Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 52



It’s Dangerous Hero-sama

The Durkfienance family will be dissolved.

The family head and its successor Lake will be taken to Sky Castle.
The charges lodged against them are tax evasion, abduction, and espionage due to Acoms’s communication with Demon Lord forces.
The sentence for collaborating with the Demon Lord will almost certainly be capital punishment.
At the very least they will be banished from the kingdom. As for those left behind, Acoms’s wife Aiful and his daughter Credia, they will be left without a penny to their names since the royal family would be repossessing everything Acoms owned.

Aiful’s parents’ home was a lower aristocrat family of Wheat Grace which was forcibly and illegally crushed by Acoms in order to force Aiful to marry him.
So they have nowhere to turn to.
And there is nobody drunk enough in Wheat Grace to take in the family of the worst criminal in the city’s history.
In other words, their future will only consist of living in dark alleys at the mercy, contempt, and curiosity of the random strangers who cross their path.

Acoms and Lake were scum.
However Aiful was an innocent woman forced into a loveless marriage through Acoms’s machinations. In a sense, she was the largest victim among the Wheat Grace nobility.
Meanwhile Credia was a pleasant young girl who took after her mother as opposed to her scum of a brother.
At the very least, they weren’t tyrants who had cheated, derided, or swindled others.
Their plight played on Reeve’s heart.

“Mistress, can I have a consultation?”
“What’s wrong Reeve?”
“Could you use Aiful and Credia in Warren?”

Ellis looked directly into Reeve’s hopeful eyes.
“Are you stupid?”
Ellis’s sudden abuse caused Reeve to recoil. Her face twisted as if she had just been burned by a branding iron.
Ellis let her squirm for a minute before going on.

“You don’t have to ask me, just do it yourself.”
“What do you mean?”
“The right to manufacture and sell Lorenburg tea has returned to your family, so you should be able to set up a Lorenburg tea shop up in Warren. Putting it right next to Hanna and Ken’s cake shop would be a good idea don’t you think? Either way, it would be better for you to bring this up to the Merchant Guild than me.”
The scales fell from Reeve’s eyes, and Ellis gave her a little wink and a pat on the butt.
“Yes! I’ll do that!”

After drawing up a rough plan, Reeve ran over to consult the design with Claire.
Letting out a small sigh, Reeve watched her go with a smile.
She then started to think up her own plans for Aiful and Credia.


A seat of honor was set up for the Brave party in Wheat Grace.
The Merchant Guild Master and the Farmers’ Guild Master along with a few other aristocrats including Leopold set it up to properly welcome the Hero and his friends.
Incidentally, Wheat Grace has no independent Adventurer Guild, Thieves’ Guild, or Workshop Guild.
This is simply because as an agricultural city, they simply have no real need for the fleshed out organizations.

So at Wheat Grace, the Merchant Guild also takes over the duties usually associated with the Thieves’ Guild and the Adventurers’ Guild while the Farmers’ Guild takes care of the few odds and ends that crop up with not having a proper Workshop Guild.
In the event that something goes awry or the two guilds cannot handle a situation, Warren’s guilds will come in and lend their assistance.

The Farmers’ Guild is a coalition composed of the free landowners, and as its name suggests, they specialize in efficiently setting up irrigation channels, transferring seedlings, and breed improvement.

“You really saved me this time.”
The tax officer who was given a special seat as a sign of hospitality thanked Gray once again.
“It was just a coincidence that I happened to be walking by, but it’s good that nobody was hurt.”
Then the ever good-natured Gray came out with a proposal to the tax officer.
“If you’d like, I could send you over to Sky Castle and save you the trip.”

The unique magic of the Hero, {Leap City}, is a high speed traveling magic that allows the Hero and his companions to teleport to any city they had previously traveled to.
So if the tax officer were to temporarily join the Hero’s party, he would be able to instantly travel back to Sky Castle.

“C’mon, there’s a party going on here.”
“These guys are giving us whatever we want. Let’s stay here overnight.”
“I’m tired.”
Gray frowned at the usual selfishness coming from the three idiots, but when they get like this, they would not budge.
So Gray gave up in vain and listened to the three idiots suggestions.
“Alright. Let’s take it easy for tonight.”
But Ellis didn’t miss the disgusted look that passed across Gray’s face.

When the feast was finished, the Brave party was brought to the ‘highest class suites’ in Wheat Grace’s highest grade inn by the Merchant Guild master.

Meanwhile, at the Lorenburg family guest house.
“Well, I will be going then.”
Ellis had just finished slipping into her black uniform.

“Be careful.”
“I hope to hear about something interesting.”
“The Brave party was pretty disgusting today don’t you think?”
“I think the Hero thought so too nya.”

Ellis was heading towards the inn where the Brave party was staying.
Her purpose was obviously to discover the weakness of the Hero who could not be fought directly.

Back at the lodging inside the inn, each bed had luggage strewn upon it, and each member of the Brave party was relaxing in their own way.
The suite was composed of six rooms, three of which were bedrooms. In one room were Gray and Gise, another was Dams and Cliff, and Peach had the third room all to herself.
Currently, the five of them were enjoying some tea that the inn mother had brewed and had delivered to their room, but Gray was fidgeting for some reason.
After some time had passed with Gray sitting on his hands with a restless appearance, it looked like he had come to a decision and walked over to Peach.

“Hey Peach, can I ask for it?”
So Peach wrinkled her nose and smiled as if she was expecting this very thing and stretched out her back as much as she could.
“Hmm. So you cut down the demon and now your crotch is burning? It can’t be helped, being your favorite person.”
As Gray stupidly followed Peach’s lead, they both disappeared into the washroom.
Dams and Cliff shared a look and a large grin before taking off while Gise just held his head.

Locking the door to the bathroom behind her, Peach pushed Gray to the floor on his back and immediately straddled his hips.

“Here. Take your pants off quickly.”
“Ye-Yeah. I’ll do it.”
Gray raised his waist and took off his pants in a hurry to expose his lower abdomen to Peach.



After everything was done and over with, Peach spat something out into the wash basin, rinsed, gargled, and repeated before silently leaving the washroom.
“It’s our turn after the brave! Not to brag, but I’m pretty good.”
“Yeah, we’re different from that country bumpkin!”
“I’ve had more than enough pleasure tonight thank you very much!”

While three people lazily lounged around the living room, Gise silently left them to their devices and spent the rest of the night alone in his bedroom.
The only one of them left was the Hero who was left embracing his knees without anything covering his lower waist while staring into the corner of the bathroom.
Ellis watched everything with great interest. Also disgust. Sympathy. A little anger at being made to watch that in the first place was mixed in there as well.
Overall, the shame that the Hero displayed once everything was finished was what caught Ellis’s interest the most.

“It looks like this party has a few secrets.”
Ellis vigorously shook her head to the left and right to get rid of all her little emotions other than the ‘interest,’ and she once again made an evil smile before leaving.

Ellis made her way through the dark city streets, taking a few detours here and there in order to give her a little extra time to erase any unnecessary emotions. By the time she made it back to the Lorenburg mansion, she was cold, tired, and still annoyed.

“This calls for some work.”

So the girls who greeted Ellis once she returned agreed to listen to her report in the morning and immediately went to bed.


“Hey Katie, your fur is so white and fluffy. It’s really beautiful.”

“Hey Claire, your hair is always so straight and cute isn’t it?”

“Hey Frau, I really love your chest.”

“Hey Reeve, your eyes really are beautiful.”

This morning in Wheat Grace was bright and filled with cheer.


Hero Gray flew to Sky Castle with his current party dropping off Gise, Peach, Dams, and Cliff. Once he returned to Wheat Grace, he reassembled the party to be able to deliver Meena, the tax officer, Lake, and Acoms in his next trip to Sky Castle.
Prior to that, the tax officer had a brief discussion with Leopold.
“I will be sure to deliver to you good news.”
“You have my thanks.”
That good news would be the imperial decree to have Lorenburg take over as the ruling house now that the Durkfienance home would be no more.

While the tax officer and Leopold were talking business, Ellis stealthily approached the Hero Gray and requested a handshake from him for his help.
When he took the offered hand, Gray was secretly passed a piece of paper. Taking a quick glance at it, he looked back up to see Ellis cutely smiling.

“Gray-sama seems to be exhausted, so please use this by all means.”
Watching Ellis retreat away, Gray looked down at the piece of paper passed on to him.

What was written there made his body freeze.

The note had two parts.
The first part was just a normal advertisement.
Master’s Hideaway notice of business hours and contacts.
Little Nice Thing: 10,000 ril
Very Nice Thing: Market Price

Gray had heard about the services when he stayed in Warren during the harvest festival, so the card itself wasn’t too surprising. The thing that truly made his cheeks go red was what was written on the back.
Because written in beautiful cursive lettering was the message,
Feel free to try the Very Nice Thing with the Twin Healing Hills Marilyn for free with this ticket.
— Ellis

“Hey wait, what is this!?”
Gray grabbed Ellis’s wrist before she could get away and whispered into her ear a little louder than he had intended.
And so Ellis in turn whispered in her ear with a smile you’d only expect from the devil himself.

“It’s just as it’s written. I am a manager for the two bath houses in Warren, and I can tell you that the Twin Healing Hills Marilyn is great at healing both the body and the mind. Please give it a try.”

Ellis continued to press the issue when Gray started to look unsure.
“It’s a lot more enjoyable than something like last night.”
“Last night?”
That one word from Ellis was almost enough to make Gray’s heart burst.
Why does this little girl know about that!?

Thinking about it calmly, the Hero should realize that Ellis had been spying on him seeing not just that…activity, but everything else they had said and done last night. Unfortunately, Gray did not have the luxury of thinking calmly in this situation.
Embarrassment aside, there was also the fact that his sexual desire and libido were both increased along with that seemingly infinite vitality he had received when he became the Hero. In his current state, he was far more interested in Twin Healing Hills Marilyn  than the mysterious young girl in front of him.
And so Ellis struck the final nail in the coffin.
“Please come visit Warren again once the tax officer is settled.
Like an obedient dog, Gray nodded his head.

“Well then please take good care of me.”
Thus the tax officer was hurriedly rushed out of Wheat Grace by the Hero Gray.


At Warren’s center.
The Hero Gray had teleported himself away as soon as he had dropped off the tax officer. Borrowing a set of apprentice thief clothes from Gise before secretly shoving off, Gray had hesitantly made his way to the building standing erect before him.
He took several deep breaths before working up his courage and advancing through Master’s Hideaway’s heavy doors.
There, a cheerful and sensual voice welcomed him inside.

“Welcome home, Master!”
With the receptionist’s beaming smile laying into him, Gray had some issues getting his hand out of his pocket. Completely overcome with a combination of anxiety and excitement, Grey’s folded hand clung to Ellis’s ticket in almost desperation–almost ripping his pants when he forcibly pulled his enclosed fist out of the pocket. The receptionist was still giving the same smile as he gently placed the crumpled up ticket onto the desk.

“I have this. Can I use it?”
The receptionist accepted the ticket without a wasting a breath. She gave the front a quick once over before taking a look at the reverse side. Reading the inscribed message, the receptionist’s salesman smile finally changed growing even larger.
“A guest brought here by Ellis-ojousama’s invitation is always welcome!”
The receptionist suddenly advanced on Gray who had stiffened from the unexpectedly warm welcome.
“Marilyn will get ready and meet you as soon as she can. Please enjoy the bath until then.”
Gray felt all his anxiety release itself at once when he saw how easily the ticket was accepted, but he was surprised at the same time to hear Ellis called ojousama.

“Gray……..No, it’s Gise.”
Gray was hesitant to give out his real name, so he decided to in turn use the name of one of his companions. He was sure the real Gise wouldn’t mind.

Gray received the key to his locker and a towel from the receptionist, and he headed towards the bath after stripping off all his clothes the way the signs indicated.
First off, the rinsing bath.
Gray read every sign posted to make sure he followed the proper procedure, so of course the sign depicting the business prices popped up in his view.

Back Scrub
Little Nice Thing
Very Nice Thing


Gray had to lean forward and cover his crotch with the towel the receptionist provided him.
The delusions just would not stop.

Gray wasn’t sure what to do, and just as he was about to decide whether or not to take care of the issue himself, he heard the receptionist call out to him.
“Mr. Gise, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”
Embarrassed at what he was about to do, Gray wrapped the towel around his waist and quickly ran back to the reception desk.
“Welcome, Master.”
The woman who greeted him there was more beautiful than any of Gray’s previous delusions.

A gentle smile made by soft-looking lips and brown hair tied back behind two rosy red cheeks.
Although the long maidware barely showed any skin, it still accented every curve on her emphasizing her sensual body.
Furthermore, the descriptions that Ellis had secretly passed on to him about her two ‘healing hills’ proved to actually have been a disservice to the subjects in question–probably due to the added fact of an obvious lack of underwear being worn.

Marilyn approached the frozen Gray slowly, giving her most sensual smile.
“Mr. Gise, would you prefer I wear an outfit, or just the underwear?”


It was a situation far surpassing Gray’s limited imagination.
Was the real world truly this magical?

“H-How about the white gown?”
“Certainly, my Master.”

As soon as Marilyn switched to a white nursing gown and once again appeared before Gray, Marilyn took Gray’s hand and lead him to a dedicated hot spring, moving in all the right ways to show off the tight fitting outfit and exposed thighs.
Marilyn slowly and gently scrubbed Gray’s back, rinsed him off, and then started to run the shampoo through his hair while holding his head. As time went on, the white gown she was wearing became more and more wet from the splashing water.

“Is it itchy?”
The sudden question whispered in Gray’s ear resulted in the first gunshot for today.


Marilyn continued to wash Gray’s body as if nothing had happened, but Gray could feel his whole body burning red from embarrassment.
“Please do not hesitate to speak up if you have any problems.”
Gray was able to calm himself down through Marilyn’s soothing words.
Due to the soft feeling of the twin hill cushions that Gray’s head was resting on, his lust quickly outgrew his overall embarrassment.
“Here then please.”
Just like that, Marilyn took Gray’s hand and led him to a back room.


When everything was done and gone with, Gray was wrapped up in Marilyn’s twin hills.
She was gently stroking his hair.
It was truly comfortable.
Tears started to fall for some reason.
“Come and visit whenever you have a problem.”
Marilyn’s gentle voice and soft breasts put Gray at ease and allowed him to relax.

This kindness and comprehensibility is the reason why Marilyn is known as the Twin Healing Hills.
From that day on, Gray felt a tightness in his chest whenever he thought of Marilyn and became her most regular customer.

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Chapter 53



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  1. He was sure the real Gise wouldn’t mind.

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    1. Probably was his first sensual and positive experience with a woman since Peach just treats it like a chore to get him off and his party members except of Gise even mock him. I guess he just has a lot of pent up emotions, because of that.


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