Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 53



It’s Dangerous Demon Lord-sama

The Demon Lord’s castle on a particular day.

“Hey, adjutant.”
“My Demon Lord. Once again, my name is Berudeus.”
“Oh, sorry. Hey, Berudeus.”
“What is it My Demon Lord?”
“I’m bored.”
“Until just recently, weren’t you having fun with all the girls you gathered.”
“I got tired.”
“Ask me why.”
“Because they’re all just dead fish.”
“What do you expect from a group of girls who have never had sex before. Who was it that ordered his minions to gather up only virgins?”
“I am sorry about that.”
“Then please reflect while enjoying your virgins.”
“Don’t say that. Because my harem is like an adult doll expo. There are no changes in expressions or responses amongst any of them.”
“Isn’t there a mania to enjoying the minute differences in their features?”
“Sorry, but I’m no maniac.”
“Then you should strive to be one from now on.”
“The only thing I have to do around here is eat and enjoy their weak personalities. I want them to expand more to my imagination.”
“If so, then why not ask these poor ladies to try out these delusions of yours.”
“I already did. I just wanted one thing from them.”
“What is that?”
“I asked them to step on me for awhile. They ended up just chewing on their tongue for a moment before breaking down and crying a bunch.”
“I’m sure they pictured all sorts of torture that would be inflicted upon them for daring to stomp on the Demon Lord.”
“There is no way that I would ever allow my personal preferences get out to the general public, but she was so scared that she ended up getting too nervous and biting her tongue. I had to quickly use healing magic to save her life.”
“How compassionate.”
“Don’t praise me.”
“I wasn’t. Unfortunately all the women who weren’t virgins were taken by your subordinates. Your orders were followed faithfully.”
“Only dependable when it suits them.”
“Oh yes, they were quite into their work.”
“I’ll just have to hold back in the future.”
“From the beginning, wasn’t it My Demon Lord who broadcast across the nation saying a ridiculous thing like how the humans only had the option to choose ‘slavery or death’?”
“I am sorry about that as well. I should have told them that all beautiful women would be an exception. Come on, let’s do another broadcast.”
“Please no. Do you know how many demons we would need to sacrifice in order to do that? Not to mention the effects on my mental health.”
“Don’t say that.”
“Useless things are no good.”
“Tch. It can’t be helped. I’ll just make do with my dead fish.”
“If you think of those poor girls as a dead crab instead of a dead fish, then their moans will sound differently.”

The Demon Lord and Berudeus finished their daily comic routine and continued to check out the golden claws that their subordinates had gathered for them from across the country.

But it seems that once again they did not get a hit.
“Why are there so many questionable products out there on the market?”
“Why are you asking me? I know as much as you My Demon Lord.”
The sheer amount of equipment piled up before them was a sight to before, but after sifting through dozens of fake bronze claws, they finally voiced the question that was plaguing their minds.
About to give up and return to his room, the Demon Lord’s attention was caught by a leaflet stuck between some of the nails on one claw.

“What’s this?”
The words ‘Master’s Hideaway’ was printed in large letters across the top.
It was listed as a bathhouse on the front, and its business hours were written underneath that.


The Demon Lord absentmindedly read through the leaflet’s advertisement while sitting back on his thrown.
It listed the following.

“These maids are awaiting Master’s return.”
Chief Maid of Immorality
Chief Secretary of Pride
Healing Twin Hills
Tsundere Lolita Girl
Enchanted Mother-in-Law
Night Shift Nurse
Small Breasts’ Invitation¹


“This Chief Secretary of Pride!”
The creative instinct of the Demon Lord’s imagination was captured by these words. He quickly hid the leaflet on his person to avoid his adjutant from seeing it.

After some time had passed and all the work was done, the Demon Lord made his move.
“Well Berudeus.”
“Please take care with your fish.”
“No, I actually thought about heading out for a bit.”
The Demon Lord said these words as if it was the most natural thing in the world, but the adjutant grabbed hold of his Demon Lord’s arm looking completely shocked.
“There’s no way a hikikomori like you would head out anywhere!”
“Don’t you think you’re a little too rude to your boss? So what, are you not going to let me go out?”
“Are you heading out to confront the Brave party? Where are you going?”
“Is that alright? However, your look as a Demon Lord stands out a bit, so I must insist that you change your clothes.”
“Do we have some?”
“If it’s the Hyaaha armor, we have plenty.”
“I think I’ll go for something a little less embarrassing this time.”
“Well then I guess you could go with this.”

What was handed to the Demon Lord was a set of farmer’s clothes that were taken away when the villagers were caught and had their heads shaved into mohawks. A straw hat was given as well for a touch of fashion.

“Is there such a thing?”
“There is only such a thing.”

“If I get attacked like this, won’t I die way too easily.”
“With your magical abilities, only a direct attack from the Hero could pierce through your barrier.”
“Oh right. I forgot.”

When the Demon Lord removed all of his golden armor, he switched it for the farmer’s shirt and trousers. Finally, with the straw hat placed on top of his head, his disguise was complete.

“It’s perfect.”
“As expected of me. By the way, give me money!”
“How much do you want?”
“About 100 thousand ril.”
“What could a Demon Lord do with a measly 100 thousand ril? Please ask for 100 million ril at least.”
“Well then, give me 100 million ril.”
“There is no way I can just waste that amount of money. For now, I will give you 1 million ril from my wallet, so make do with this.”
“Are you playing with me?”
“I am far too busy to waste my time playing, so hurry on and have your fun.”
And so the adjutant saw off his disgruntled Demon Lord.

When the Demon Lord cast the magic {Skyliner}, he was able to rush forward from his royal palace to Warren through the clouds.
The Demon Lord flew to his destination and canceled his magic when he got close. Making sure nobody saw him land in the city, he made the rest of the way to the shop on foot using the map drawn on the leaflet.
It was not long before he saw the erect building in the distance.

With his lucky clothes that did not draw the attention of anybody, the Demon Lord quickly arrived at the door.
“Is it here?”
He stepped inside without a hint of hesitation.
“Welcome back, Master!” A bright and cheerful voice welcomed the Demon Lord inside.
When the Demon Lord arrived at the front reception desk, he took out the leaflet that he had until now clutched closely to his chest.

“I’d like to ask for an appointment with the Chief Secretary of Pride.”
Unfortunately, when the receptionist heard his request, her face looked a little troubled.

“Margherita is fully booked today.”

The Demon Lord fell deep in thought.
The Chief Secretary of Pride is full of reservations today.
What should I do?
Should I ask for the Night Shift Nurse here then?
But a nurse isn’t really above her patients.
On the other hand, a chief secretary would be above their subordinates. Moreover, that bit about pride clearly shows a love for brutality.
There is a clear scene of bullying there.
Meanwhile a night-shift nurse is a person who takes care of children and the sick. Definitely not a bully.
I’m in trouble.

Watching the farmer before her give such serious thought to the current situation, the receptionist decided to speak up.
“If it is tomorrow or later on, you could make a reservation. How about that?”

Once again, the Demon Lord fell deep in though.
Keep calm.
Do I settle for today?
Do I keep my expanding expectations growing until tomorrow?
It was an easy choice.

“Let’s do tomorrow morning.”
“Your name?”
“Mr. Berudeus, Margherita is only accepting reservations for a very nice thing. Is that okay?”
“Ms. Margherita is expensive.”
“How much?”
“Right now it is about 150 thousand ril.”
“Then there’s no problem.”

Once the man had reserved the Chief Secretary of Pride, the Demon Lord returned to his castle.
“Welcome back. Would you like to take a bath, have a meal, or enjoy some fish?”
“I will go to bed early today.”
Completely ignoring the jabs from his adjutant, Demon Lord headed straight to his bedroom. Yet he was completely unable to sleep at all that night.

Despite that fact, the Demon Lord was able to get out of bed the next morning without a hint of fatigue.
“Good morning. Would you like to have breakfast here, or a fish picnic today?”
Completely ignoring another jab from his adjutant, Demon Lord slipped on his farmer’s attire and immediately flew to Warren.

“Welcome back, Master.”
The Demon Lord tipped his straw hat to the welcoming receptionist behind her desk.
Then from behind his shoulder, a sweet and sticky voice spoke to him.

“Are you the one who made a reservation for the Chief Secretary of Pride?”
The Demon Lord, who reflexively looked back, instantly pressed his hand down to his crotch.

A stretch of long, beautiful blonde hair draped down her shoulders and lustrous scarlet lips.
The white blouse’s buttons were daringly undone allowing breasts and a black bra to peek out.
A black garter belt ran across her milky white skin above an area that consisted of a tight leather mini skirt and thigh-high black stockings.
Bright red pin heels adorned her feet.
From the appearance alone, the Demon Lord’s imagination was wiped clear, blowing out any and all of the delusions he had cooked up the previous night.

“Y-yes. I think so.”
“Would you like to start now?”
“What should I call you My Master?”
“Yes, then, how about Demon King?”

It was right about here that Margherita started to consider her customer a weirdo hobbyist. But she is a professional.

“Now, My Demon King. Come over here quickly.”
“Now, My Demon King. Strip for me.”
“Now, My Demon King. Lie down here and let me wash you.”

Despite being ordered around with a strong, commanding tone, the Demon Lord felt his heart pounding in excitement as he did what he was told–eventually entrusting his leg to her lap so that she could wash his hair.

“Is it itchy?”

The Demon Lord was brought asunder quickly.

But this was the professional Margherita.
While the Demon Lord was still reeling from the previous experience, Margherita took the opportunity to break character this one time.

“Let’s go to the back room, can you still go on?”
Rather than just a simple yes, the Demon Lord verified Margherita’s question by blurting out all the delusions and desires he had built up until now.
“Of course. Also please call me a ‘lazy bum’ while blaming me for all your problems, and be sure to accuse me of never being able to succeed at a job and…….

The Demon Lord was able to work up his courage and demanded from Margherita a creative play straight from the bowels of his imagination that he was never able to perform with his harem.
“Can you step on me?”
Margherita made sure to respond promptly, gouging out any of the Demon Lord’s anxiety.
“I’ll dig my pin heels right into your flesh.”

The Demon Lord was ready to go at ‘pin heels’² and faithfully followed Margherita to the back room.

“Now, My Demon King. Now, what the hell are you whining about? Are you really a Demon King or perhaps an Idiot King?”

“Now, My Demon Lord. Perhaps if I step on your crotch, your head might start to work a little better. Well? Is the blood in your pea-sized brain circulating a little better? What’s with your eyes? Is my underwear that unusual?”

“Now, My Demon Lord. Since it seems too hard for you, I’ll help you out a bit.”

Thus the Demon Lord was brought down for a second time that day.
This time, he was satisfied.

“Then it’s time. Thank you.”
The Demon Lord wholeheartedly thanked Margherita who had returned to her usual self.
“Everything was satisfactory. Here is my payment.”
“It’s 150 thousand ril.”
“Yes, the rest is my tip.”
The Demon Lord handed over the one million ril from his wallet.
Margherita looked at the money handed to her carefully and chose her next words to not offend her customer.
“Is this really okay?”
“It’s no problem. I will come again. When I do, please insult, abuse, and punish me more.”

The Demon Lord became entranced with a goodbye kiss from Margherita and returned to his castle in a good mood.
“Welcome back. Would you like to have lunch, or perhaps a visit to the fish market……”
“I’m taking a nap.”
Rushing past his adjutant, the Demon Lord returned to his room, lied down in bed, and enjoyed the afterglow radiating from his entire body.

And he started to think.

“Should I conquer Warren?”

But then he reconsidered.

“If I conquered it, will Margherita lose her vitality and become a dead fish?

I want to avoid that as much as possible.
I definitely want to avoid that.
This was the heartfelt decision of the Demon Lord.

“Let’s conquer Warren last.”

In the meantime the afterglow slowly started to wear off.
With his head clearing, the Demon Lord then made a horrible realization.

“I forgot to make a reservation for next time!”

The Demon Lord hit himself for his foolishness before returning to his throne to have lunch and make plans for next time.

1. I wonder if these names sound better in Japanese to Japanese people than they do to me.

2. Just in case you didn’t realize, pin heels was the first words she said in the previous sentence.

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