Lucy Blanchett Remembered Extra 1


“Yes, Claudio”

“There’s no need to talk so nervously regardless of it being an interview.”
“Haa…..even though I didn’t want to do an interview in the first place,”

Lucy returned, and the man opposite her gently laughed, “Okay. By the way,” and changed the topic.


The current location was a room inside this man’s mansion.
The man claimed to have numerous souvenirs, but the overwhelming number of them and glamour to them undercut his modesty. All the furniture was of fine quality, covered in decorations, and comfortably cushioned. Still, despite how the furniture was arranged, the owner was apologizing for the modest accommodations.
It was exactly what you would expect from a guest room at the Rosedot family mansion. Those were Lucy’s honest thoughts as she marveled at the room around her and reached out for the tea she had been served.
After taking a sip, the taste and aroma of the tea spread in her mouth with a sweet, gentle touch. It was not too thick, not too thin, an exquisite taste worthy of the Rosedot family’s personal tea leaf. Indeed, if you were to grow up drinking this, then other types of tea would surely smell cheesy.
Even the amount of sugar in her previously poured delicious cup of coffee was perfectly made to Lucy’s preferences–leading to the first of the many sighs intermixed with admiration and exhaustion she would release as a guest of the Rosedot house.

……..yes, she was currently acting as a guest at the Rosedot family hom.

“Um, I just came here to deliver some flowers…..”
“Okay. By the way, your name is Lucy Blanchett isn’t it?”

The other party was the head of the Rosedot family, the foremost aristocrat on the continent, and also the father of Lucy’s roommate Ortensia. Lucy couldn’t dare to insult such a person, so she obediently nodded and held her sarcasm back.

Liztena Magic Academy had entered a long holiday a few days ago, and Lucy had decided to stay with Elena again.
On her first day back in the flower shop, an order came in from the Rosedot house. Lucy delivered the flowers……and somehow that led to the current situation of her sharing tea with the head of the house.
She could go home after the bill had been paid and the receipt signed…..but the head of the house would always just give out a small laugh and say, “Okay. By the way,” and then not do it.
Lucy scratched her head. She couldn’t quite recall what her schedule for today had been, but she felt like sharing tea with the head of the Rosedot family wasn’t on the agenda. And she was positive there was no interview planned either.

“Well, I’d better get back to the store soon.”
“Okay. By the way, Lucy, have you decided on what you would like to do after graduating from Liztena?”
“For the time being I will be working for Elena……so if you could just sign this receipt”
“Okay. By the way Lucy, I heard that you know how to take care of a cat too.”
“Um, the price is”
“I also heard you know how to make Ortensia’s coffee”
“With this being the case, do you accept the flowers for this price…..?”

In the midst of her futile resistance, Lucy stopped and suddenly lifted her face up.
She heard a voice.
Something in the distance, but gradually getting closer……….”Mi~” a noise…….

“Father! Why are you interviewing Lucy without Miiiiiii~!”

Of course the source of the sound was Ortensia vigorously charging in.
She was holding two long haired cats under her arms, one white and the other cream, and her complaints were mixing in with the cats’ “Nyan Nyan” to create a deafening noise.
Lucy saw the trio barge through the door and sighed upon realizing things were just going to get more troublesome. If it was just the head of the Rosedot family alone, there was hope for her escaping, but Ortensia and her two cats would make this whole affair much louder.

“Ortensia, I wasn’t purposely leaving you out of this interview.”
“You are just a commoner! Be honored that you get to enter the Rosedot family home! Mi, Mi~!”
“Eh, is it time for these children’s snack? I guess it can’t be helped.”

Lucy pulled out a small pouch she had with her while sighing.
She always kept this pouch with her in case she ever got involved with Ortensia and her cats. She had arranged snacks inside that suited both of their tastes.
Upon seeing her pull it out, both of the cats began making an even louder ruckus from underneath Ortensia’s arms. Guessing that they were trying to tell her to hurry, Lucy dug into her pouch while shaking off their complaints with a simple, “Yes, yes.”


NyaNya! Nyaa!
“Yes, White Rose likes bird breast. Here you go.”

Nyan! NyaNyan!
“Yes, Gold Rose likes his fish flakes¹. Here you go.”

Mi Mi~! Mipu~!
“Yes, Ortensia likes her chocolate chip cookies. Here you go.”


The three of them…….Lucy quieted them down by shoving food in their faces, and with a content look on her face, Ortensia naturally signed the receipt for the flowers. Lucy then turned back towards the head of the Rosedot family………,

“You’re hired,”

and as he tried to hand over some documents—most likely an employment contract—Lucy narrowed her eyes trying to find an escape route she could dart down.



“So, I was forced to spend my long holiday dividing my time between working at Elena’s flower shop and working as ‘Ortensia’s exclusive friend.'”
“That sounds tough Lucy. You sure you’re not overworking yourself?”

Because it was just over the holiday, Lucy shrugged her shoulders as she and Conrad got back to work.
Ortensia was there too, crying “Mi~ Mi~!” which roughly translated to “It’s a trial run for you to see if you are worthy before graduation!”
So it was the usual high-handed babbling.
If there was nothing else she wanted to do, she could have a job in the Rosedot house…….was something Lucy was actually starting to think. Her previously made up mind was shaken after seeing that her wages would be much higher than she thought they would be. As expected of the number one noble house on the continent, the pay for their employees is number one as well. In addition, the room they promised to provide her with looked wide and comfortable.
But Lucy also wanted to keep working at Elena’s flower shop. In order to keep watch over Ril, it would be better for her to live near the school…..and upon seeing how serious Lucy was about thinking this over, Conrad made a wry smile and told her, “All of this isn’t until after you graduate you know?” Isn’t that quite the senior-like thing to say?

Watching this serene interaction and feeling thrown to the side, Claudio felt something itch in the back of his head.
Although he had decided to spend this long holiday with Lucy, he wasn’t able to get any alone time with her at all. And now hearing this story like this……
The occupation she would be taking after graduation? Don’t screw around!

“Lucy’s job after graduating is obviously being my wife!”

*Bang!* Slamming his hand on the table, Claudio raised his voice loud enough that people down the street could hear him. With everyone’s gazes placed squarely on him, the store soon erupted with Conrad clutching his stomach as he began to cry from laughing so hard, Ortensia’s “Mi~’s” creating a high-pitched shriek, and Lucy’s cheeks dying a vibrant red before being able to answer him.


Lucy Blanchett sometimes forgets, sometimes remembers, and sometimes can’t.
But Lucy has a future. A tremendously bright and brilliant one.

1. Katsuobushi to be specific.

Chapter 27Extra 2

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  1. LOLOLOL Jealousy gets you no where Claudio. Ps what is he going to do after graduation to support the family?? Since he’s no longer going to be a prince and all XD
    Many thanks


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