Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 57



New Record

For the first time since everything began–with the exception of the Warren Guild Masters Baltis, Theseus, and Flint–men were allowed inside the mansion.
The three men of the Lorenburg house: Leopold, Ferdinand, and Hymel were visiting.
Along with them was the wife of the family, Lux, who was standing by along with Aiful and Credia.
“Because Father, Hymel and Grandfather already have accommodations in the city, they are just stopping by for now.”
A slight breach in the rules was fine for family.
“Um, as I understand it, isn’t entry for men strictly prohibited here?”
Leopold was somewhat nervous as he danced about in front of Reeve.
“I’d like to see how this toilet of yours works.”
Ferdinand was much more curious about the rumors he’d heard.
“There is a toilet at Master’s Hideaway that uses the same mechanism as ours, so just look at that,” Reeve replied.
Leopold didn’t know what to say while Ferdinand was clearly looking depressed for some reason.
Was this the difference in personalities showing?

11 people ate dinner together at a restaurant inside the city after which Leopold and Ferdinand left for their inn while Ellis returned home.
“So, what should we do with him nya?”
Katie pointed Hymel out.
According to the plan, he was supposed to leave for the inn with his father, but he followed his mother Lux instead.
His appearance was a cute shota. Unfortunately, there was no room for any shotas in this house.
“He’s a child, so don’t bully him.”
In response to Reeve’s words, Ellis turned towards her and whispered back,
“I’m a child too though?”
Reeve looked away and didn’t respond.

In the living room after returning home.
Ellis was sitting in front of Hymel.
Hymel was sitting there looking like he wanted to say something.
Ellis aimed for Hymel’s right cheek.
Reeve, Frau, Claire, and Katie fell into a panic.
Ellis aimed for the left cheek of Hymel who was trying to figure out what he had done to deserve to be hit like that.
Hymel cried out in pain while Lux cried out in shock.
“Ellis, what are you doing all of a sudden!”
Lux protested Ellis’s actions while holding Hymel close to her chest.
Ellis then forcibly peeled Hymel away from his mother’s grip.
“Stop it, Stop it!” Reeve forcibly put a stop to the affair by inserting herself inbetween Ellis and her younger brother.
“What is this? What is this?” Lux was clearly panicking.
Hymel was crying while tightly holding on to his mother.

“Do you know what it means to have a lone man here?” Ellis cried out.
“Or is he not a man?”
Hymel couldn’t answer Ellis’s question.
Lux’s panic grew deeper.
“Ellis, what are you talking about? What are you talking about!?”
Hmph. Ellis smiled while looking down at the boy.
“What about it? Are you going to keep clutching to Mommy, or are you going to go back to the inn in the city?”
Everyone went rigid.
“What are you asking Mistress? Don’t be so unreasonable.”
Reeve pleaded with her.
“Reeve, why do you allow this girl here?”
“Hymel is still a child. Forgive me!”
Lux, who still had no idea what was going on, was shaking while holding Hymel tightly to her chest.
Aiful and Credia also had no idea what was going on and decided to remain quiet.
But Frau, Claire, and Katie understood what Ellis was doing.
Therefore, they didn’t stop her.
“Hmph, if he’s a child, then I guess he can handle this sort of thing. He can take a bath with Reeve. Don’t forget to bring the pet’s pail.”

And at the bath.
Lux, Aiful, and Credia were honestly surprised. This place was the fit of luxury.
Reeve was also surprised. Surprised at Ellis’s cruelty.
Hymel was left standing next to the pet’s pail.
“You’re a child aren’t you? This should be enough.”
Ellis stubbornly rejected Hymel.
“I beg you, please give me a break.”
“Shut up Reeve!”
Ellis was unusually intense in this.
“How do you feel hanging around an undaunted boy like this?”
Ellis refused to stop her abuse.
But Frau, Claire, and Katie would not move from their usual positions.
Lux didn’t know what to do. Aiful and Credia had no choice but to sit there and watch.

Hymel was crying.
He was ashamed of himself for crying.
His tears, rolling down his cheeks were hot.
He cried and cried, until finally he started to really think about why all this abuse was being thrown at him.
Am I being hated?
Did I do something bad?
What do I want to do?
Damn it.
Damn it.
Damn it.
“Why is a flat-chested girl like you acting so proud about!?”
I yelled out as loud as I could.
And I felt refreshed.
Here we go, bring it on!

Ellis smiled.
And she continued.
“Let’s dry you out.”

Hymel became the youngest Scarlet Laundry on record.
After being dyed red and formally hung, Frau quickly drove the Magical horse towards the Adventurer’s Guild. Lux left after them riding with Katie.
Hymel, hung from the eaves of the Adventurer’s guild house laughed alongside Theseus.
“Oh, it’s the youngest record to date!” Buzz yelled out.
“What a fine spectacle!” Doug declared.
And Hymel was brought down along with the arrival of Leopold and Ferdinand who Reeve had called.
“Hemp shirts are 10,000 ril.”
Leopold laughed at Theseus’s declaration.
“Oh, it’s cheaper than I heard!”
Hymel was ten years old, and he was wrapped up with gold, black, red, and white ribbons. He was decorated with four different colored ribbons, dyed red, and strung up.
It served as proof that he was a man in Warren.
“Alright, let’s go take a bath Hymel!”
Ferdinand was practically singing as he said the words.
“That sounds nice.” Leopold was almost as excited as his father.
And like that, the three Lorenburg men spent their night in Warren thoroughly enjoying what the city had to offer.


“Ellis is kind.”
Claire’s words resounded in the living room.
Today, Claire would be sleeping in Ellis’s room to allow Aiful and Credia to have a bed to sleep in.
“Hmm, I did something boring.”
The hikineet felt that she had done something unnecessary.
It was because she had seen herself as a child inside the young Hymel.
Always wandering around alone, just blankly staring forward as people did as they pleased to her.
Then, sat herself down next to Ellis.
“Ellis, I love you.”
A sudden kiss.
Ellis froze.
She was the passive one again.
Then, Pi-tan interrupted them with a sudden moan.
Kyu~ Kyu~
Pi-tan then spat out two beads.
They were
Flying Phoenix¹ magic crystal and an Exorcism magic crystal.

Ellis became excited once again.

Flying Phoenix magic crystal – For a certain period of time, damage is tripled. 25% chance to bind the foe on damage. Required MP: 3. Command word: {Fang of the sky}.

Exorcism magic crystal – Can deal damage to undead. Undead receive twice as much damage. Twice the amount of damage dealt is restored to the user. Necessary MP: 0. Command word: none. Autonomous type.

After everything was explained to her, Claire also began jumping for joy.
These were names for magic tools that she had never heard before.
And there was also the obvious bonus. The effects of the two same type magic tools were not only combined, they were amplified.
Flying Phoenix = Flying Swallow + Stupor + α
Exorcism = Inhalation + Purification + α

“The ability to be able to fight that high demon might be just around the corner.”
Ellis nodded to Claire’s words.
“We’ll have to strengthen all of our equipment from now on.”
And Ellis and Claire nodded together.
They would continue to conduct even more experiments from now on.
Meanwhile, Pi-tan was giving them both a sideways glance clearly asking them, “Does that mean I get more snacks?”

Like this, Reeve, Frau, Katie, and Lux returned to the mansion.
Lux would be sleeping with Reeve in her room.

Good night. Tomorrow would be another busy day.

1. This is a reference to a Japanese saying. The saying goes something like, how can a small bird (like a swallow) understand the aspirations of a great bird (a phoenix); Only a hero can understand a hero

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