Grimoire Master of an Everchanging World

By: Ichou Shiori


Iris Calvafon, a 16-year-old girl.

The bookstore girl who was divinely chosen, and possessed a magical grimoire.

But the truth is, she’s just a normal girl who loves books, especially adventure novels.

The elven swordswoman, Tosrillon. The werewolf thief, Carotayle. The warrior priestess, Rosalith. After meeting these three people, Iris realizes how she strongly yearns to go on a real adventure of her own.

Iris decided to join them, despite the danger.

And with that, she sets off on a wondrous adventure alongside those three girls. It’s that kind of story.

A story where the ordinary girl shall use a mysteriously powerful grimoire, and becomes a hero.

Table of Contents

Part 1

Character Introduction



Chapter 1: Adventure Start

Section 1: Outside the Window
Additional Character
Section 2: A Small Encounter
Section 3: Snow Giant
Section 4: Swansea Forest

Chapter 2

Section 1: Relton Village
Section 2: Primordial World and Goddess’s World
Section 3: The Other End of the Tracks
Section 4: A Trace
Section 5: Fairy Village
Section 6: Grimoire
Section 7: Healing Miracle
Section 8: An Unexpected Encounter
Section 9: Coming Across Something Strange

Chapter 3

Section 1: Golem
Section 2: Operation Rolling Snowballs
Section 3: Reunion………..And then
Section 4: Awe Personified
Section 5: Provocation
Section 6: Shining Sword Flare in the Setting Sun
Section 7: Grimoire Master Iris Calvafon

Chapter 4

Section 1: Waking the Little Heroine
Section 2: Approaching Farewell
Section 3: Adventure’s End
Section 4: Just Missed Each Other?
Section 5: Hero’s Secret
Section 6: Melting Snow, the Story that Begins to Move

Chapter 5: Solretta

Additional Characters: Solretta Addition

Section 1: Flower Blooming on the Snow
Section 2: Dragon Litta
Section 3: Knight Order?
Section 4: Bout
Section 5: Fighting Style
Section 6: Truth Behind the Betrayal
Section 7: Sisterly Pledge
Section 8: Established Fact
Section 9: Water Dragon’s Tail

Chapter 6

Section 1: Sarah
Section 2: Solretta Litta
Section 3: Knights and a Priestess and?
Section 4: Right?
Section 5: Sadistic
Section 6: To Church
Section 7: Tikarodeka
Section 8: Instructions
Section 9: The Two who Never Learn
Section 10: The Two who Never Learn……..Continued
Section 11: Baptismal Rites
Section 12: Rank
Section 13: Longing……

Chapter 7

Section 1: Friend
Section 2: Send Off
Section 3: Prayer to a Unicorn
Section 4: Attention
Section 5: Emerging Thoughts
Section 6: Library
Section 7: Smiling Through the Walls
Section 8: Those Who Wait
Section 9: Three Adventurers
Section 10: A Friendly Chat for the First Time in a Long Time
Section 11: Dream Gem
Section 12: Inverted Position
Section 13: Repentance
Section 14: Envisioned Path

Chapter 8

Section 1: Invasion
Section 2: Life Saving Prayer
Section 3: Knowing Who You Are
Section 4: First Step
Section 5: Virgin Guardian
Section 6: Fairy Feathers
Section 7: Solretta Defense 1
Section 8: Solretta Defense 2
Section 9: Solretta Defense 3

Chapter 9

Section 1: Moaning
Section 2: Strong Shield
Section 3: Oozing Malice
Section 4: A Friend of a Friend is…
Section 5: Inside the Ruins
Section 6: Silent Reunion
Section 7: Happy Dreams
Section 8: Temporary Happiness Inside a Nap
Section 9: Princess Order
Section 10: Right Hand
Section 11: Waking From a Dream to Something Sweet

Chapter 10

Section 1: Returning Home, And Then
Section 2: Noisy Patient
Section 3: For One Thing
Section 4: Rumor
Section 5: Certificate
Section 6: Riviera Von Iliana
Section 7: A Place to Return to Someday


Section 1: Quiet Conversation in the Sunset Part 1
Section 2: Quiet Conversation in the Sunset Part 2
Section 3: Sisters’ Quiet Conversation Part 1
Section 4: Sisters’ Quiet Conversation Part 2
Section 5: Sisters’ Quiet Conversation Part 3
Section 6: Quiet Conversation About Jewelry Part 1
Section 7: Quiet Conversation About Jewelry Part 2
Section 8: Quiet Conversation About Jewelry Part 3

Chapter 11: Royal Academy

Section 1: Setting Off
Section 2: Secret Dealings
Section 3: Idling Time
Section 4: While Drinking Warm Milk
Section 5: Fairy Lake
Map Addition 1
Section 6: Attack, Rescue
Section 7: Battle on the Bridge
Section 8: Battle on the Bridge Part 2
Section 9: Return it Back When I Can

Chapter 12

Section 1: Oshunel-Tari
Section 2: Oshunel Castle
Section 3: Everyone Together
Section 4: Lap Pillow
Section 5: Those Engraved On My Forefinger
Section 6: Knight Investiture
Section 7: Transmitting Love
Section 8: Hero
Section 9: Ashel Lu Aude Oshunel
Section 10: Friends
Section 11: Wrapped in Kindness 1
Section 12: Wrapped in Kindness 2