I can help with, I will.”

Ellis was satisfied with Reeve’s answer. It should be alright.

“I want you to pretend to be my sister.”

Ellis’s request puzzled Reeve for a moment.

“Why is that?”

“Actually,” Ellis brought a few tears to her eye as she told Reeve about how she had just lost her father Angus. Continuing on from that, “I want to change my registration from “infiltration” which my father was a member of, to “thief adventurer,” but if I’m by myself, the Thief Guild might think that I’m just acting odd. So, I’d like Reeve to claim to be my distant relative and become my guardian. Since Reeve wants to challenge Aida’s Labyrinth with me, it would be a good reason.”

For now, Ellis left out the part about Kevin and Alicia. Ever since the beginning when Ellis had started crying, Reeve had been reflexively nodding to Ellis’s story.

“Well then, please come with me to the Thieve’s Guild now Reeve. You can stay at my house from now on. You can eat dinner with me too.”

Ellis quickly made plans with Reeve. Reeve, on the other hand, did not notice Ellis’s initiative and could only nod along.

“Well then, let’s go!”

Frau saw Ellis pulling Reeve along towards the door. “So she was a relative.” As Frau watched Ellis and Reeve leave the Adventurer’s Guild and head towards the Thieve’s Guild, a strange emotion began to gush out.

“Somehow, the two of them, no, this Reeve, I don’t like this.

The name of the Thieve’s Guild receptionist that Ellis and Reeve were headed for was Katie. She is what we call a nekomimi, (cat-eared girl). Naturally, Katie and Ellis were already acquainted.

“Katie, I’d like to change my affiliation.”

As Ellis began talking, her words caused Katie to be puzzled. “Ellis, it is disappointing that Angus died, but this operation, abandoning it is regrettable, nya?”

This was the natural reaction. Katie was also worried about Ellis. Here, Ellis looked up towards Reeve.

“I am a distant relative of Ellis, Reeve, and in order to look after Ellis, I wanted to change Ellis from ‘infiltration’ to a ‘thief adventurer’, so we came here”

Reeve’s words flowed out. It was wonderful. As expected of a noble.

Katie gave a piercing look towards Reeve and crumpled up her nose. “If that’s the case, then I will begin the procedure, nya. But Ellis, are you sure you’re okay with this, nya?”

Katie wanted to check to make sure this was Ellis’s will. After all, ‘infiltration’ was an elite unit. Transferring from ‘infiltration’ to ‘thief adventurer’ is obviously a downgrade. And Katie knew that Angus had brought her into the infiltration unit in order to protect her, receiving criticisms from his surroundings.

Ellis smiled toward the anxious Katie. “It’s alright. Father isn’t around any more. From now on, I will live with Reeve, so thank you for worrying about me Katie.”

Ellis’s eyes shot through Katie.

What was this feeling? Is it because of Katie’s beastly instincts? A dangerous, fleeting, tyrannical image was being transmitted. This girl is like a little doll, but there was an unintelligible pressure being issued from that brutally cute girl. Katie had no choice but to reply, “I understand, nya.”

After gathering Reeve’s things from the inn, they bought the ingredients for dinner and went home. On the way, Ellis introduced Reeve to her neighbors, Kevin and Alicia.

From their upset expressions, it was quite clear from the introductions that this was outside of their expectations. They’re disqualified as thieves.

So while laughing in heart, Ellis smiled and lowered her head to thank them. “From today on, I will be taken care of by Reeve. Thank you so much for all your help, Kevin, Alicia.”

Before Kevin and his wife could react, Reeve bowed. “My name is Reeve and I am a distant relative of Ellis. Thank you for taking such good care of Ellis so far. I will definitely repay you for your kindness.”

Afterwards, the two returned home and left the married couple alone.

“Was that fine?”

Ellis smiled to Reeve’s question. “Yes, thank you. I have been indebted Kevin, but I don’t want to rely on him to take care of me in the future. Thank you for helping me.”

Ellis’s emerald eyes stared up toward Reeve. On the other hand, Reeve had to avert her gaze away from Ellis. Reeve realized she was interested in this doll-like girl, and she tried to shake that feeling off. That was something that the world would not allow.

“Have I gone crazy?” she asked herself. She told herself that she had to act as a guardian for Ellis and managed to shake off the feeling somehow.

Meanwhile, the hikineet quickly noticed Reeve’s reaction and hid a gigantic laugh behind her girlish smile. Ellis realized once again that he would be able to realize his delusions in this world. Even with the unique figure of a beautiful girl.

“Hey Reeve, let’s have a light dinner and go to bed early to prepare for tomorrow’s exploration.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

After Ellis and Reeve quickly finished their dinner, before going to bed, they went to the washroom to wipe down their bodies.

Ellis quickly stripped naked and looked toward Reeve. She was more beautiful than Ellis had imagined. Beautiful, shaggy green hair with clear eyes of the same color. Milky skin. She was pretty tall for a woman, Ellis’s eyes only reached her belly button. Her breasts were modest, but they had a cute, self-asserting pink tint to them. Tight abdominal muscles with long legs that led to a slender waist.

“What’s wrong, Ellis?” Reeve squeezed a towel and began to wipe down the Ellis who was just standing there silently. “I have to at least do something that is guardian-like,” Reeve smiled.

This is bad.

I definitely want to eat her up.

But Ellis-Eiji desisted. It would be easy to continue here, but that would be it. I want the fun times to continue, if I can. Moreover, I want the person in question to ask for it herself. Fortunately, I no longer have a son who would give away my thoughts.

Okay. For now, it’s a game of endurance.

Ellis smiled back to Reeve. “Hey, Reeve. You’re being so gentle with me. I think this is the first time someone has ever treated me like this.”

With such an innocent expression coming from Ellis, Reeve was overcome by the urge to hug Ellis. She cheated the urge by wrapping Ellis’s body with a large towel.

“I will also wipe Reeve.” Ellis began to carefully wipe Reeve down with a towel. While wiping down Reeve’s key points, the hikineet was able to keep himself from becoming overly excited. He kept his urges to the delusions that were gradually inflating one after another.

A spark will be laid tonight, so I guess it will be launched after the labyrinth seizure.

The two left the washroom and changed into their sleepwear.

“Reeve can use this room.” Ellis was in her mother’s old room, and she directed Reeve to her father’s old room because both rooms had been cleaned every day. “My room is right next door.”

Ellis walked along with Reeve before continuing, “Reeve, thanks for today. Good night.”

As she murmured this, Ellis quickly returned to her room without looking up at Reeve.

Reeve couldn’t sleep.

There were a variety of things that had happened today, but when she thought of the eyes of the pretty girl that were the exact opposite of the gazes from those bad guys she had been exposed to until now, she felt a growing heat from her womb.

I’m now living with that girl.

That girl is in the next room over.

“Is there something wrong with me?”

She kept asking herself this question and could not fall asleep.

Then the door opening sounded gently.

As a swordswoman, Reeve easily noticed it, but when she realized the presence that was forward, she became nervous. The reason why she could not sleep was standing there.

“Reeve, are you awake?”

Reeve tried to answer calmly. “Yes, I’m still awake. What’s wrong, Ellis?”

“I want to sleep together with you.”

Reeve’s heart jumped. Reeve’s voice trembled, and she could barely squeeze out the words, “Let’s go to sleep together.”

A girl silently began crawling into her bed. The girl got close to Reeve and looked with up her lovely, emerald eyes toward her from underneath her chest.

“Thank you, Reeve. Good night.”

The girl rested her face on Reeve’s modest breasts and eventually fell asleep.

The warmth of the girl spread through Reeve’s chest, and just like that, Reeve’s lust disappeared as if it had all been a lie. Reeve hugged the girl close.

“Good night,” and Reeve fell into a blissful sleep.

A smile spread upon the little girl who was clinging to the chest of the female swordsman who had a cute sleeping breath. With this, the first step of the hikineet’s delusion had been completed.

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