Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 89



Lady Bluegreen VS Rosen Angel

The day of the wrestling match, Reeve moved separately from her four party members. The reason was because word had come in from Masters’ Hideaway that the rumored Rosen Angel was visiting again.

Well, that was the excuse at least. In reality it was because she really didn’t want to go watch that wrestling match, so whoever this Rosen Angel might be, Reeve held nothing but gratitude towards them.

“Well, I should make sure that my outfit doesn’t overlap with the other shop women.”

Reeve arranged the numerous gifts and dresses she had received from her fans and wondered which one she should wear. Naturally all of the suits and other men’s wear she had been gifted was properly disposed of after a courteous thanks.

“Maybe something like this?”

She eventually chose a red wine colored jacket along with some black pants. The inner blouse she was wearing underneath the jacket was also black as well. For accessories, she decided to keep things simple and only wore the kyanite brooch she had bought from Marsfield.

“Alright then. I’ll ask you to hold down the fort Pi-tan.”


Reeve gave the little Metal Eater a small pat on the head right before she headed for Masters’ Hideaway.


Today Kazuo was acting as the gatekeeper in front of the store. Kazuo is usually a man of few words, and he normally greets those who enter with a simple, “Hey.” Obviously though he would never dare to show such disrespect now, and politely greeted Reeve with a proper, “Welcome,” as she walked by. Today Kazuo was the only fighting performer not wrestling, so he was put in charge of some young Adventurer Guild members who were hired to act as bouncers and control the inside of the store.
Kazuo grabbed the door knob and as a proper gentleman, held open the door for Reeve with a small bow.

“Ah, Reeve, welcome!”

The receptionist sitting at the welcome desk immediately stood up from her post and ran forward to welcome Reeve inside. Reeve and the other girls of Warren’s Jewelry Box have already become celebrities in the city, and there isn’t a single resident of Warren who doesn’t know their faces.

“Ah, you don’t need to get up just to meet me. By the way, I heard that he was here.”
“Yes, the last time he visited, he came along with a man wearing a straw hat. The straw hat man came here this time as well, but he soon left with Margherita.”

Reeve confirmed the receptionist’s report with a nod, and after exchanging 100,000 ril at the exchange counter, she was off to the game room.

“Welcome Reeve.”
“Hello Reeve.”

All of the black dress women greeted Reeve with a smile as she walked by. Meanwhile all of the gazes from the men sitting in the bar room naturally gathered on her as well.


Being looked over by men had always made Reeve felt uncomfortable, and she hated it. So, she picked up her pace and quickly headed towards the game room.


Machel personally greeted Reeve as she entered with several of her associates standing beside her. Reeve replied back with a small nod before turning her gaze to the dealer’s seat at one of the Numbers tables. Sitting there was a man dressed up in a black suit with hair as black as the night and skin white as porcelain. Matilda was acting as the banker standing next to him.

“Is this spot free?”

Reeve motioned to an empty seat at the table, but before her sentence was even completed, Machel had pulled out a small brush and swept away any possible traces of dirt that may have marred the seat before motioning for Reeve to sit down. As she did, Machel whispered into her ear, “Currently Beruiel is six games in on the first set with a one million ril jackpot declaration.”

Participation halfway through a game can be arbitrarily decided by the players themselves, but nobody had any objections. Reeve quickly confirmed the arrangement of Beruiel’s show cards for up to the current game.


Beruiel moved his hands gracefully as if he were putting on a show. Flipping over his face down card with one hand while collecting everyone’s money with the other. One person had managed to triple their bet, but everyone else was out.

The second set began with nobody ahead. Reeve spent the entire time putting down the minimum bet of 1000 ril on a single card. As the games continued on, she managed to win several times, but any profit she made was lost later on. There was one hand with an all out, so everyone lost their bets and their antes. Thus the second set was an overwhelming victory for Beruiel again.

“Well then, now that we’ve hit the third set, I will continue to act as dealer.”

Beruiel made a declaration. He would act as dealer for another two sets amounting to a total of twelve games. Unbeknownst to him, Reeve’s eyes were glowing.

2nd set: 1st game.

Beruiel placed the handkerchief over his face down card. At the same time, Reeve placed the maximum bet of 10,000 ril down betting on two cards.

Beruiel revealed his card to be a 4.
Reeve revealed one of the cards she had placed down to be a 4.
In total Machel gave Reeve 27,000 ril in chips.

2nd game.

Reeve once again wagered 10,000 ril on a two card bet.
Beruiel revealed his card to be a 5.
Reeve revealed she had also bet on a 5.
This time Beruiel called out a Naughty Friends, but when Reeve revealed that her other card was a 3, none of the other players who had bet on two cards had used cards that complimented hers. In other words, Naughty Friends was not established, and Reeve made out with another 27,000 ril.

For the first time Beruiel turned his attention to Reeve.
The elegant beauty was smiling, but her welcoming expression didn’t quite make it to her eyes. The smile Beruiel returned likewise looked forced, as if someone had carved it onto his pottery-colored skin.

3rd game.

Reeve bet 10,000 ril on a single card.
Beruiel revealed his card to be a 5.
Reeve revealed her card to be a 5.
Machel passed over a total of 54,000 ril in chips to Reeve.

“You’re pretty good at this, Milady,”
Beruiel called out to Reeve as the massive amount of chips was still being moved.

“No, it is just a coincidence.”
But the blue maiden showed nothing but modesty to her rosen counterpart.

4th game.

Reeve bet another 10,000 ril on two cards.
Beruiel revealed his card to be a 1.
Reeve revealed her card to be a 1.
Since there was only one other person who had bet on two cards, it was impossible for Naughty Friends to be called. Another 27,000 ril entered Reeve’s pocket.

Beruiel was watching Reeve with the utmost curiosity at this point. He wanted to talk to her, but she kept chatting away with Machel as if she were trying to ignore him.
For games 5 and 6, Reeve bet the minimum of 1,000 ril and lost both times.
This made Beruiel ponder for a moment. Had it really just been luck that she won four times consecutively like that? Even a fool would doubt that.

“Well then, I will shed of the dealership after this set, so since it’s going to be our last bit of fun, how about raising the maximum bet to 50,000 ril.”

At the very least, the aristocrats and merchants who had gathered to watch the game unfold cheered.

Last set: 1st game.

Reeve bet the minimum of 1,000 ril on a single card.
Beruiel revealed his card to be a 2.
Reeve was out. One person who had bet two cards managed to win, but everyone else lost.

2nd game.

Reeve once again bet the minimum of 1,000 ril on a single bet.
Beruiel revealed his card to be a 1.
Reeve was out. As a matter of fact, everyone was out. With an All Out, everyone’s antes were collected right along with their bets. Blood began to rush to the other players’ heads.

3rd game.

Reeve made her move, betting the maximum 50,000 ril on two cards.
Beruiel revealed his card to be a 2.
Reeve revealed her card to be a 2. Nobody else had bet with two cards, so Naughty Friends was impossible. 135,000 ril was moved all at once,.
Again Beruiel’s gaze fell on Reeve, but she mostly ignored him.

4th game.

Reeve pushed forward with another 50,000 bet on two cards.
Beruiel revealed his card to be a 5.
Reeve revealed her card to be a 5.
Another 135,000 ril was going her way. This time, there were a few other players who had gotten a hit off a 5 as well. Of course, nobody had actually bet the maximum amount like Reeve had.

5th game.

Reeve bet another 50,000 ril, this time on only a single card.
Beruiel revealed his card to be a 5 again. Looking down at his card, a small smile formed on his face as he looked back up to Reeve.
However, after taking a short breath, Reeve turned over her card as well. It was of course a 5. 270,000 ril would be swept her way.
Beruiel wasn’t smiling anymore.

Last game.

Reeve once again bet 50,000 ril on a single card.
Beruiel watched her closely for a single moment before pulling off the handkerchief. He had chosen to go with three consecutive 5’s.
Every player and audience member let out a sigh. Since it was the last hand, a tension had wrung itself through each of them, but nobody had expected him to use the same number three times in a row.
Everyone was shaking their heads and commended Reeve for the thrilling game so far. Until she shut them up flipping over her card. 5.
Another 270,000 ril payout.
For the first time since he started coming to Masters’ Hideaway, Beruiel would be leaving with a deficit.


“You’re pretty good at this, Milady.”
“What? No, it was just a coincidence.”

Reeve returned Beruiel’s simple greeting with another touch of modesty. They were both wearing their polite smiles that didn’t reach the rest of their expression again.
The man sitting next to Reeve had declared himself as the next dealer, so Beruiel inevitably ended up taking his spot next to Reeve.

“Nonsense, I never thought I would be done in by a beautiful woman such as yourself.”
“It’s gambling. No matter how good you are at it, beginner’s luck is a killer.”
“I’m sure. If you’d like, I see an open seat over there. Would you care to share a glass of sparkling wine with me?”
“My apologies, but I’m afraid I’m not good with men.”

It was here that Machel broke into the two’s conversation.
“Customers, the next set will soon begin.”

But Beruiel’s thoughts were already on something else. Yes, next time he would just have to come in the form of a woman.

“Ah, then I will just have to excuse myself here. By the way Milady, pardon my impoliteness, but might I ask where you bought that lovely outfit? I think it would make a wonderful present for my sister.”

Hoh, Reeve began to admire the man just a little bit. She didn’t know what to make of Beruiel at first, but it’s possible he might actually be a nice guy.

“Down the street from here is another section of town called Cross Town. There is a boutique there that sells clothing very similar to this.”
“Thank you Milady. Then, I will excuse myself for today.”

Beruiel stood up as gracefully as he played cards, and he left with a wave of his hand, and as everyone saw him off, even Machel, who normally doesn’t wear her emotions on her sleeves, did a small guts pose.

“Well, I should finish around here today.”

Reeve stood up herself to leave as well, but not before giving Machel a 50,000 ril tip.

“Take everyone around Cross Town again.”
“Yes, on behalf of everyone, thank you Reeve.”

And so Reeve was on her way home, thoughts about polishing Pi-tan’s shell occupying her immediate thoughts.


Meanwhile, Beruiel had gone straight to the boutique Reeve had told him about. He bought himself a pants suit along with a few other dresses for his female form.

“Next time I’ll visit in my female form. Oh, I really want to see that girl’s crying face!”

For Beruiel, the enemy to overcome was no longer the Hero, but the famous Lady Bluegreen.
Berudeus licked his lips while smiling in the dark of the night before returning to the meeting place established with the Demon Lord.


The rumor of the duel between the Lady Bluegreen and the Rosen Angel quickly spread throughout the city, and all of the Guild Masters who had gone to watch the latest box office fight, especially Maria, all bemoaned the fact that they had missed it.

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Chapter 90

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