Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 143



The Cat Wins by a Landslide

Peach, Cliff, and Dams–and then there was the Nightmare Dragon in his humanoid form there as well–were rustling around in the room given to them inside the royal palace.

“And then you skillfully slip in like this.”
“Furthermore here, is the best position.”
“So then should we just torture, kill, and eat for the time being?”
“Fuck-wit, then we’ll just end up right back where we started.”
“We should remain as inconspicuous here as we can. We went through a lot of trouble to get this much power at hand.”
“We first must prepare the party.”
“You want to live a long, steady life then?”
“Of course. The Hero and those dragons in Warren, our enemies are the ones who could have crushed Zavnat and his army.”
“It’ll be an easy victory if we can just get the humans around here to fight each other.”
“I suppose. Then we should avoid showing ourselves.”
“There’s nothing more enjoyable to pass the time than having something to eat.”
“We’ll start off by using the King to influence domestic affairs. Humans are inherently stupid, so we’ll increase fear among them through their attachment to laws.”
“Yes. Then should we start by legalizing the Magical FeastSabbath?”
“Oho, that’ll be great. Sacrifices are important.”
“The gouged out heart of a little girl wouldn’t be half bad right about now.”
“Well then let’s leisurely enjoy ourselves from now on.”


Meanwhile, the members of Warren’s Jewelry Box and their dragons had all made it safely home.
Ellis and Reeve reported their status to Maria, Frau talked with Nicole about buying some liquor from Skycastle, and Claire went to work at the Workshop Guild to try and redesign the Claire-Flint brand toilets and showers.
She was trying to make it easier for the specialists who would be called in by the upper nobles to take care of the wastebaskets, and so they could wash, replace, and sell the contents as fertilizer to the more rural areas all for a fee. She was also adding on a separate trash basket from the one that held excrement for the wiping cloths based on the suggestion Stewart made in Skycastle. Warren wasn’t exactly a water-rich city, but Skycastle had the resources to fully realize a recovery business for the used rags.
With Flint’s help, Claire also went ahead and designed a wagon dedicated to the recovery of those wiping cloths. She was sure to become even richer from now on.
By the way, usually Katie would have gone off with Ah-nyan to watch some of the wrestling matches in the live house, but because she had gotten so much fruit in Skycastle, she was instead spending her day visiting some of the people she knows.

“I gotta show my face around Pa’s place every once in a while nya.”
“I’m going too.”

Thus the two used their Magical Horses to visit the western fishing village. It should be noted that Ah-nyan is the only one of the dragons who has made it an active habit to move around in his human Cassius form. It was convenient for when he was playing at the live house. He would borrow Katie’s old Platinum Crow Gauntlets and Crow Greaves for the occasion.
And so the Dragon Maiden and her dragon straddled their Magical Horsespushing them to their absolute limit so that Katie was able to make it to her village in less than an hour.

The fishing village was already well-underway in its development, and the hot spring near the village’s entrance had already been finished. From a distance you could see that this village full of shanties and huts transformed into one of structured buildings, and you could also see one building with a large roof that was the town’s marketplace.

When she arrived, Katie noticed that a great many of the villagers were standing together on the coastline, along with another group of people she didn’t know. It had already become common for strangers to be seen in this village, but Katie felt like there was something wrong going on here. Pulling Ah-nyan with her, she headed for the coastline herself.
The villagers who were there were the male cat beastmen, while the people she didn’t recognize turned out to be a group of seal beastmen. The two groups were glaring at each other, weapons in hand.

“Pa, what going on nya?”

Being abruptly called Pa in the middle of this situation took the village head Gattis by surprise, and he instinctively turned to look at Katie, but he just as quickly turned his gaze back towards the seal beastmen.

“These guys are attacking gya.”

Then from among the seal beastmen came one with a particularly large physique who spoke for the rest of the group.

“We are not here to attack you I promise. We are here to tell you that you must find shelter.”
“From whose mouth is that coming from as you show yourselves with tridents pointed at us gya!?”

Once again both groups of beastmen started giving off a threatening aura. Both sides looked like they’d rather bite than bark. In the end it fell to Ah-nyan to be the voice of reason and get between the two groups.

“Oi you seals, why do you want us to go find shelter?”

Then as if they had just remembered they were in a hurry, all of the seal beastmen started rapidly talking all at once.

“That’s right, that’s right! Soon some demons with a group of monsters at their side will attack! They’ve already swept through our great village!”
“Say that sooner gya!”

In one go the cat beastmen all had a fire lit under their butts, and after helping the seal beastmen get out of the water, the preparations for war began.

“Women and children retreat to Warren gya! The men will stay here and defend the village gya! It’s fine to run if things get too dangerous gya!”

Gattis began shouting out orders, and the villagers did as they were told.
Meanwhile Katie and Ah-nyan shared a look.

“Should we tell Ellis and the others nya?”
“That should be okay. Even if we call them, and they fly here as fast as they can, that’ll still give us some time to play.”
“Right nya.”

As the two were talking to one another, tens of pawn and normal demons rose to the ocean’s surface and began advancing to the mainland.

“Hyaaha! We’re getting cat and seal meat for dinner tonight!”

The demons moved together feeling pretty cocky.
Meanwhile the cat and seal warriors prepared to meet them with the resolve to die.
A moment of tension ran through the air as the two opposing sides were about to clash. Then a white streak flashed by. It was like somebody had had turned a light switch on, and then flipped it back off just as quickly. And with that flicker of a light each of the demon soldiers fell flat on their faces, and the beach became dyed a bright crimson.

“What, they can’t even respond nya.”
“Katie, it’s a foul to take them all yourself. It’s my turn next time.”

The light in the demons’ eyes had been extinguished by Katie’s claws before they even had time to react. The eyes of the beastmen were glued to the metallic sheen that covered both of Katie’s arms and legs, and they couldn’t find the right words to say as Ah-nyan casually chided Katie for jumping ahead.
It wasn’t much longer after the other demons’ deaths that some aquatic-type high demons began emerging from the water as well.

“Hoh, looks like there are some people with skill up here. Here, how about you come play with us.”

The high demons were just as cocky as the others. They released some magic, and the area around Katie and Ah-nyan became bitterly cold.

“What on earth is this?”
“It looks like magic nya.”
“Oh, I thought they were trying to give us a shower. Well, Katie, leave it to me this time!”

This time Ah-nyan in his human form ran forward, weaving in and out of the high demon horde. The high demons each tried countering with a variety of magic spells, but Ah-nyan was able to nullify every last one of them. With his pure white fur, it was like he was a beautiful dancer continuing one, constant dance.
By the time the demons wanted to get serious about this fight it was already too late. The heads of the high demons fell from their necks to the beach, the panicked looks on their faces as they died still frozen across their lifeless faces.

“Ah, as expected of Ah-nyan. So elegant nyan.”
“Just leave it all to me!”

The seals and even the villagers were left stunned as these two continued to act as if this were all just a game. It was a full minute before one of the seal beastmen finally regained enough of their senses to talk to Gattis.

“Sorry for the late introductions. I’m the village headman of a nearby island village, Selkis. With that out of the way, who are those two snow white guys over there?”
“Ah, I’m this village’s headman Gattis gya. I’m a little troubled over those two gya, that woman’s actually my daughter gya.”
“Your daughter!?”

Gattis’s words caused Selkis to open his eyes wide in shock. But then, something important finally came to mind, and in a fluster he began shouting as loud as he could.

“A huge monster is going to be coming next! It’s being controlled by a demon so look out!”

But his words were meaningless, for as he said them, the surface of the ocean broke creating a crack as loud as thunder that drowned out his words.
What appeared from the ocean froth was a monster 20 meters in length, larger even than a dragon. It was a Whale Beast, a monster that was similar to its namesake but with four massive limbs growing out of its side. It was a monster that originally had a more gentle disposition and lived in the depths of the ocean, but there was something obviously different about now.
When you looked a little closer, you would see that there was a demon attached to a portion of the whale’s head.

“Your hope ends here! This village’s annihilation has already been decided!” the demon began threatening the villagers from his spot up high.

The cat beastmen lost their voices before the size of their new enemy while the other seal beastmen had already worked up their resolve to fight.
And then………..

“This is our chance Katie!”

a certain two people were off celebrating on their own with a complete disregard for everyone else’s feelings. It was only then that Katie finally turned around and acknowledged Gattis and the others.

“You all get to see something fun nyan! Alright Ah-nyan, {Reset Body} nya.”
“Okay Katie!”

The beautiful cat beastman that had been standing there only a moment before disappeared without a trace, replaced by a pure white snake-like dragon. The shine of his coat was so beautiful you’d be forgiven for mistaking him as a god.

“Alriiiight! Katie, its our countryside debut!

Katie jumped up onto the Frost Dragon’s head, setting her sights on the monster that had just started making its way out of the water.

“Breath release! Ah-nyan go nyan!”
“Leave it to me!”
“{Extreme Cold Breath}!”

With Katie’s cry, a straight line of white powder shot from the Frost Dragon’s mouth. The instant that white line made contact with the hulking monster, a dry sound like glass cracking echoed across the beach.


The Whale Beast and the demon riding it were frozen solid from the ultra-low temperatures and stood there near the water mid-step.
The villagers were so still you’d think they had been hit by the attack themselves.
Then the Frost Dragon slinked out into the water and pulled the rest of the huge whale further onto the beach. It wasn’t until he had separated the frozen demon from the whale and shattered it that Ah-nyan changed into his pretty size.

“Pa, what should we do with this?”

Gattis finally started moving again after Katie asked him an innocent question. Unfortunately he had no idea what should be done with a large, frozen whale.

It wasn’t until Selkis’s senses finally returned that Gattis finally got a clue on what could be done.

“Actually, this monster’s meat is quite delicious. We could dismantle the whale if you’d like.”
“Sure, but can you disassemble it when it’s frozen and covered in ice like that gya?”
“Ah, I can thaw it. In exchange let me borrow a hot spring. I’m sticky from the seawater. Katie, can you wash me?”
“No problem nya. We’ll borrow a woman’s bath nya.”

Then with just a touch Ah-nyan was able to thaw the Whale Beast as if he had turned back the clock, and free from its icy prison, the monster’s corpse collapsed down onto the sandy beach completely.

“Well then Pa, seal guy, we leave the rest to you nya.”

Leaving those words behind her, Katie started off for the hot spring with Ah-nyan in tow.



About an hour later. Katie and Ah-nyan came back from the hot springs feeling energetic and refreshed while the dismantling of the Whale Beast had gone smoothly. To put it simply, the amount of meat was ginormous. There was no way the cat beastmen and seal beastmen could eat all of this on their own. It was honestly wasteful.

“We should share the goodwill nya. Pa, can I have some of this meat?”
“Sure, but how are you going to carry it?”

Katie brought out a bundle of dolls that were hanging at her waist and brought them in front of her face. She then began talking to the dolls as if they were real people.

“Reeve, Frau, are either of you free nya?”

A quick reply came back from the bundle.

“What, do you feel like the odd man out Katie?”

Ellis was the one who ended up responding. Katie and Ah-nyan were both feeling impatient, answering Ellis at the same time. They kept talking over one another, creating a confusing mess, but at the very end Ah-nyan was able to add a follow-up.

“President Ellis, we harvested a lot of whale meat here at the fishing village, and we want to bring some back to Warren. We want your wisdom in how to do that!”


“Wait there. Everyone else will be heading there now!”

After that it didn’t take long for Ellis and Reeve to arrive on the Storm Dragon’s back with the Phoenix Dragon and then the Chaos Dragon following soon after.

Chapter 142

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