Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 181



Final Move

The situation was deteriorating.
Things were only getting worse with every moment that passed. It’s already been three hours since the battle started.
The girls’ attack power far exceeded that of the angels. The dragons are also unable to feel fatigue, so they are able to swing their bodies around or continue using their breath attacks to mow down the angels as much as they want.
Reeve cuts, Frau crushes, Claire pierces, and Katie gouges. But they were about to reach the limits of their physical strength.

The number of angels capable of breaking through the defense Ellis and the others had built up was increasing, and while Warren’s Powder Keg and the other soldiers were holding on, the last line of defense protecting the city was about to be broken. Once that happens, the massacre of civilians by the angels would begin.
That was the number one thing to be avoided. But, there was no way to break this stalemate.

Before anyone realized it,  the five dragons had descended together, using their bodies to protect their Dragon Maidens who continued bravely brandishing their weapons despite their obvious fatigue.

Reeve’s mouth distorted, her breath coming out in shallow gasps as she continued cutting through the oncoming angels.
“I’m really tired of bullying these things.”

Frau took in a deep breath as if to inspire herself and once again lifted up her halberd.
“There’s no end to them.”

Claire squatted down on Pi-tan’s head, but as a {Valkyrie Lance} appeared at her back and shot through another angel, she gave Ellis a smile.
“I’m really glad I have Ellis’s ability. It’s the only reason I’ve been any help.”

Katie had taken a position in front of the other girls, continuing her dance as usual and defending the others while gouging out any angels that got close.
“We have just a little more until the finish line nya.”

But they were all aware. It was just a little longer until they reached their limits.
Ellis more so than all the rest. She knew her capabilities, and this tiny body of hers was failing.
All she had done in this battle was continuously activate {Summon Volcano} and refill the mp for all the Spirit rings Claire had been using. But despite her special abilities meaning she didn’t expend any mana when using these abilities, the tension of a battle that was going on for over three hours had caused a level of extreme fatigue that the body of an eight-year-old girl just couldn’t handle.

They would break through like this.
If they manage to get by, then everything will be lost.
Ellis-Eiji started to think. Trying to find some way to break through, a solution to this problem. Their mind desperately ran through every plan they could devise. But there was nothing. No more tricks up their sleeve.


Meanwhile the angels had gradually started grabbing onto the dragons’ bodies. The dragons were desperately trying to protect their maidens, so they couldn’t act violently enough to throw off the angels.
And just like that, the dragons’ bodies started to erode beneath the angels’ touch.

“This isn’t good.”

“What’s wrong Ra-chin?”

“The angels, they’ve started taking advantage of the fact that our bodies are made from mana. These guys are going to keep working at the mana and break down our bodies bit by bit.”


“Yeah, we’re in trouble.”



“Hey Ra-chin, don’t you have any last hands to play?”

Hearing Ellis’s telepathic message, Ra-chin answered with obvious displeasure.

“There’s one left, but I don’t want to do it.”

“Tell me!”

After a moment of silence, the Land Dragon finally gave his reply.

“……….Ellis, you recognize me as a magic tool right?”


“Then as a test, try to reach out and use Su-chan, Fe-rin, Pi-tan, and Ah-nyan as magic tools as well.”

Ellis did as she was told, joining her mind to the other four dragons whose breakdowns were already producing visible changes.

“Seriously?” Su-chan turned towards Ellis despite being in the middle of a battle.

“Eh?” Fe-rin also gazed over at Ellis while firing off another one of his breath attacks.

“What’s this!?” Pi-tan raised a hysteric roar from right next to Ellis.

“President Ellis, that’s no good!” Ah-nyan’s screams were different from his normal haughty attitude, for the first time carrying within it the unmistakable sound of grief.

“You’ve connected with them Ellis?”

“Yeah Ra-chin”

Ellis-Eiji fully understood the spell that suddenly engraved itself into their mind. It’s effects, and side-effects.”

“Do you understand why I don’t want to use it?”

“Yes. Ra-chin, you’re really kind. Ah-nyan too.”


Ellis suddenly became really calm which for some reason made Claire feel extremely anxious.

“Hey Ellis, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing Claire. Could you get down from Pi-tan’s head for a bit?”

Just as Ellis asked her to, Claire jumped down to the ground.





Ellis-Eiji took a moment to double check the spell they were about to use.
The strain from using this technique was guaranteed to result in death for the user. That’s why Ra-chin didn’t want to tell them about it, and why all the other dragons had been so surprised.
Eiji remembered every activity, every moment that he had done as he pleased ever since coming into Ellis’s body.


It was all so much fun.


That’s why here, in the end, he would keep doing just as he pleased. He didn’t know if his enemy was truly a god, but either way, he was about to burst their bubble.

Ellis looked towards the heavens and shouted out,

“Reeve, Frau, Claire, Katie, I’m going to go pick a fight with God for a bit. Ra-chin, Su-chan, Fe-rin, Pi-tan, Ah-nyan, lend me your strength!”

Reeve and the other girls all turned towards Ellis at her sudden cry. Meanwhile Ellis raised her arms up towards the sky.


With Ellis’s ability to use any magic tool acting as the center, the Land Dragon, Storm Dragon, Phoenix Dragon, Chaos Dragon, and Frost Dragon instantly moved into a pentagonal shape around Ellis.
And then Ellis started her chant.

“A grand one who steps firmly on the soil!”
Ra-chin’s body began to shine a rich gold.
“A grand one who holds dominion over the skies!”
Su-chan’s body began to shine a cool blue.
“A grand one who nurtures all life!”
Fe-rin’s body began to shine a hot red.
“A grand one who governs over nature!”
Ah-nyan’s body began to shine a bright white.
“A grand one who embraces the absurd!”
Pi-tan’s body began to shine a powerful black.

“I shall be your vessel, now come!”
Lines of light connected the dragons together forming a pentagram on the ground. Ellis’s body standing in the center began to glow as well.


“{Final Ultimate Release}! {Summon Dragon Goddess Gaia}!”


As Ellis finished her chant, each of the five dragons roared into the air.
The bodies of each dragon continued to shine even brighter until eventually their bodies started to break apart, dissolving into millions of tiny little particles.
The particles of each dragon joined together, forming into a five-colored stream that poured itself into Ellis’s body. Ellis’s body gradually began to grow, giving off a rainbow of light as her appearance started to morph.

Once all of the dragon particles had been sucked into Ellis, the five colored lights began to fade, and a giant goddess with a long white dress, golden half plate armor, and a countless number of wings growing from her back stood there alone.

The goddess placed her hand to her chest and confirmed the will of her summoner. Upon realizing what she had been summoned for and what exactly was going on here, her cold voice issued an order to the angels who were just about to swoop back down for another attack.

“Hey, you lot, do you know who I am? Unless your orders are coming from Tenjin himself, you should know my will takes precedence.”

The angels immediately froze at the Goddess’s words.

“So, who is the god that gave you your orders?”

As the goddess asked, the angels gave her the names of the God of Warriors and God of Mages without any trouble.

“Hmph, those idiots.”

The goddess looked stunned for but a moment before offering a new order to the angels.

“You will all return to Heaven immediately.”

The angels did as they were told and disappeared from the world.



“The ten-winged angel there, did you not hear my orders? No, you are…….”

The goddess turned around, but when she saw Beruiel’s face, she stopped.

“Yes, Dragon Goddess Gaia. I am here per Tenjin’s command.”

“I see, well it’s fine. But, don’t you dare get in my way.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Despite hanging on every word said in their conversation, Reeve and the others couldn’t find it in them to say anything themselves.
Meanwhile the goddess turned her gaze back towards the sky, and for the first time her beautiful angelic voice rose to a ear-shattering bellow.

“Show yourselves God of Warriors, God of Mages!”

Reaching her right hand out, the goddess grabbed at the sky as if she were grabbing some curtain. She wrenched her hand back, tearing a whole into the sky and revealing a world of white for all to see.
In that space stood a white-haired god with a beard and a slender, black-haired god standing right next to him. Both of them looked too flustered to speak.

“You two, what taboos have you committed here?”

But neither of these all-mighty beings could muster up a response.

“I see, so that is your conviction.”

The goddess gave one final glance at the two of them before tearing another space in the sky with her hand. And then she gave a frustrated shout.

“And is Tenjin too afraid to appear himself!? Come and show your face for a bit if you can!”

“It’s so noisy. Oh, Dragon Goddess Gaia, long time no see.”

What appeared from this second hole in space was a god with a splendidly shiny, bald head and a strong expression that exuded vigor.

“Don’t you ‘long time no see’ me! You and these idiots have committed taboos on this world, so aren’t you going to give me some form of retribution?”


“They used their powers to directly interfere with this world. They weren’t just satisfied with using the Horn of the End, they even used beams of light!”

Tenjin’s expression which had been carefree and laughing until now suddenly turned harsh.
Tenjin glared at the God of Warriors and the God of Mages before once again turning to the goddess.

“Mm, I understand. These two shall be imprisoned for the next several centuries as punishment.”

“That’s all I ask. I’ll be troubled if my territory keeps getting trampled upon like this.”

“I got it, I got it. I’ll fix the damage these two have done on your world. And, we’ll reclaim the power of the Hero and Demon Lord these two sent down.”


“Also, I’ll take the power that dwells in your vessel as well.”

“Ah, you found out.”

It was now that Tenjin noticed Beruiel standing to the side.

“Hoh, Beruiel, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you as well. So, have you learned your lesson?”

“I haven’t learned a thing. I enjoy my life here.”

“BWAHAHA! You really haven’t changed a bit. But you’re one of the ringleaders involved in this incident. So you’ll have to come back to me as punishment.”

“There’s nothing I can do if you order me like this.”

As Tenjin and the ten-winged angel continued speaking with each other, the goddess turned back to the girls.

“This will put an end to gods interfering with this world.”

Tenjin also called down from his space in the sky towards the humans below.

“Those of you who reside in this world, live however you so please. However, in order to rectify the chaos these two idiots have caused, we shall purify the power and magic tools they have brought to this world.”

Alongside Tenjin’s declaration, the bodies of the Hero and the Demon Lord began to glow for a moment. So too did Katie’s Brave Ripper. At the same time, a light formed at the Dragon Goddess Gaia’s feet.

“All right then, Dragon Goddess Gaia, that should be it. Beruiel will return to me just as soon as he’s decided the former Demon Lord’s future. ”

With those words, both crevices in the sky closed up, and Tenjin disappeared from view.
The Dragon Goddess finally turned once more to Reeve, Frau, Claire, and Katie.

“I leave the rest to you, young maidens of the world.”

“Goddess, but Ellis, what about Ellis!?”

Reeve was finally able to choke out what she was most worried about, but the goddess did not answer, only disappearing with a smile.


Afterwards, all that was left of the goddess was Ellis, who was left lying there, collapsed in the dirt.

Chapter 180

Chapter 182

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