Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 134



Freedom Promenade: Evening

It had turned into the later afternoon in the Tea Room. Having gotten bored making the rounds with Ellis, Ellison returned to his Lovely form as Ra-chin, and was enjoying the scent of his tea at his usual seat. Meanwhile at a spot near him, the thief Gise was silently sipping his tea.
Gise was jealous. The cups placed in front of those two she-males earlier were clearly something special. Meanwhile the cup he had received was the same one as always.

“What’s the matter Gise?”

Having joined him earlier, the Hero Gray asked him a question being unable to read the air as per the usual.

“It’s nothing Gray. You though, sorry you couldn’t make a reservation.”
“Ah, but Marilyn told me there was going to be an event this night at Master’s Hideaway, so I’ll go to that. What will you be doing from now on?”
“Is it alright if we spend another night at the hotel here? With your consent I’d like to spend some more time here.”
“Ah, I got ya. I’ll go spend some time in the city for a while. While I’m there I’ll extend our lodgings for another day.”
“Thanks Gray.”
“Don’t worry about it Gise.”

Thus the Hero Gray and the thief Gise of the Brave Party wasted another day like always.



On the other hand, there was the Demon Lord and Berunal.

The two of them were currently on their way to the boutique that Lady Bluegreen had recommended to them earlier. The Demon Lord is wearing his straw hat and farmer’s clothes like always while Berunal wore a sky blue tunic and the white, knee-length flared skirt she had bought as Beruiel.

“Master, this is the shop here.”

Berunal led the Demon Lord into Masquerade Boutique, wrapping her arm around his and pulling him into the store.


The Demon Lord stopped and stared at a nearby black leather bra top with accompanying corset, lace stockings, and garter belt.

“Berunal, how about trying this on?”
“But something like that is Master’s hobby. Will you be giving me pocket money to wear it?”
“Don’t say it like that. It sounds so cold.”

A shopkeeper-like beautiful woman called out to the two demons.

“We also offer rentals, so you can try wearing them around town once if you’d like.” The shopkeeper retrieved a different outfit and brought it out to them. “How about something like this?” she asked.

It was a set of formal clothes with a black stand-up collar and gold lace for the Demon Lord. For Berunal, alongside the bra top, corset, and garter belt, there was a snow white jacket to be worn overtop it with a white, straight skirt. The Demon Lord and Berunal went with the shopkeeper’s recommendation and tried on the outfits.

“Yes, I love it. Let’s get them.”

The Demon Lord, who was mainly watching how Berunal looked, decided to buy both of the outfits. The clothes they had been wearing beforehand was put into the Adventurer’s Bag that Berunal was carrying.

From then on, a row of sighs continued down Freedom Promenade. Walking down the street was a handsome man, dressed up in black and gold decorated formal wear, a straw hat serving as his moniker. On his left arm was a woman with jet black colored hair and dark eyes with skin white as milk, looking as if she were made from porcelain. She wore a white jacket with a straight skirt that left the black innards open. The garter belt held up her lace stocking, creating a wonderful, absolute area between the top of her socks and the bottom of her skirt. Finally there were a pair of jet black high heels at her feet.
The Demon Lord spoke to Berunal, unconcerned with the sighs and gazes around him.

“I’ll be going to take a bath soon, so you’re fine to head over to the Hideaway.”
“Yes, I want to go play my game.”
“Don’t waste it all.”
“Yes, Master”

The two of them rushed to the Hideaway.
But when they arrived, they both let out the same confused voice. Wasn’t this a completely different store than before?

The Demon Lord walked up to the receptionist, wondering where the game room had gone.
The receptionist told him that the game room had become its own building and been moved to Freedom Promenade.
The Demon Lord pressed the issue. Was there any way for a woman to enter the store on her own?
The receptionist smiled and told him young men, old men, and even women could freely enter the casino Ril Rush.

“That’s how it is Berunal, can you make your way to the casino on your own?”
“I cannot, Master”

How bothersome. The Demon King reluctantly accompanied her to the casino, thinking that it just couldn’t be helped.



Arriving at the casino Ril Rush, the bright and spacious interior of the store left the two demons feeling impressed. There were twice as many tables here as the previous one. Still, the Demon Lord had to be dragged into the store by Berunal. Then the woman saw who she was looking for, smiling and talking with her assistant. The Demon Lord and Berunal immediately headed towards her.

“Hello Lady Bluegreen. Thank you for taking care of this one the other day. She’s looking to play here again.”

The Demon Lord politely bowed his head to greet Reeve. At his side, Berunal was bowing as well, making a face that didn’t suit the sexy clothes she was wearing.

“Oh, this table is in the middle of a break right now, so you can hop in from the beginning if you just wait a bit. Was your name Berunal? Perhaps it would be best if you avoided being the dealer for today.”

Then from the side, having recognized Berunal’s face, Matilda walked up.

“Hello Miss Berunal, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”
“My Brother won’t be coming here any more, but on that note, thank you for taking care of me from now on.”

Berunal smiled, returning Matilda’s polite greeting.
Meanwhile, with the break finishing up, the casino patrons were slowly returning to the table. The old men’s line of sight naturally glued themselves to Berunal’s chest and thighs. All of them wanted to gather around her somehow and immediately began selling themselves. So beautiful, and the inelegance behind the Rosen Princess is something still unknown.
In this way Berunal was able to become familiar with Ril Rush.

“Well, you can play as you’d like, and I’ll pick you up in two hours.”

Saying that much, the Demon Lord didn’t wait for a reply from Berunal before he started off towards Dandy’s Shangri La.



“So the Demon Lord and Berudeus were heading to Warren.”

A Shadow Stalker was secretly following the two, mentally sending back information to a group of demons stationed back at the Demon Lord’s castle.

“Is that so, what the hell are the two of them doing there?”
“How would I know that? Please forgive me from entering the city. I don’t want to end up like Zavnat, too terrible to be even looked at. Ugh, I want to go home already.”
“Try to show some guts Shadow Stalker”
“Noisy, be quiet! Irresponsible people should keep their mouths shut. I’m going to plunder that village I passed by and then return. You can go in the town yourself and”

It was here that the Shadow Stalker noticed something, but by now, it was already too late.

“Fe-rin, Breath Release”
“Here we go Frau, {Super High Heat Breath}!”

A dragon’s mouth opened, revealing a line of fangs that didn’t fit with its otherwise elegant appearance, and bathed its poor prey in its breath. There was no flash of light or gust of wind, just simple, pure heat.


The Shadow Stalker evaporated under the scorching heat not understanding what had just happened to him.

{Super High Heat Breath} is a breath attack that focuses all of its energy into just the intensity of the heat. If it doesn’t cause the target to evaporate entirely, it at least leaves them as a lump of sizzling charcoal. Even if you can resist the damage of the attack, the intense heat would sap away the enemy’s strength.

With the sudden loss of communications from the Shadow Stalker, the executive demons started feeling a surge of regret.

“Hey, should we stay close to the city of Warren?”
“No, it’d be better to send a number of agents there undercover. Now’s the time to start something.”
“I’m tired of chasing people who end up just running away.”
“Maybe we should send in a few Doppelgangers.”
“That’ll work. We should have them be disguised as someone suitable.”
“I’ll get in touch with you about it later.”
“Ah, this looks interesting too. But, it’s lacking anything conclusive.”
“Now I’m out of good joke material.”
“Things are getting a little more fun.”

The demon’s were finally starting to enjoy themselves.



“We have to be constantly on guard.”
“It could’ve disappeared into the city if we didn’t have Fe-rin’s search ability.”
“That’s right Frau. It might be necessary for us to go on patrols from now on.”

Right after the Land Dragon’s search ability came the Phoenix Dragon’s, which allowed them to locate the Demon Lord, the Demon Lord’s followers, any demon-like existences; and deal with them. Well, although the dragons had already located the Demon Lord and another one of his subordinates, on Ellis’s orders, they pretended to not notice them.
But right now they killed a demon which was probably actually one of the Demon Lord’s followers. How does he connect to the Demon Lord and his other subordinate? Frau and Fe-rin returned to the city, asking Ellis and Margherita of the Thieves’ Guild for a status update on the Demon Lord.


Having just been picked up by Ellis, Ra-chin was also able to listen in to Frau’s report, and although he was a little jealous that the two of them had an opportunity to try out their breath attack together, that was put to the wayside as they decided to check on the Demon Lord and Berunal just in case. The Demon Lord was waiting patiently inside Dandy’s Shangri La’s waiting room, and Berunal was innocently playing next to Reeve. From this situation, it didn’t look like they were the least bit concerned with that demon’s eradication.

“It might be for the best to conclude that that demon was acting on its own for now Ra-chin.”
“Yes, and there are no other demons inside the city right now. The one that Frau killed might be a demon that was hostile towards the Demon Lord. We should keep an eye out for any signs like this.”
“If so, then things would be getting interesting. Let’s try capturing the next demon we come across.”

Ellis and Ra-chin shared a small smile. As the two of them moved to have some more fun in the city, they decided to take a chance.


For some reason, something burnt wafted through the air on the evening of Freedom Promenade’s opening day.

Chapter 133

Chapter 135

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