Grimoire Master Ch. 48   Chapter 6 Section 12: Rank Carol stretched out her fingers into the holy water filled silver cup. A number of ripples spread out across the water's calm surface, hitting the edges of the cup and bouncing back. "Nothing's happening." "Give it a second. And are you trying to get in the way? Just … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 48

Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 34   A few moments of silence passed, [Lou]: "Disgusting" before Lou answered on my behalf, grabbing me by the hand, and leading me away.     [Roselia]: "Julius-sama is pretty simpleminded too. I have no idea what he was thinking." Lou continued dragging me along until we made it to the school's controlled greenhouse. … Continue reading Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 34

Grimoire Master Ch. 47   Chapter 6 Section 11: Baptismal Rites "But if I am to investigate some ruins, it will be a difficult task for me alone." Rose-san accepted Aronda-san's request, but she added on a small caveat afterwards. She turned around after that, pointing her gaze towards least that was where I thought it would … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 47

Villainess Wants to Live Life Freely Ch. 33 Feel free to leave any complaints or comments. I'm just shuffling through, trying out different things to see whether something works or not.   After a chaotic lunch, Julius-sama, Lou, and I returned to our classroom after saying goodbye to Will and Sophia-sama. [Rose]: "Lou, do you have anything planned over our next vacation?" … Continue reading Villainess Wants to Live Life Freely Ch. 33

Grimoire Master Ch. 46   Chapter 6 Section 10: The Two who Never Learn........Continued "W-What happened......." Carol and Toslin were both moaning with the same hallowed out eyes they had back in Relton. It was as if they had become the zombies we just talked about. "R-Rose, butt, again......" "Me too..... But this looked like a … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 46

Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 32 Dialogue can sometimes run on in this story, so if anyone is having any problems, let me know. I can always mark down who's saying what like a screenplay if needed.   One of Prince Eric's delightful friends, Julius, a duke's heir and huge playboy called out to us. "Oh Julius-sama, what's going on? … Continue reading Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 32