Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 71


Have you all ever been super busy at work for a couple hours, and then everything dies on you. You’re happy that you finally have a break, but your body is running on all that adrenaline from being so busy which means your hard-earned downtime is spent agonizingly tapping your foot on the floor. My point is, I think the whole world would be a happier place if we all just stayed at home all day and never left to do anything.


Reporting In

Ellis explained everything that had occurred in Warren to the principal and Ares.
The demon’s had sent out a raid party and attacked.
Pawn demons with abilities similar to an ordinary human’s.
The Zangel class normal demons with a mastery over attack magic.
The Zabinas class high demons bearing a huge body and an equally large magic resistance.
And those executive class demons, with a number of resistances, they were great demons with a mastery of advanced magic and continuous assault.
Thousands of them had appeared as if rising from the shadows.
Even if the soldiers were able to manage and defeat one of the high demons, nobody stood a chance against great demons with the exception of Ellis’s group. And with several of those monstrosities mixed into the enemy’s forces, Warren was facing a crisis.

Then, the city was bathed in enormous magic.
Firstly, the sky was dyed red with the countless {Flare Bullets} descending from the sky as if it were rain. It incinerated all the pawn demons while leaving the normal and high demons with massive burns.
Then was a magical ring that passed over Warren, fading through people and buildings alike. When it had passed through Ellis, she felt the magic power, but there was no change in her. However, when the ring made contact with any normal or high demons, they let out a cry of anguish before turning to dust.
Continuing on from the sky, a bright, white light descended upon the town. These lights pierced every remaining great demon, killing them instantly.
There was one demon left floating high above, but space had distorted around him creating a translucent rectangular box. Grotesque demon dogs materialized out of thin air inside the box with him and proceeded to tear him apart while devouring his flesh, blood, bones, and all.
After every last spot of blood had been lapped up, the demon dogs disappeared as suddenly as they had come, and the distorted space returned to its original state.

The three scientists listened to every small detail, interrupting only to ask a question or two.

“The fireball rain was most likely a spell that allowed the use of multiple {Flare Bullets}, but I don’t know any spell capable of making so many,” Ares muttered.
“White light, that might be the {Call Comet} I read about in literature describing the last Demon/God war,” Izerina mused to herself.
“The spatial distortions were probably a stronger version of barrier magic; those monster dogs were most likely just an advanced summoning magic,” were the principal’s hypotheses.

Unfortunately, nobody had any idea what the spell that had rendered so many demons into ash could possibly be.

“It seems it will be necessary to investigate the literature covering the last Demon/God war once again.”

The principal nodded his head once at Ares’s suggestion before turning his attention back on Ellis’s group.
“By the honor of our title as the Magical City, I swear to you we will find out what occurred in Warren. At that time, we will send out an immediate letter. For now however, I am afraid that this is all I can do for today.”

“Claire, Ellis, and everyone else, please come visit our house.” Izerina spoke slowly and calmly as if she were afraid the girls would run away like frightened rabbits if she were not careful.

Claire turned her gaze towards Ellis looking uneasy.
But Ellis just gave her a wink and grabbed hold of her hand.
“Frau promised Claire’s parents that she would tell them all kinds of fun stories, so let’s spare them some of our time here.”


Ares and Izerina’s house was a condominium complex built on the premises of the college. It was more than big enough for two people, but with five visitors things became a little cramped. The clutter and disorder of various materials and magical research papers strewn across the floor did not help matters.

“I am sorry things are a little messy,” Izerina blushed.

Ares was completely unconcerned about the mess however and immediately made the girls take a seat.
“Now, you were going to tell us a fun story?”

From then on the girls all joined together to talk about the happy days in Warren while sharing a cup of tea that Izerina had poured for them. Ares was especially taken with the time that Claire had blown up Lake’s face while he was wearing the Resistance armor. Meanwhile Izerina wanted every detail she could get about the Lily Garden which her daughter had helped make. And both of them were surprised to find out that the tea they had been drinking was made by Reeve’s family.

Then, while everyone else was laughing over something Katie had done, Izerina asked Claire a question as gently as she could.
“Do you hate using magic now?”

“If it’s for my friends, then I will gladly cast magic!”
Claire’s instant reply made gave Ares and Izerina both a happy smile.
Then the discussion of what kinds of magic she could use was brought up.

“{Explosion}, {Bind}, {Light}, {Lightning Shower}, {Bind Shower}, {Fire Arrow}, and {Earth Javelin}.”
After saying this much, Claire hesitated for a second and looked over at Ellis. She wanted to tell her parents so much, but there were certain spells they may have been better off not knowing about. Ellis may have wanted them to keep their trump cards absolutely secret, but there was also the fact that {Homing Missiles} greatly resembled the spell the Demon Lord used to consider.

“What if you showed your parents the scrolls you got while exploring labyrinths?”
Claire immediately brought out the three scrolls held within her pouch, overjoyed that Ellis had understood her feelings.

“We found these while traveling through the Demon Labyrinth.”

Her parents were amazed before they even saw what she had brought out.
“The Demon Labyrinth? Isn’t that the most dangerous dungeon around Warren?”

Claire simply nodded her head.
“The five of us beat it.”
The contents of the scrolls were the spells: {Distraction Needle}, {Runaway Dungeon}, and {Homing Missile}.
“And I believe that this last one, {Homing Missile}, might have been the first spell that had been used during the incident in Warren.”
Claire explained everything to her parents in detail, but it was not obvious whether or not they heard her with their faces buried so deeply in the three scrolls their daughter had just shown them.
They were silent and motionless for awhile, but once they were finished, the both of them sank deeply into the sofa.

“This is some outrageous magic.”
In these two’s professional opinions, it was surprisingly {Runaway Dungeon} that had the most useful application. After all, if they were able to analyze its structure, it is possible that the spell could be applied to things other than dungeons. It was widely known that the Hero had an ability that could produce a similar effect. “There have been many studies done on this,” Izerina’s eyes had sharpened, giving her the face of a researcher.
But then Izerina’s eyes softened, and she once again took on the face of a loving mother.

“Claire’s knowledge in magic is biased. You need to learn elementary and intermediate magic evenly.”
She was a master at beginner magic, but things started to fall apart with the more advanced and less straight-forward spells. Ares closed his eyes and started thinking at this.

“Claire, how about staying here and studying magic with us?”

“No.” Claire’s response was short and immediate.
But Ares and Izerina shared a look as if they were expecting that very answer before turning their gazes back on the five.
“After us magicians are released, Izerina and I will remain here for a little while longer to continue researching the previous Demon/God war. But, I need to judge whether or not my Claire has become an adult.
Claire nodded her head with confidence, four girls sitting next to her nodding right beside her.

“If the outcome is good, then we will definitely return someday to enjoy the bath our daughter has built.”
Ares had a serious look upon his face, but then Izerina cut in.
“At least, let’s all share some dinner for now.”


Ares and Izerina brought the girls to a nice restaurant located on the school campus. The two of them were both well known for their experiments and the results they pulled, so it was very easy for them to get a private room where everyone could chat in peace.
And then the girls split off with a farewell and returned to their lodgings.

Arriving at the inn, Claire did the usual and withdrew some portable showers from her Pouch of Gluttony. The five girls enjoyed their shower while one animal relaxed in hot bath.

And then tonight as well was a night for fun.

This time’s suite consisted of a single and two twin bedrooms. Ellis got the single while Katie and Claire shared one double and the other double was shared by Frau and Reeve.

“Ellis, thanks for today.”
“For what Claire?”
“For Father and Mother.”
“I didn’t do anything.”
“That’s not true. You pushed my back when I needed it.”
“Well then I’ll push here as well.”
“It tickles! Then I’ll return the favor!”

Today there were three people patiently waiting their turns. Some time had passed since Claire had gone into Ellis’s room, but none of them were worried.
“Everything is OK. If Ellis visits one of us, she will visit all of us, and if she doesn’t visit one of us, she will not visit any of us……”
This was repeated on the lips of each of them as if it were a magic spell.

“Katie, thank you for waiting.”
Claire called out to Katie as she left the room.

“Nyaa!” The second Claire opened the door, Katie rushed on into Ellis’s room. Meanwhile Claire felt refreshed and made for her own room with a pleasant exhaustion taking hold of her.

And then she thought to herself.
“Mother, Father, I, I am very happy now. Good night.”


Katie ended up fainting inside Ellis’s room, so she decided to invade Reeve and Frau’s room instead. After making the two of them watch as the other was subjected physical or emotional violence respectively, Ellis slept inside Claire’s room since Katie was occupying hers.
Claire participated in a second round with Ellis as an unknowing sleeping partner.
Claire’s dreams were filled with moaning and pleasure.

And then the morning in the Magical City came.

The rising sun spilled out across Claire’s bed.
“Good morning Ellis.”

“Good morning Claire.”

“I actually forgot, I have a request for Ellis.”

“What is it?”

“I want to go visit the golem studio.”

Ellis groaned.
There was no way Reeve, Frau, or Katie would find any enjoyment in accompanying them to such a place.

“I guess it can’t be helped. The other three will run free, and the two of us can go take a look.”

“Thank you! Ellis.”

As the early morning sun rose, the five girls each got changed, and after sharing a breakfast together at a nearby cafe, they split up into two groups.
Two of them left for the golem studio while the other three enjoyed themselves with a little sightseeing.

Chapter 70

Chapter 72

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  1. “My point is, I think the whole world would be a happier place if we all just stayed at home all day and never left to do anything.”

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