Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 117


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Cunning Chaos Dragon

Claire’s sense of place returned to her, and she quickly looked around at her surroundings. The people there were unable to hide their surprise at Pi-tan’s current form. Meanwhile the four other dragons in their humanoid forms looked like they were ready for battle while guarding their human girls.

“Pi-tan, does the air feel kind of heavy here to you?”

The large black dragon crossed its arms for a moment  before scratching its head with its claws. To say it clearly, it was scute.¹

“Claire, for now maybe you should use the {Permission Size Change} on me?”

Claire pulled out one of the techniques that had been engraved in her mind, and the intimidating Pi-tan quickly changed into a more compact size.

“Behold! This is my fancy size!”

The speedy black dragon began flapping his wings, and in the blink of an eye, he had perched himself on top of Claire’s head. The view from up there allowed him to look over the entire plaza,
“Hello everyone. I am Pi-tan. I am fine now together with Claire,”
and then the polite dragon gave a proper greeting to everyone from atop Claire’s head. The crowd was taken in by the sight. The other four dragons especially had their jaws drawn towards the ground.
Ellis was the first to recover from the sudden shift, and running over to the two guild masters Baltis and Theseus, she discussed the best way to recover the situation.

“We have no choice but to push forward with the fact that he’s the same Pi-tan for now.”

Of the two of them, Theseus thought it best for him to speak, so he took a step forward to disperse the crowd.

“Everyone, thanks for all the help you have given in finding Pi-tan. Although it looks like he’s done a little growing up, right Claire!”

After being suddenly addressed and having everyone’s eyes focused on her, Claire started to shake and turned towards Ellis for help. Ellis gave her a confident wink to let her know it was okay.

“It’s just as the Master says. This is none other than Pi-tan! Everyone, thank you for searching for him with me!”

Claire gave the crowd a deep bow, accidentally knocking off the black dragon perched on top of her. The dragon managed to land on his feet though, and mirroring his master, he also gave the crowd a deep bow. The crowd, especially the women’s team, were killed by the sight. They were super cute.
And so Theseus started speaking once again.

“Everyone, thank you for all your hard work. The incident has been resolved, so you’re all free to return to work.”

His words made the crowd move, but rather than dispersing like he said, they all came in closer, gathering around Claire and Pi-tan. Having returned to the top of Claire’s head, Pi-tan began happily conversing with the residents of Warren.
Buzz and Doug, the two people who had originally brought him to the square in the first place, were at the front of the crowd.

“Yo Pi-tan, so you can talk now.”
“Thank you Buzz. It seems so.”
“Have you become able to fly now Pi-tan?”
“Thanks Doug. I’m a little stumped on how, but I’m going to try my best to practice and be able to fly faster from now on.”

In the meanwhile, the other four girls and their dragons were having a talk away from the gathered crowd.

“Ra-chin, who is the Chaos Dragon?”

On behalf of the girls, Ellis asked for her dragon to explain things.

“Ellis, the Chaos Dragon isn’t……”

Ra-chin and the other dragons’ explanation was more than enough to make the girls feel uneasy.
The Land Dragon, Storm Dragon, Frost Dragon, and Phoenix Dragon all received their magic from the sun and the elements, but it was believed that the Chaos Dragon was just a lump of leftover mana from a past Demon Lord. His tendency to go on a rampage was the exact reason why they had all jumped forward.

“There is a large lake to the east. That, is the end result when that guy decides to go all out,” and the Frost Dragon forebodingly chimed in.
“But, that guy wasn’t around when the Demon/God war broke out now that I think about it,” and the Storm Dragon added on some important information.
“I wonder if somebody had sealed him,” and the Phoenix Dragon was trying to analyze the situation.
“That guy, he probably received a reincarnation seal,” and the Land Dragon began saying something interesting.

“Ra-chin, what’s a reincarnation seal?”
“Ellis, I told you before that we dragons will always be able to resurrect ourselves eventually if our bodies are destroyed so long as nobody does anything to our spirits right? Well, the reincarnation seal is just that. It takes our spirits and forces us to resurrect as a different type of monster. It’s a technique more troublesome than simple purification in a way.”
“That idiot dragon probably got into a fight with a God or something. The end result is what we saw before us, he was killed and forced to reincarnate as a Metal Eater.”
“If they went to all that trouble, they probably didn’t see him as a serious enemy. Being purified is still a worse punishment.”
“His memories were probably overwritten when he became a Metal Eater. That would explain his current personable demeanor.”

Each of the girls and their dragons crossed their arms.
For the time being, they decided to wait for the crowd to settle some and then take Claire and the Chaos Dragon back home.



“So, what happened?”

Eventually, everyone was able to make it home to the mansion. Inside the living room, all of the dragons had shrunk down to their cute size and stuck to the sides of their maidens. All of their focus was being targeted at the jet black dragon sitting on top of Claire’s head.
Claire and Pi-tan obediently described exactly what had happened.
When Claire had moved to complain to the Metal Eater and said his name, her lips accidentally brushed against Pi-tan’s nose. By saying Pi-tan’s name allowed and technically kissing him, Pi-tan turned into a large black dragon. Everything else was as they had seen.

“Ellis, as soon as my lips touched Pi-tan, he shouted, ‘Throw me into the open space of the plaza!'”
“So whatever seal that was placed on Pi-tan was broken when Claire kissed him. So then, who are you?”

Claire and Pi-tan were both at a loss for how to answer Ellis’s final question.

“Ellis, Pi-tan doesn’t have any memories of ever being a dragon.”
“I’m sorry Ellis. The only memories I have before coming here are me peddling around in the corner of that dungeon.”

So with that timing, the Storm Dragon Su-chan jumped in, itching to insert himself into the conversation.

“Black!² You, you’re the Chaos Dragon!”

At his sudden provocation, the Land Dragon Ra-chin let out a magnificent sigh, Frost Dragon Ah-nyan took an adorable little stance like he was getting ready for a fight, and the Phoenix Dragon Fe-rin got ready to fly away if he needed to.
However, it seems that the actual dragon that Su-chan’s words were aimed at had trouble understanding.

“What is that name with no sense?” Pi-tan asked.
“That name with no sense is yours,” Su-chan replied.
“Hey blue pipsqueak, let’s take this on the table.”
“Bring it on you pitch-black”
“Sorry, Reeve.”
“I’m sorry too Claire.”

Before the two dragons could actually start to fight each other, they were both stopped when Claire tightened her grip on Pi-tan, shoving his head underneath her arm, and Reeve grabbed hold of Su-chan’s neck, clamping down on his mouth with her other hand.
Ultimately, Pi-tan was cleared of all suspicions and deemed a Chaos Dragon with memory loss.


There were a total of five beds inside the living room.
With the Chaos Dragon taking his old bed on the far right, next was the Earth Dragon, Storm Dragon, Frost Dragon, and Phoenix Dragon.

“Good night Pi-tan.”
“Ra-chin, thanks for today.”
“See you tomorrow Su-chan.”
“I will see you tomorrow nyan, Ah-nyan.”
“Fe-rin, sleep well.”


And then of course, the nightly activities.


“Claire, what’s Pi-tan’s Ultimate Release?”
“I’m sorry Ellis. I don’t know.”
“Well, let’s try to carefully remember it later on. Claire can take her time.”
No good…….Ellis that not………chest, please………, Ellis……..

And after that, three more people were seriously trampled on.


And while all of that was going on, one dragon spoke up.

“My Claire really is the best isn’t she?”

They were words that couldn’t just be let go.

“My Ellis is stands at the top and is therefore supreme you idiot.”
“My Reeve is ultimate, and I am willing to cut down anyone who thinks otherwise.”
“My Katie is the answer! You clearly have never seen her if you think anything else!”
“Me Frau is clearly better! You all thinking otherwise just proves your narrow vision and shit for brains!”

In this way, while Ellis was traveling between rooms, the five dragons were engrossed in their own conversations throughout the night.

1. The author uses the kanji for scary(Kowai) and cute(Kawaii) together. Therefore, they are saying it is scary cute. Or scute. This is my new favorite non-existent word, and I’m going to use it everywhere.

2. As in no good. Su-chan is calling him a liar, but there’s an added joke part here because Pi-tan is literally black.

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