Building a Yuri Harem~

By: Kaoru Sonoma


The main character who entered Himeyuri Girl’s Academy to make her yuri harem. Yuriha, also known as the Sweet Smiling Prince.

The Silver Princess Saki,
The Self-Paced Healing Fairy Yuzuriha,
The Energetic Angel Honoka,
The Noble Rose Ranko,
and other unique and beautiful girls to join her yuri harem.


Table of Contents

Part 1

Episode 1: Yuri Dream
Episode 2: Silver Princess
Episode 3: Class President
Episode 4: Committee Decision
Episode 5: Test Return
Episode 6: Eccentric Beautiful Woman
Episode 7: First Fight
Episode 8: Mascot Character
Episode 9: Study Session Tomorrow
Episode 10: First Walk Home
Episode 11: Skin Lotion
Episode 12: How About Lunch?
Episode 13: Noble Rose
Episode 14: Friends With the Ice Queen?
Episode 15: Store Clerk Play
Episode 16: Library Committee
Episode 17: Surprise?
Episode 18: Rooftop Dream
Episode 19: Club Application
Episode 20: Gathering Members
Episode 21: Invitation
Episode 22: Ranko the Narcissist
Episode 23: Letters in Class
Episode 24: Multipurpose Classroom
Episode 25: Yuriha’s Notebook
Episode 26: Besties 
Episode 27: Aftercare
Episode 28: Getting Along with Rantan
Episode 29: Rantan and Lunch
Episode 30: A~hn
Episode 31: Invitation Reprisal
Episode 32: Finished Application
Episode 33: Room Share
Episode 34: Yuzurin’s Cuticles
Episode 35: Walking Race
Episode 36: Clubroom Information
Episode 37: Clubroom Arrangement
Episode 38: Forgotten Photo
Episode 39: Silver Princess and Noble Rose
Episode 40: Bygone Days of Teacher and Club Activities
Episode 41: Braided Pigtails
Episode 42: Saki and Colored Contacts
Episode 43: Cooking Class Group
Episode 44: Chopping Board Gal
Episode 45: A Calm Girl
Episode 46: Changing Clothes for PE
Episode 47: Physical Fitness Test
Episode 48: Pacer Test
Episode 49: Inventions and Sinfonias
Episode 50: Gumgum Gummier Gummiest
Episode 51: Grope
Episode 52: Strange Imbalance
Episode 53: Yuri Law
Episode 54: Bench Break
Episode 55: Katame Koime Oome De
Episode 56: Wabi-Sabi Crepe
Episode 57: Sister Attribute
Episode 58: Station Gathering
Episode 59: Stuffed Animals are Girlish
Episode 60: Stuffed Animals Don’t Suit Me
Episode 61: Clubroom Party
Episode 62: Instant Tea Party
Episode 63: What’s so Special About Me?
Episode 64: How do you do?
Episode 65: Cooking Class
Episode 66: Finito
Episode 67: Let’s Eat
Episode 68: Hi-Chew
Episode 69: The Other Side of the Curtain
Episode 70: Ranko’s Suspicion