Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 112


Since someone did bring it up in the art page I will bring it up here that the art the author includes is fan art he received from a fan contest that he added to the series. It doesn’t really matter, but it is always good to give credit where credit is due–in this case the dedicated fans who are clearly far more talented than me. Also, another reminder that an art page is included in the table of contents as well.


Special Supplement: Ellis Playing With the Water that Reflects the Truth


This golden haired angel, even if she looks like this, her insides are that of a despicable hikineet.

With those cute emerald eyes of hers she treats the Blue Beauty like her own personal toy.

With a laugh from her button nose, she treats the Crimson Beauty like a dirty pig.

With thin modest lips, she makes the Jet Black Lady laugh and giggle until she becomes too tired to keep her eyes open.

With her doll-like fingers, she continues to pet and rub the Pure White Catgirl’s chin and stomach until she collapses.

With golden hair like yarn she plays a special part in bath management.

She is able to run a rental and real estate business with a delicate body that looks like it could break even now.

With a pure and innocent atmosphere, she has recently started traveling around the continent, picking up dragons to work for her.

This is the thief girl Ellis. She is doing everything she can to screw with the Hero and Demon Lord.

Chapter 111

Chapter 113

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