Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 35

Normally, I’d want to skip a chapter like this. But that would throw off the chapter count, and I promise you I’d end up skipping a chapter accidentally or screwing something else up. Also, this is king of funny, so I’ll throw this out and try to get the next chapter quickly



Character Memorandum 1 

Author note: I will introduce a memorandum and minor settings of the people who appeared since all the main characters have come out.

{World of Gods}

God of Warriors — God who controls physical force. Love’s muscle brains. He loves with the main character from “Hunter x Hunter ♦” in Eiji’s world.

God of Mages — God who controls inner power. He loves people who strive for power by any means. He loves the main character of “Bastar ♦” in Eiji’s world.

God of Thieves — God who controls confusion. He loves people who can incite chaos and trickery. He loves “Stop! Hibari-ku♦” from Eiji’s world.

{Human world before reincarnation}

Yashiro Eiji — The king of scum who died when he accidentally stepped in front of a 44 ton truck and got smushed. The God of Thieves took a look at his internet history and decided that he would be the perfect guy to have harass the God of Warriors and God of Mages. By the way, the God of Thieves left some evidence behind implying that Eiji had actually committed suicide. As a result, the driver of the truck was deemed completely innocent of the matter. Truly a god of the common people.

{Warren’s Jewelry Box}

Ellis — The reincarnation of Eiji. 8 years old. Usually lives as Ellis, but every once in awhile, the voice of god sounds like a hikineet.²
Beautifully shining gold hair with emerald green eyes. Thin lips that are as pink as cherry blossoms. The doting father was right. She is a transcendental beauty that slave traders would sell at very high prices. She is still a little girl.
In addition to the natural talent and ability Ellis already had, she was also gifted with increased agility and power over magic tools from the God of Thieves.
Battle style is a thief. For the time being, she remains mostly hidden. Or rather, she doesn’t fight. Because without the Sacrificial doll, she would have already died twice.
Her strongest weapons are the ferocious techniques she knows to use on her sexual partners from her PC. Oh, and other information too.

Reeve — The daughter of a fallen aristocratic house. A cool beauty with short shaggy blue hair, thin lips, and eyes the same color as her hair. 16 years old. She is a so-called slender beauty with a B-cup chest. She set off on her own after her family  arranged a marriage for her with a disgusting man. Her swordsmanship and singing are both talents she picked up from her grandfather’s hobbies. She is actually a huge man-hater. Although from the viewpoint of the world she appears to be Ellis’s guardian, since there are time where she is economically supported by Ellis, Frau has taken to occasionally calling her Winnie the Pooh.
Battle style is a swordsman. She uses a slim shamshir, a bastard sword, and a rare color saber. She is able to cut just about anything, and she is honestly strong. The atmosphere that she produces gathers women to her the same way an ultraviolet light gathers insects on a hot summer day.
When she was first exposed to Ellis’s naked body, she awoke as a lolicon tsundere masochist. She is a full-blown lesbian that you only see once every century.

Frau — A former receptionist for the Adventurer Guild. An orthodox beauty with passionate eyes, thick lips, and wavy red hair. When she appeared Ellis guessed she was 18, but she is actually 16. Her G-cup breasts always shake when she is angry. Although she is a glamorous beauty on the same level of Reeve, she actually has some thick muscles, and her body fat percentage is very low. There is a gap in her personality where she can actually be very calm, and the sight of her grabs the hearts of adventurer guild members. Especially any young children. She is good at cooking and food arrangement. She does a good job of acting as the responsible parent of the group.
Her battle style is as a heavy fighter. For the time being, she takes the beatings and beats the opponents in turn. Before joining Ellis’s party, she used a morning star and kite shield while focusing on defense. Now she enjoys using a two-handed maul and running wild. With the benefits from Ellis’s magic tools, she is slowly becoming a human fortress.
She awoke as a masochist and became a self-proclaimed pig woman after experiencing Ellis’s ferocious techniques while thinking Ellis was cute.

Claire — The daughter of a magician husband and wife. She is 13 years old. She has long black hair, but she usually like to tie it up. She is the type that tickles paternal feelings, and her dark black eyes can give off a boyish look.
She was traumatized when her uncle tried to assault her, and she was covered in his brains after blowing his head off with an explosion. Ellis helped her move past her trauma, and now Claire is an A-cup  sorceress who boasts the highest offensive power in the party. She is slightly afraid of men, especially if they are showing any sexual desire. She was the one most afraid of the Muscle Brothers, but learning that they were all gay helped her in getting along with them.
She is a student of science, and she loves building things. After falling in love with baths and toilets, she developed the Claire-Flint brand luxury toilets and showers so that she’d never part from them.
After being saved by Ellis, she became a genuine maiden in love. She enjoys spending her nights flirting and being spoiled by Ellis.

Katie — A catgirl who used to be a receptionist for the Thieve’s Guild. She is 15 years old. Katie has cotton like hair peculiar to the cat family that is all white and feels so soft. Her eyes are vertical like a cat’s, and they shine gray giving a sense of fascination and mystery when her head is actually just full of flowers. Although her past is a mystery, her boobs are undoubtedly a C-cup.
She uses a rare battle style called a Cat Fighter that makes use of both her hands and her feet. In Marsfield she obtained the Hero Ripper, and her combat power and intimidation factor only increased more. She is extremely dexterous and is able to pull off a series of combos to overwhelm her opponent.
She is vulnerable to the heat, but she loves baths. She enjoys letting her bottom half soak in the tub while her upper half cools off on the bathtubs cold surface. http://www.snowmonkeyresorts.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Main2.jpg
Her weak point is right below her chin, and she enjoys Ellis treating her like a pet while Ellis attacks her.

{Thieve’s Guild}

Baltis — The Thieve’s Guild master. After he was inaugurated as the Thieve’s Guild master, he started disguising himself as a Mr. Doughboy-like character, but he will partially remove the costume whenever Ellis kisses him. He is a gentleman with scary eyes. He believes that Ellis is cute and it can’t be helped, but he is cautious as well.

Angus — Ellis’s father. Although he was skilled enough to become the leader of the infiltration unit, he was set up by Kevin and killed. His daughter is too cute. She is so cute that he ended up teaching her everything he knew about being a thief and made her join the Thieve’s Guild so he could watch her. He was a typical doting parent who blew everything out of proportion.

Kevin and his wife Alicia — The leader of the intelligence unit and his wife. They are both deceased. They wanted to sell Ellis to a noble so that they could use her as part of their intelligence unit. Uwahaha is the natural way of thinking for a member of the Thieve’s Guild, but murdering a comrade was no good. Kevin had his head cut off and delivered to the guild by Reeve while Alicia was disposed of by the guild for her role in the crime. As a result, thanks to the inheritance that was left to Ellis, she was able to start off her entrepreneurial life.

{Adventurer Guild}

Theseus — The Adventurer Guild master. A fairly ordinary man, and the father of Frau. He seriously wants Frau to just remain as a member of Warren’s Jewelry Box and the female dorms forever so that no filthy men can touch her. He is also the man who saved Claire and brought her to the Workshop Guild. When the Hero released his pressure, this old man did not back down, so he might actually be really strong.

Helen — The girl who became a receptionist after Frau left. She received a Light Emission stone from bingo. She may show up more in the future.

The uncle who received Ellis’s Flying Swallow long sword, and the uncle who received Claire’s plate armor from bingo — Combination of adventurers who won the first two prizes from bingo. These comedians won’t phase out like this.

{Workshop Guild}

Flint — Workshop Guild master. He is a veritable giant of a man with bulging muscles, and he is one of the few people who can appreciate dark mithril. He is also the caretaker for Claire that Theseus chose after the death of her uncle. Despite his appearance, he is probably the kindest and most gentle member of the Warren Council. The Claire-Flint brand was tagged as such due to the unique designs from Claire’s Design Office, but many people just see it as Flint doting on his protege.

{Merchant Guild}

Maria — Merchant Guild master. An accomplished merchant and a milf. She is a clearly beautiful woman, but her maturity and age take her out of Ellis’s strike zone. She is also the head of the Warren Council. She is probably the most ingenious of the Warren Council members. She is also the leader of a manic group calling themselves the “Reeve Fan Club.”

Nicole — Maria’s butler. Little is known about him at the moment.

Muscle Brothers — The Merchant Guild special delivery battalion also know as the Muscle Dharmas. They are the men who are responsible for transporting goods outside of Warren. They are quick and reliable at their job, and people say they are, “brothers that you can rely on.” Their holdings are as follows:

My name is Ichiro Tamon. I am not gay. I am super gay.
My name is Jiro Hyoe. I am not gay. I am super gay.
My name is Saburo Tayu. I am not gay. I am super gay.
My name is Shiro Tokisada. I am not gay. I am super gay.
My name is Goro Meiko. I am not gay. I am super gay.


Duke Marsfield — The lord of Citadel City Marsfield and the surrounding areas. A middle-aged man with graying hair but eyes as sharp as a hawk. He doesn’t seem to know about the violence between his two wives, but he does know about Claire somehow.

Mirei Marsfield — Duke Marsfield’s legal wife. Had Maria escort her to Lily Garden. She was completely unaffected when a human and a group of anubis beastkin tried to assassinate her.

Anna Marsfield — Duke Marsfield’s concubine. The legal wife is constantly sending assassins at her, and she sends them back in kind.

{Brave Party}

Gray — The hero. He has a decent face but some disgusting parts to him. Strangely serious.

Dams — The brave party’s self-proclaimed warrior. A big build reminiscent of barbarians. A Scarlet Laundry experienced person.

Cliff — Probably a priest. He is an unreliable man with a large amount of sexual desire. A Scarlet Laundry experienced person.

Peach — The brave party’s self-proclaimed magician and a dancer from Sky Castle. Extremely busty. Her pride was broken by Reeve at Lily Garden.

Gise — Definitely a thief from the Sky Castle Thieve’s Guild. He is the only member of the brave’s party that Ellis and Baltis are cautious of. He seems to be having a hard time.

{Demon Lord’s side}

Demon Lord — An unhealthy looking white arm. The rest of him is covered in golden armor. A powerful guy who can create nationwide broadcasts and a comet with his magic, but he has decided to temporarily not leave his house.

Demon Adjutant — A man adept at office work. Details are yet to come.

Mr. and Mrs. Wolf Pack — Appeared in Marsfield. A husband and wife pair of performers. The husband has a wonderful singing voice while the wife is an expert dancer. They were actually a pair of lycanthropes. At the end, they became acquaintances of the Jewelry Box, and no one knows where they went to after that.


Author’s note: I will continue to update it gradually. Thank you for enjoying this story.

1. The diamond is meant to represent some blurred out text. Anyone who can figure out what the second one is supposed to be wins the golden loli.

2. I’m honestly not sure what they mean here. Reading through it in Japanese, I think what they mean is that it’s mostly Ellis acting, but with Eiji’s memories, and sometimes Eiji’s will. It’s a little weird how the author phrased it.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the chapter! Doing these ones tend to be kind of annoying since they don’t advance the plot.

    Btw, wouldn’t the Muscle Brothers nickname be Muscle Darumas (not Dharma)? -> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daruma_doll

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