Harassing Thief Girl


By: Halsan

Eiji is a hikineet(a shut-in with no job, education, training, and etc.) who just died. His soul is off to hell until someone calling themselves The God of Thieves steps in and offers him another way. Eiji is reincarnated into the body of an eight-year-old girl in a fantasy world with a mission. To harass the Hero and the Demon Lord. In the meantime, he is allowed to live out every sleazy dream and fantasy he ever had.

Table of Contents



Magic Tool List

  1. God Has an Idea
  2. Girl’s Reincarnation
  3. Hikineet vs Thief Couple
  4. My Guardian is a swordswoman
  5. A Rival Appears
  6. The First Victim
  7. Booby Trap
  8. The Second Victim
  9. This is a Different World
  10. The Value of Magic Tools
  11. Estimate Request for Civil Works
  12. The Third Victim
  13. Design Commencement
  14. I will go to the Labyrinth
  15. Scarlet Laundry
  16. Basic Knowledge of Appraisal
  17. Bath Completed
  18. First Customer
  19. Desperate Father
  20. The Fourth Victim
  21. Shopping
  22. Warren’s Jewelry Box
  23. I’m not Afraid of the Dead
  24. Plight of a Hero
  25. Reap what you Sow
  26. The Hero has Hair Across his Ass
  27. Are the Toilet and Bath that Important?
  28. Yuri Dinner Show 
  29. Muscle Brothers
  30. Super Super Hello
  31. Arrival at Marsfield
  32. Shopping
  33. Yuri Yuri Sentai Lily Rangers
  34. Mr. Demon Lord
  35. Character Memorandum 1
  36. Leisure Time
  37. The Adult Bath Opens for Business
  38. Five Colored Steam Cake
  39. Mr. Mohawk
  40. Enter the Mascot
  41. Pi-tan
  42. Trimming the Fat
  43. Breastless Girl
  44. Harvest Festival
  45. A Little Girl’s Tears
  46. Auction
  47. A Female Swordsman’s Moment
  48. Breast Clause
  49. Runaway Girl
  50. Tax Investigation
  51. Go Hero-sama!
  52. It’s Dangerous Hero-sama!
  53. It’s Dangerous Demon Lord-sama!
  54. Tea and Oyakodon
  55. Pi-tan is Pi-tan
  56. An Antlion and Queen Bee
  57. New Record
  58. Planned for Use
  59. Consultant
  60. It’s a Gamble
  61. Pi-tan’s Lullaby
  62. Labyrinth’s Mystery
  63. Everyone Squirms
  64. The Strongest ♥
  65. A Seriously Dangerous Demon Lord
  66. Old Man Rolling
  67. Assassin Lottery
  68. Punishment, is it?
  69. To the Magical City
  70. Father and Mother
  71. Reporting In
  72. Mr. Golem
  73. It’s One on One Part 1
  74. It’s One on One Part 2
  75. Steam it
  76. Go Girl Power
  77. Interview
  78. Rolling Old Men Training
  79. Careful Preparations
  80. Perfect Publicity
  81. The Night Before Opening Night
  82. (NEW!!) Masters’ Hideaway
  83. Gise
  84. Berudeus
  85. Character Memorandum 2
  86. Steam Kitchen
  87. Box Office Girl Ellis
  88. Demon Lord VS Hero
  89. Lady Bluegreen VS Rosen Angel
  90. Homo VS Gay
  91. 8 Legged Wasteland Traverser Mogemoge-kun No. 1
  92. Beru and Gise
  93. It’s a Dragon
  94. Land Dragon’s Ignorance
  95. Ra-chin
  96. I am Inaugurated
  97. I’m Going Home Nya
  98. Development Nya
  99. Guardian Dragon
  100. Hikikomori Storm Dragon
  101. Su-chan
  102. Special Uniform: Reeve Singing Live
  103. The Old Man’s Sudden Investigation
  104. Let’s Drink, Hit, and Embrace
  105. Marsfield Labyrinth
  106. Delinquent Frost Dragon
  107. Ah-nyan
  108. Thanks For the Information
  109. Go East! 
  110. Pottery City Ceramics
  111. Gigantic Bird
  112. Special Supplement: Ellis Playing With the Water that Reflects the Truth
  113. Softhearted Phoenix Dragon
  114. Fe-rin
  115. It’s Cozy
  116. Goodbye Metal Eater
  117. Cunning Chaos Dragon
  118. Shota
  119. I Regret Being Bored
  120. Special Supplement: Gachihomo and Fashionable Gay’s Dream Collaboration
  121. Okama and Niece
  122. Is Your Breath Okay?
  123. Working Girl Ellis
  124. The Party Arrives
  125. Mebett
  126. 6 Year Old Girl VS 8 Year Old Girl
  127. Special Supplement: Frau Receives Some Introductory Training From Margherita
  128. Time to Play
  129. Rosen Princess
  130. Berunal Vs. Demon Lord
  131. Renovation’s End
  132. Freedom Promenade: Morning
  133. Freedom Promenade: Day
  134. Freedom Promenade: Evening
  135. Freedom Promenade: Night
  136. Marionetta
  137. Off to the Capitol
  138. Royal Capital Skycastle
  139. It’s an Audience
  140. Second Older Sister
  141. Another Introduction to Our Heroes
  142. Royal Capital Guardian Dragon
  143. The Cat Wins by a Landslide
  144. Don’t be Cold
  145. Group Service Commencement
  146. Are You Fine With That?
  147. Okama, Onabe, and the Shitty Old Man
  148. The Carnival
  149. Policegirl Ellis
  150. Airhead Vs. Airhead
  151. You Seem to be Having Fun

2 thoughts on “Harassing Thief Girl

  1. Do you intend to translate more of this series? The other group I found only did up to chapter 7 and hasn’t updated since 2015.


  2. So I just got caught up in the story and I do have to say that I enjoyed It quite a lot. The better grammar Is also a huge plus


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