Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 173


Ecchi. Just in case, don’t let your boss read this over your shoulder. If he’s reading this note over your shoulder right now telling you you shouldn’t let him read this while you’re at work though, then I’m sorry.


Because I Love You


The receptionist welcomed the Demon Lord as he entered the store.

“Margherita will be here in just a moment, so please be patient.”

“Sure, but, it’s pretty quiet in here. Am I the only customer today?”

“Yes. In truth the store is temporary closed today. However Margherita insisted on waiting here since she knew Straw Hat was sure to visit us.”

“I see, that’s pretty awful of me then. I suppose I’ve caused you some trouble.”

“No, it’s all part of my job. Today you should focus on having as much fun as possible.”

The receptionist was her ever-attentive self putting a smile on Straw Hat’s face.
It really was only a minute before Margherita came to pick up the Demon Lord. She was wearing the exact same outfit she had worn the first time she had serviced him.
The buttoned blouse was bold and daring, and her black bra peeked out slightly from the top. Then there was a black garter belt that was just slightly visible between her tight leather mini skirt and long black stocking. And then finally those red high heels.

“That brings back memories.”

The Demon Lord narrowed his eyes when he saw what Margherita was wearing.

“I’ll be servicing you in this today. Is that fine, Bell?”

The Demon Lord unconsciously made a bitter smile as he remembered that first time. That time when his every idea and fantasy he had overflowing in his imagination was completely blown away.

“Yes, it’s perfect.”



Ahhh Auou
Ahhh Auou


For some strange reason completely out of the ordinary, the Demon Lord couldn’t immerse himself in the play today. For some reason, Margherita’s punishments felt off.
As Margherita drove the heel of her shoe into his forehead revealing her thin white lace panties underneath her skirt, the Demon Lord spoke up.

“Hey, is something bothering you?”

Margherita responded to the Demon Lord’s words with just a little more force than she normally would have.

“What am I hearing from this impertinent mouth? Such children deserve to be punished!”

Margherita dropped her leg off the Demon Lord’s forehead and pulled off her blouse and skirt. She tried provoking him while wearing only her bra and panties. She then crouched down.
Both of Margherita’s hands wrapped around the Demon Lord’s neck, and she squeezed. This should be Bell’s favorite play.

Ahhh Auou
Ahhh Auou



“Let’s take a break.”

The Demon Lord responded calmly from underneath Margherita’s butt.


“You have nothing to apologize for.”

The Demon Lord sat up, taking a breath, and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He beckoned for Margherita to take a seat next to him, studying her expression closely as she moved.
When Margherita noticed the Demon Lord’s gaze, she turned to look at him as well, but she just as quickly turned her eyes away and hung her head. Her cheeks dyed a vibrant red were reflected in the Demon Lord’s eyes.


The Demon Lord was finally starting to get excited. But that’s strange. They weren’t doing any kind of play right now. The way the Demon Lord’s body was reacting confused him more than anything else, so he took another look at Margherita.




The Demon Lord noticed. Right now, feelings completely different from the usual arousal he feels when with Margherita were bubbling up. It’s similar to the type of desire he feels whenever he takes Berunal. But, there was something else there too. Rather than a sense of sadism or an urge to dominate, there was a heat in him that felt like it was about to explode at any minute.

The Demon Lord moved his hand to Margherita’s cheek and gently made her face him. Margherita did as he wanted and turned her face towards him, but her gaze was still turned away.


Hearing her name called, Margherita finally looked at the Demon Lord, seeing herself reflected in his eyes.
The Demon Lord slowly inched closer and put his lips overtop hers. His right hand slowly moved down from her cheek and wrapped itself around her back. His left hand meanwhile moved up and supported her head. He pressed his lips more strongly on hers, and the two gradually fell backwards, Margherita’s back laying softly on top of the bed with the Demon Lord on top of her.


Margherita’s mind had gone blank the second she had looked into the Demon Lord’s eyes.
And now just the feel of his lips on hers was swallowing her completely. But then there was the tender embrace of his hand behind her head and then his arm wrapped around her back, keeping her close.
She lied back on the bed ready for anything.
Right now, the dominatrix Margherita didn’t exist. Here she was just a woman who had moved beyond her unfortunate past.


The Demon Lord shoved his tongue through Margherita’s lips, wrapping his tongue around hers, enjoying the warmth of her mouth and the sweet taste of her drool.
After fully enjoying her, the Demon Lord finally released her. He moved his lips to Margherita’s ear and lightly bit down. Her whole body convulsed, and a long, hot breath came out.
And so the Demon Lord backed up just an inch and whispered into her ear what he would always tell Berunal.

“Do as you’re told, otherwise I’ll have to punish you.”

At that moment Margherita screamed and threw the Demon Lord off of her.


The Demon King’s kiss had caused Margherita’s whole body to melt. She wasn’t used to being the person who got kissed, and the Demon Lord’s tongue was so sweet, warm, and gentle. She had moved her tongue in turn on instinct, slowly wrapping hers around his. She could feel the power behind the hand holding her head. The strength of the arm pulling her chest closer to his own.
When his lips had moved to her ear, a current had shot through her system. There was so much pleasure there she was melting all over again.

But then with his words, the past had come crashing down.

Every man who had trampled over her, ever injury she took whenever she tried to fight back, each of the myriad of desires that had been hurled at her body. The fear, the resignation, the emptiness that had been engraved on her soul.
On reflex she had struck out against the man who overlapped with those from her past, and she screamed.


Margherita’s breath was short and haggard when she finally said anything to the Demon Lord.

“Bell, we don’t give that kind of service here. It’s regrettable, but I’m afraid I’ll have to ban Bell from ever coming here again. This is goodbye.”


“Yes, now get out! Since you’ve been such a regular customer there’s no need to pay for today!”

Margherita refused to look at the Demon Lord as she continued to scream, throwing anything she could get her hands on from pillows to towels.

“Hold on, just what are you saying?”

Refusing to believe what he was hearing the Demon Lord moved his hand to Margherita’s cheek and forced her to look at him once again.


And then everything ground to a halt when he saw Margherita’s crumpled, tear-stained expression.


“It’s over…….. All over……..so………”

Even when the Demon Lord tried to find out what was going on, Margherita just kept repeating those words over and over again. Until finally at one point, neither of them would say anything.

And then suddenly, it was the receptionist’s turn to scream.

“KYAaaaaaa! Somebody! Somebody help me!”

The Demon Lord and Margherita returned to reality and immediately ran towards the reception desk. At the moment though, the Demon Lord is still naked. Margherita was also only wearing her thin, silk underwear.

The receptionist decided on the smart call, and she ran straight for Margherita. She jumped into Margherita’s chest, pointing behind her.

“Those things are all over the city!”

The receptionist pointed back to the store’s entrance where several creatures, each with a head similar to a pumpkin and foul-smelling, rotting bodies slowly advanced on them.


Warren was in chaos. Pumpkin headed zombies had popped up all over the city and had started attacking people. Even in Freedom Promenade where the fireworks festival had only just ended. While everyone was still in party mode, guzzling down alcohol, the pumpkin heads appeared out of nowhere and started attacking the soldiers from Wheat Grace.

Meanwhile the army from Ceramics had misunderstood the large outbreak of pumpkin heads as a signal to attack. Their march to take the city had already begun.
News from the front was immediately transmitted to each member of Warren’s Powder Keg. At the same time Wheat Grace’s peasant militia and Wisdom’s magic corps formally resigned from the kingdom’s army and offered their assistance to Warren.

“Leave the city to our allies. We’ll have to deal with Ceramics here.”

The other four guildmasters answered Maria’s instructions and agreed to wait at the war front for Ceramics’s army.
In town, Wheat Grace’s soldiers drew their swords as Wisdom’s mages activated their golems to meet the pumpkin heads head on. The citizens who hadn’t already evacuated to Hope Coast were instructed to hide in their homes as each member of the vigilantes corps who hadn’t already been assigned to the front stood guard at each doorway.
In the meantime, the pumpkin heads’s numbers continued to grow more and more. It was like they were sprouting out directly from the ground. And once they were fully grown, they went on a rampage, attacking soldiers at random.



“It seems like Zakuroma has started making his move.”

“Uuu, this’ll be a hell of a show.”

This was the King’s bedroom. On both sides of the passed out King, a man and woman enjoyed the chaos as it unfolded.

Chapter 172

Chapter 174

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