Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 139



It’s an Audience

An audience with the King.
The girls decided to wear their ‘serious’ clothing to the event. Just in case.

Ellis wore in her Abyssal black clothes with her Mad God Dark Mithril stiletto at her waist.
Reeve had on her Resistance breast plate with accompanying Falcon long boots. She chose to wear her Flying Phoenix/Exorcism Dark Mithril katana at her hip for the occasion.
Frau wore a full set of Interception armor, complete with half plate armor, gauntlets, and boots. She carried her Flying Phoenix/Exorcism Dark Mithril halberd in her right hand.
For Claire it had to be her Darkness dress. On her fingers she wore an Awakening ring and a Grand Magical ring.
Katie was wearing a Jewelry Box t-shirt and white short pants, but underneath she had on some Battle lingerie. And of course she wore the Brave Ripper on both of her arms.

Duke Marsfield approved off on the garments for the audience. The King desired an audience with the Dragon Maidens. But more importantly, the Duke didn’t want there to be an audience with the Dragons. After all, he knew the Dragons certainly didn’t want to have one themselves.

When it was time for the audience to begin, a solemn retainer opened a pair of magnificent double doors. A red carpet led the way in from the entrance with some pompous-looking people standing on both sides. Lower and higher ranking nobles, all lined up neat and proper. Sir Chaffee was in that line as well now. All of this led up to a large blind on one end of the hall.
A spokesman raised his voice as the girls walked in.

“The Dragon Maidens and Duke Marsfield, arriving on stage for an audience with His Majesty.”

Hmm. Ellis made a deep breath through her nose. Authority, the people who cling to it, and those who envy the people that have it. Those people are able to stand around a carpet looking all self-important while simultaneously being driven by the impulse to start a fight. For Ellis’s previous life, a scene that could only be seen in manga and anime now stretched out before her. Then, she saw the Hero standing at the King’s side, and her head cooled off. “First things first,” Ellis murmured to herself in order to help gather her bearings.
This audience was meant to be a simple thing. The King wouldn’t come out from behind the blinds, instead just watching as everyone performed the basic courtesies and answered question posed by the spokesman. The main topic for discussion was obviously the Guardian Dragons. But then the spokesman said something that caught Ellis completely off guard.

“The King doubts the abilities of these dragons. Dragon Maidens, show us the power of your dragons.”

A general murmur ran down the crowd line. The King was trying to give the dragons a test. However something like that is likely to anger the dragons. Duke Marsfield especially, who had set up this entire meeting with the idea that, “I don’t want the dragons to get involved,” was taken aback and tried talking the spokesman out of it.
The only people who were genuinely excited by this turn were two pairs who had no idea how to read the air.

“Yes, yes! Ah-nyan and I want you to let us do it nya!”
“I insist as well!”

“Wait a moment! Pi-tan can show you something good over here!”
“Everyone should watch us instead!”

All the nobles who had been confused by the spokesman’s words were now even more befuddled by the unexpectedly positive answers from two of the Dragon Maidens and their dragons. But then, the spokesman cut in, somehow able to communicate the King’s silent thoughts to the Dragon Maidens.

“We wish to compare the difference between a dragon’s fury and a simple lightning strike. So show us.”

What an arrogant thing to say. Both Ra-chin and Fe-rin were quietly voicing their displeasure to Ellis and Frau. Meanwhile Ah-nyan and Pi-tan were overjoyed they had the opportunity to try this thing out. During this Su-chan had actually already gotten bored with the whole affair and fallen asleep on Reeve’s chest by the way.
Katie and Claire snuck away to the side to play a game of rock-paper-scissors.

“All right!”
“I knew you could do it Claire!”
“Why would you go with paper Katie!?”

It was decided through fair combat that Claire and Pi-tan would be performing the demonstration.


All the nobles with the exception of the King followed the girls and moved to the castle gardens. The King just had his throne moved to a window overlooking the gardens.

“We planned on demolishing that tower. Use that as your target.”

Claire and Pi-tan were more than happy to comply with the spokesman’s words.

“Let’s get going then.”

Pi-tan opened his mouth as Claire repeated aloud the chant that appeared in her head.

“{Black Ball Breath}!”

A tiny, pitch black sphere shot out of the mini Chaos Dragon’s mouth while still being held in Claire’s arms. The sphere continued to grow in size as it approached the tower until finally making contact. The ball smashed into the tower’s center, breaking stone and causing the top half of the tower to come crashing down. It must have been a pure lump of mass, a projectile wrecking ball.

“Amazing Pi-tan”
“And environmentally friendly to boot.”

Claire and Pi-tan were satisfied with the results. At the same time Katie and Ah-nyan, still upset about missing the opportunity to test out their own breath attack, were stamping their feet in frustration. Ellis, Reeve, and Frau had their own looks of astonishment with this new attack that was so much different from their own. On the other hand, the nobles had generally all lost their voices, eyes glued to the destruction caused by a single breath from the Chaos Dragon.
The only person who did raise their voice was the spokesman.

“By the King’s decree. Hero Gray, take that splendid attack head on!”

Then, as if they’d known what the spokesman would say in advance, the Brave Party appeared before Ellis. Gray was completely expressionless while Marionetta peered up at him with a concerned look on her face while holding on to his left arm. Gise had his arms crossed, looking as serious as he did the first time the girls had met him. Then off to the side were Peach, Dams, and Cliff acting as if they were about to accomplish something big and mockingly laughing amongst themselves.
The rest of the garden had become quiet. Each of the nobles’ bodies had gone rigid while they waited to see how this would all play out.

“Rumors have been spreading. I’m truly sorry about all of this, but I must ask that you give me your best shot, Dragon Maidens,” Gray emotionlessly spoke down to the girls.

Ellis didn’t have long to think. If the rumors about the Hero were to be believed, then even a dragon’s breath wouldn’t affect him. It would be foolish to go along with this ploy and just launch an attack on him. So, what should be done?


*Ding* A bell sounded in Ellis’s head.


“Claire, Pi-tan, lend me your ears for a second.”

Afterwards, Claire and Pi-tan took their positions across from the Hero. Ellis, the girls, and the rest of the Brave party meanwhile stood safely behind the Chaos Dragon. While everyone else was focused on the upcoming event, Ellis quietly leaned over to Marionetta, whispering to the worried-looking girl.

“Everything will be okay Marionetta, there’s no need to worry. The Hero is crazy strong. Although, he’s definitely going to be depressed after this, so be sure to comfort him.”

Ellis gave a small wink to Marionetta who was drawn back by her words.

“Now then Hero, we won’t be holding back.”
“Yeah, I’ll take whatever you can give.”

Although feeling a little disgusted by the Hero’s phrasing, Claire still did as Ellis had told her.

“All right Pi-tan, let’s go!”
“{Black Ball Breath}!”

The Chaos Dragon once again shot its breath which transformed into an object of dense mass. That mass continued to grow in size as it got closer and closer to the Hero. Gray’s body moved, sensitive to the power behind the black ball. He dug his feet into the ground, catching the ball with his right hand. The Hero’s body didn’t give out from the force of the attack, but the ball only remained in contact with Gray’s hand for a second. Afterwards it suddenly veered to the left, changing course and crashing into the walls of the castle.
The walls of the castle erupted in a deafening roar, yet it was somehow still possible to hear the spokesman’s dismal scream nonetheless.

Ellis had known the Hero would have been able to stop the Chaos Dragon’s breath, so she told Claire and Pi-tan to add a rotation to the ball when firing it. Throwing a straight attack would result in it coming to a stop just like that. But with a little rotation…….. And just as was expected, the Hero managed to repel the attack. Right into the King’s castle.
The girls had the hardest fight of their lives trying to hold back their laughter, but the Brave Party’s blue faces hinted that they didn’t quite get the joke.

“So, after this the Hero is sure to have an enjoyable sermon, please be sure to comfort him over the next night.”

Ellis’s whisperings caused Marionetta to make a complex expression, a mixture of resignation that it couldn’t be helped and embarrassment for what that meant.
And just like that, the Dragon Maidens’ audience with the King ended in chaos.


“Big Sisters! Welcome!”

The girls and Duke Marsfield arrived at Sir Chaffee’s home. Here they were met at the door by Mebett. Standing behind her with a smile was her mother and Reeve’s older sister Bizon. By the way, currently Sir Chaffee had gotten involved in the reconstruction of the castle that had been destroyed by the Hero, so he had yet to come home.
Bizon greeted the girls as well after her spirited daughter.

“I received a large Claire-Flint brand shower and toilet from the Warren Merchant Guild just the other day. It’s all thanks to you all, so please relax to your heart’s content today.”
“Hey Sister, if it’s not too much trouble would you mind guiding us through Skycastle’s market?”
“Why that’d be no problem at all.”

Reeve represented the interests of the rest of the girls, and Bizon gave them a positive response. And so, Ellis and the others were to spend the rest of their day pleasantly enjoying Skycastle’s specialties with Bizon as their guide.


Meanwhile with the Brave Party.
As Ellis had guessed, the six eventually were able to leave the castle after being thoroughly wrung out by the King’s followers. A downcast Gray was being held up by Marionetta. Gise followed close behind. And as for Peach, Dams, and Cliff……

“We really had a terrible time all because of the Hero. You should hand over some money to make it up to us.”
Really, I think the blame lands on this girl who showed up out of nowhere not understanding a thing.”
“We need to go somewhere to drink, play, and have a good time.”

The three idiots were using this as an opportunity to get some money, as usual. Gise had guessed this would happen though, and he had already told Gray how to handle them.

“I’ve done something inexcusable to you three as well. I hope you’re at least able to enjoy tonight,” Gray apologized while handing over 300,000 ril to each of them.

“Hoh, so long as you realize it. Now then Hero, be sure to firmly reflect on what you’ve done.”

The large amount of money they were given left the three idiots feeling upbeat, and they gleefully headed towards the downtown area after giving a few empty words. The other three watched them go with a somber look on their faces. At least until the idiots were no longer in sight, and then Gray would joyfully use {Leap City} to cart off the other two away. Their destination was obviously Warren. Gise would have his soul soothed by Aiful, and after Gray and Marionetta enjoyed an afternoon date shopping and having dinner together, they would spend the night together in her room. It should be noted that the numerous times that Gise and Gray had delved into Wight Labyrinth before it had disappeared had left them with quite a bit of money, to the degree where a mere 900,000 ril was of no concern.
And so the Brave Party continued to rot away.

Chapter 138

Chapter 140

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