Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 93



It’s a Dragon

A girl with emerald colored eyes and cherry-colored lips, she had golden blonde hair that reached down to her shoulders. Her pale naked body had skin so white it almost looked transparent with the exception of her two cherry blossom tinged cheeks.
One girl next to her was wrapped in fur white as snow, a single fang poking out of her closed thin lips underneath a pair of sharp gray eyes. Her naked body was supple, with her white fur moving to cover much of her more secret parts to appear as if she were still clothed at first glance.
These two ladies were joined together beautifully nude. Their lips parted simultaneously and a voice echoed out,

The bra didn’t fit and kept rubbing our nipple, there’s too much space in these breasts, breasts!”

“Gyahahahaha!” Ellis was laughing loudly as she sang her and Katie’s newest classic.

“It’s awful! Both of you are awful!”
Apparently the song did not sit well with Claire who started to angrily yell at them.

“Why are you getting angry? Is it because the song reminds you too much of when you bought a bra?”
The cat girl went out of her way to provoke the long black-haired girl.

“Claire, that space inbetween your breasts and the bra is like a fine painting for some maniacs, so be careful not to be gobbled up like a bunch of side dishes!”
And Ellis was right beside her cat saying something horrible.

Meanwhile Reeve was seriously worried about what song she should sing next while the red-haired Frau was silently sweating out all of her worries half submerged in the bath.

This was the public bath Lily Garden. After business hours end, this large bath became open for the five girls’ private use. Gentleman’s Street and Cross Town had finally started operating smoothly on their own, and a second phase of construction had begun, spreading Warren outward into the plains next to Lily Garden. Much of these new buildings would be residential sections mainly designed by Claire.

In the last council meeting, after talking about further developing the men’s street, it was also considered on whether to expand the city to accommodate tourists. It was decided that a former apartment complex would be redesigned as a luxury hotel while the former residents of the apartment would be relocated to cheap homes in the suburbs.
The main inhabitants of those apartments were people who worked in commercial facilities. This also doubled as a solution to the housing problem which had become lacking after Lily Garden, Cross Town, Gentleman’s Street, and other tourist attractions were all built into a row.

Ellis Finance owned the initial apartment complex, but in order to avoid any complaints from the guilds, the finished hotel was sold to be managed by the Merchant Guild. In addition, the Workshop Guild had opened up several hardware and accessory stores in Cross Town. In the suburbs, they would also be constructing a material storage site from where they would continue to build multi-family housing for Workshop Guild employees.

By the way, a joke has recently started running through the guild members, and at Claire’s annoyance, they had started nicknaming  ‘8 Legged Wasteland Traverser Soil Preparation and Transportation Mogemoge-kun Number 1 Revised’ as just TS-kun which was short for ‘Transport Spider’. With a new name, it had already started gaining great success in the field.
The Adventurer’s Guild had started expanding a carriage network to help facilitate travel between other cities. At the same time, funding for the security was subsidized by the Merchant Guild.
The Thieves’ Guild had already pulled in an enormous amount of income from its interests in Gentleman’s Street, so things had been quiet for them for now.

As long as all the guilds are in a win-win cohesive relationship, any complaints should remain nonexistent. And with increase in businesses, the more variations in jobs the people living in the residential areas can take up. Consequently, the being a game assistant at Masters’ Hideaway became the number one sought after position for the local girls.

“Well, what should we do now?”

While trying to console Claire, who was half crying from all the bullying, everyone left the bath.


Nightly exercise.


“Ellis is awful saying that!”
“All right Claire, I’ll take things a little more gradually from now on.”
“It’s a promise, every day!”
Ah, rough, ahhhn……….

“Claire was half crying, it was great nya!”
“Such a bad cat, I should make you cry.”
“That’s no good nya, please forgive me nya!”

“I would be in serious trouble if they got any bigger.”
“Okay, then let’s stop here.”
“No, I’m sorry! Please bully this pig woman.”
Aah, sorry, aah, aahn…..

“By the way, you weren’t listening to our songs.”
“Sorry, I was distracted.”
“Fine then. I’ll just have to grab your attention back with something else.”
Uuh….. Hah……Ah, Aaaa…..


Followed by a refreshing morning.

Today’s breakfast consisted of some readily made grilled fish fillets. It was another delicious breakfast, but a question suddenly popped into Ellis’s head.

“Where do we get the fish?”

The local expert on all things fish, Katie, was the one who answered.

“Warren fish mostly come from lakes and rivers east of here nya. Marsfield and Wheat Grace, they get fish from the sea too nya.”

Ellis realized that that was what was bugging her. She hadn’t noticed until now but all of the fish served in Warren were fresh water fish.

“Where is the sea?”
“There is a fishing village to the west of Marsfield and to the west of Wheat Grace nya. They can get fish from the sea because it is only a half a day’s carriage ride there nya. There is a village to the west of Warren too, but there is no direct road there nya.”

“How do you get to that fishing village?”
“Through Marsfield or Wheat Grace nya. But it is a long ways away from both, so the village is really poor nya.”
“How come there is not direct road to there?”
“Because a really strong monster lives on the hill halfway there nya.”
“What kind of monster is it?”
“Land Dragon nya.”
“How strong is it?”
“About the same as the last boss of an advanced labyrinth nya.”

Frau put her elbows on the table and crossed her fingers together.
“If it’s the last boss of an advanced labyrinth, we’ve killed those before, so would that mean we could handle it?”

“It stands to reason.”
Reeve was perfectly in sync.

“We could definitely win.”
Claire nodded in turn.

Then Katie jumped in, her eyes shining.
“That’s right nya, we should get rid of it nya. Then that village will be wealthy too nya!”

“For now, let’s gather some information on Land Dragons.”
Ellis was the only one of the girls who was showing some caution to this expanding plan. It was a dragon after all. No matter what world you come from, it would be dangerous to try and fight one.


Ellis headed towards the Merchant guild first. It was important to find out about the demand for saltwater fish in Warren before she risked her life to open a road for it. According to Maria, Warren had gotten by just fine with only freshwater fish so far, but with tourism expected to increase in the future, the demand would most likely increase. So it would be good to secure the market if they could.

Next was the Adventurer’s Guild. Here was the best place to gather any information on the Land Dragon that they could. The Land dragon was as expected a lizard-type demon that was typically 5 meters long. It had strong scales that a simple sword could never even scratch. The tip of its tail was actually coated in a nerve poison, and after an adventurer had been made numb by it, no amount of armor would save them from being swallowed whole.
Ellis had her doubts about the swallowing whole part, but she did read into the other information provided and applied it to what Katie had told her about the area. From what she could figure, Ellis thought that this dragon was like Pi-tan. He was not there hunting for prey, he was simply living there out of personal preference. In that case there should be no creatures there that would act as a natural enemy for a Land Dragon. If so, there will be no adverse reaction in the environment to killing it.

Lastly came the visitation to the Thieves’ Guild. Here, it would be best to find out about the influence of the western fishing village and if there would be any problems in connecting them. As expected Baltis gave the okay, but it is always best to make sure.
The Thieves’ Guild guild master Baltis laughed loudly when he was asked though.

“Are you planning something again? Well, with the weapons you showed me, I’m sure something like a Land Dragon will be no problem. I’ll keep any information on a need-to-know basis, so be sure to get rid of it properly. If you do kill it, I can handle disposing of the body.”

Ellis had asked the Thieves’ Guild to manipulate the information on who had exterminated the Land Dragon. It would be bad if people knew about the real level of military strength her and the other girls wielded. Evidently, Baltis agreed.


“So in conclusion, we will be getting rid of that dragon shortly.”

Four girls boiled over in anticipation at the news Ellis shared with them.
Katie in particular was extremely pleased.

“I’m so happy nya! I’m so happy nya! Ellis, thank you nya!”

The extreme joy coming from Katie threw Ellis off a bit.
“Why are you so happy about that Katie?”

“That western fishing village, that’s my parents’ home nya!”

“What do you mean, say something that important first!”

This cat had butterflies flying through her head like usual.
But that didn’t change their destination. With preparation for the trip already underway, they would be heading towards the hilly western region. Their prey this time, Mr. Dragon!

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  1. So I imagine the group is going to find some other way to scheme for money, leading to a crusade on dragons. Someone should get ready to update the endangered species list cuz i think dragons will be going extinct soon.


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