Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 120


I don’t know why, but I felt really weird translating this while at work. Maybe I’ve been slacking off on the job too much.


Special Supplement: Gachihomo and Fashionable Gay’s Dream Collaboration



Pay close attention you bastards.
Gachihomos love six unit¹ long pure whit loincloths. Fashionable gays love pitch black leather.
Yosh, these are the facts!


“Yo Nicole.”
“What is it Ichiro?”
“You, have you been growing recently?”
“It still can’t compare to your six units².”
“Ah, anyway, I wonder, do you think people have forgotten about us?”
“Yes, that’s worrying me a bit as well.”
“It’d be great if we got involved with Ellis again.”
“Ellis would be able to manage on her own even without us though.”
“Hey, this kind of poster was given to me recently.”
“This could work. It might even work up those guys’ spirits.”

And so the Revitalizing Home and Mercury Bar produced a provocative collaboration poster.
Their way of life continues forward!

1. This is my friendly reminder that in a way earlier chapter the main unit of measurement in this world was stated to be a decimeter (ten centimeters).

2. They’re talking about abs you perverts!

Chapter 119

Chapter 121

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