I, a Commoner, was Able to Participate in the Beautiful Women’s Hero Audition by Mistake, but for Some Reason I became Entangled with the Daughter of an Aristocrat


By: Sorinokoshi

Hero. An adventurer financially supported by the king. Being chosen as a hero is a chance to turn your life around regardless of status whether you are a commoner or aristocrat. These heroes are made to go through an audition and chosen by popular vote.

Lily Ruhuna is just one of many girls who dreamed of becoming a hero and applied for the hero audition. However, she comes from a commoner family, and because of her occupation, she is looked down upon by noble and commoner alike. However, thanks to the combination of other people’s mistakes and dumb luck, she was able to make it to the hero audition’s final selection.

Only the top four of the fifty-one contestants are allowed to become heroes. Lily starts from the bottom and aims to climb ever higher, but life is proven to have its ups and downs as her fate becomes intertwined with the beautiful woman holding the provisional number one spot.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Same Name
Chapter 2: Fifty-One
Chapter 3: Debut Assembly
Chapter 4: Commoner Dance
Chapter 5: Dinner Party
Chapter 6: Dance Party
Chapter 7: Punishment
Chapter 8: Hierarchal Relationship
Chapter 9: Dinbula
Chapter 10: Peerless
Chapter 11: Shower
Chapter 12: Motive
Chapter 13: Experiment
Chapter 14: Role Model
Chapter 15: Food Waste
Chapter 16: Thief
Chapter 17: Question
Chapter 18: Instinct
Chapter 19: True Intentions
Chapter 20: Pass