Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 183



Demon Lord

“Reeve, I’m sorry to have to leave the hard part to you, but we’ll be heading back to the castle now.”

Beruiel gave a formal farewell to the Jewelry Box girls who had all gathered around Ellis’s still body. He extended his wings without waiting for a reply and flew to the Demon Lord’s castle with the former Demon Lord in tow.

“Ah, I see, so that’s how it is.”

The Demon Lord solemnly grumbled to himself from underneath Beruiel’s arm.

“Have you remembered then?”

“Yeah, I remember everything.”

“That’s good to hear. We’ll be at the castle soon, so let’s start out by fulfilling our promise to the Hero first.”

“Got it.”


When Beruiel arrived at the castle, he set the Demon Lord down in a bed before immediately heading down to the magic formation located in the basement. This was the spot where demons would perform any necessary rituals. It was also here that they would perform their summonings or where they would send anyone back if it ever became necessary.
Beruiel activated the spell and took a spot at the magic circle’s center.

“This is a declaration to every demon on the Almerian continent. No longer does a Demon Lord walk this plane. Therefore, here is your freedom. Live your life however you see fit, and make the most of your lives as demons.”

As the magic circle began emanating light, so too did Beruiel’s body become shrouded in a pale glow.




Here was Warren, having just managed to reach a point since the angel attack where people could start to take breath. While cleaning up some of the leftover pumpkins scattered on the street in Freedom Promenade, Marcosia started shaking for a moment.

“Marcosia, what’s wrong?”

“Yes, Master Machel. Just now, the Demon Lord’s adjutant made an announcement to every demon on the continent letting them know that the Demon Lord is no more and rescinding any orders that would compel us to action.”

“And what does that mean?”

“It means the world is back to how it was before the Demon Lord appeared. Demons are allowed to live freely as demons, and……..”

Marcosia answered Machel’s question candidly, but she was a little troubled.
If new like this spread, then demons like her might end up run out of town. But, Machel’s response wasn’t anything like what Marcosia had feared.

“Hmm. Well it has nothing to do with you. Now no more slacking on pumpkin cleaning!”

Encouraged by Machel, Marcosia went back to picking up pumpkins with a smile.
Each of the pumpkins were leaking some kind of liquid, but that could’ve just been her imagination. There’s no way she’d get so happy she’d start crying after all.



After finishing the ceremony, Beruiel returned to the bedroom where the Demon Lord was waiting.

“How are you feeling Demon Lord?”

“Ah, the worst.”

The Demon Lord could sense that most of his magic had vacated his body. And yet most of his spells, not all mind you, still remain in his head. But intuitively, he knew that he lacked the power to use any of them.

“By the way, you said you finally regained your memories?”

“I remember everything about myself from before I came to this world. My real name as well.”

“That’s good. On that note, Tenjin has offered you a choice for how you’ll live your life in the future.”

“And that is?”

“The first is to return to your original world. The other would be to live a fulfilling life in this world here.”

“What’s the flow of time in this world compared to my original one?”

“Virtually the same. Almost 300 days have passed since the day you were summoned here in both this world and that one.”


In his original world, the Demon Lord was a promising young researcher. However, his advanced ideas were deemed too radical by the academic society he was member of. Dismissed by his peers and given a do-nothing position, he was forced to use experimental equipment to test his hypothesis.

The nail that sticks out gets hit after all.

The Demon Lord’s choice was obvious. But just in case, he performed a small thought experiment in his head. Returning to his original world. Would he not have any regrets? It would be interesting to return and crush those people who had driven him away from his work. He broke his plan down to the tiniest detail and simulated how it would play out in reality. The results were completely satisfactory. His chances of success were absolute. But, that seemed like a silly way to spend the rest of his life.
There was no need for anything he didn’t already have.

“Beruiel, I’ll stay in this world.”

“I see. I suppose I should start referring to you by your original name now then.”

“No, I’m fine. I’m a different person to how I was back then. From now on I’ll continue to use your alias, Berudeus, and live my life in this world as a new man.”



“By the way, you were really outrageous when you were Berunal, but now you’re back to being all proper and polite.”

“Yes, it seems a few screws get knocked loose whenever I’m feminized. However, it was fun. But for the Demon Lord to act in such a way, putting your hands on me and doing such things in such a place……..”

“Knock it off! You’re not allowed to talk about it when you’re wearing a man’s face.”

“So narrow-minded. Are you going to be able to live in a place like Warren that advocates freedom for all if you’re like this? How about we lie down for a moment and test it out? I’ve gone from two holes to a hole and a stick, but I think a whole new world might open up for you.”

“Will you stop saying stuff like that so seriously with such a beautiful face? In any game I play, one stick is more than enough.”

“That is a shame indeed. I thought a fun little game would make a good substitute for a proper farewell.”

“Why are you dressed like an angel when you talk like a desire-chasing hedonist?”

“Well, I am in charge of the heavenly desires after all.”

“That’s not the same……..’




“Now then, let’s keep the jokes to around here. The two rings I gave you earlier are a Grand Magical ring and a Spirit ring. Please use the proper judgement in how to use them. You lost most of your magical powers, but there is still a lot of magical knowledge embedded in that brain of yours. Make the most of it.”

“Mm, thanks.”

Beruiel took a long look at the expression the Demon Lord was making before letting out a meaningful laugh.

“Are you going back to that woman? It seems the wounds on her heart are quite deep. But, if you tear out those scars by their roots, maybe you can find some room for yourself in her heart instead.”

“Hmph, it’s none of your business.”

“Then I must be returning to heaven soon. I’ll see you off, so you should get ready to go. You’re also free to use the castle however you so wish.”

“Hah, you’ve thought of everything.”


The Demon Lord slipped on his favorite farmer’s clothing and put on his straw hat. He’d already firmly grasped the abilities of the rings Beruiel had given him. With these abilities, he’d be able to use {Skyliner} with ease.

“Thanks for everything Beruiel.”

“Yes, this will most likely be the last time we ever see each other. Farewell, Berudeus.”

Berudeus gave the angel Beruiel a respectful bow, and Beruiel responded in turn.

After raising his head, Berudeus turned around, and using the magic spell {Skyliner}, flew off back towards Warren.
Beruiel continued to watch him go until he was nothing more than a dot on the horizon.

After confirming that Berudeus was no longer in view, Beruiel spun on his heel.

“Now then, time to return to heaven.”

Beruiel muttered to himself before placing both hands on his chest.
Beruiel was sad to see the Demon Lord go, but the large tears streaming down his cheeks were undoubtedly from Berunal. So as the two halves of himself held their hands together as some small form of comfort, they reached out their wings and started their ascendance towards heaven.



Upon arriving at Warren, Berudeus quickly squeezed himself through the throngs of people crowding the streets and headed straight for Margherita’s apartment.

“Margherita! I’m here to finish what we started!”

“This persistent, can’t you see the garlic and salt I already threw out there!? Do you only have a bunch of sardines packed away in that thing you call a head!?”

“Shut up! And hear me out! Just for a little bit”

When Margherita opened the door, she stood there as if to block the entrance, but Berudeus pushed her aside, taking a seat at her table as if it were only natural.
Margherita let out a long sigh, pulling out two small cups from a glass cupboard of hers before taking a seat at the table across from Berudeus.

“Would you like some fruit wine?”

“Mm, I’ll have some.”

Margherita poured a fresh, aromatic liquid from a porcelain container into his cup before pouring herself a glass as well.

“You’re the first man to ever enter this room. If this was Lily Garden, you’d be strung up and hanging upside down right about now.”

“Hmph. Sounds like a fun time.”




Out of nowhere, the two of them burst into a fit of laughter. They raised their hands up, and clinked their glasses together.

“So what happened to that girl?”

“Ah, that guy’s flown back to Heaven.”

“I see, so she really was an angel.”





“So Margherita”

“What is it Bell?”

“Do you want to move in together?”




Berudeus’s unexpected proposal caused Margherita to freeze.


“I said, do you want to move in together?”


Just what is this man saying? What is he asking of the sullied me? Eh? Eh? 


All of the sudden, Berudeus was sitting next to her.

“From last time”

Berudeus took her glass from her hand, setting it down on the table next to his own.
He placed his hand on her cheek, turning her face towards his own.
Margherita still hadn’t figured out what was going on yet.
And then his lips gently overlapped with hers.


Once again Margherita was taken to a rose-tinted world.
The only thought that tied down her reason was, “this man really is the Demon Lord,” as the pleasure washing over her body absorbed everything else.
But then once again, her nightmares pierced forth.

“I’m going to ravish you.”

His words once again caused her to fall into a panic. Why would he say that!?

Margherita’s expression turned frantic as she held back a scream. She bit him, dug her nails into his back, writhed her body around, doing everything she could to be free of him. But he was surprisingly strong. Margherita couldn’t get away, accomplishing little more than scratching up Berudeus’s back while moaning in his caressing arms.
And then finally he moved Margherita over to the bed. It was as if a bolt of electricity exploded in her brain, and her whole body convulsed as the current ran through her limbs.


Margherita’s fears were rekindled as old wounds were ripped open, and she once again tried to escape the torrent of pleasure. However Berudeus was merciless. Margherita’s consciousness gradually faded away as the entire world turned a bright white.


When Margherita woke up, she was too scared to open her eyes. There had never been a pleasant sight waiting for her in the past when she opened her eyes after a night like last. There would always be a big pile of filth that smelled of rot or the back of a person’s neck with numerous spots of blood that had just started to clot.
Once she opens her eyes, the long task of having to wash off her body with cold, muddy water from a well off a rundown back alley would begin just like back in those days.

She didn’t want to open her eyes.
But then she noticed. The soft touch holding the back of her head.
And the gentle touch supporting her waist.
It felt warm.
Slowly, Margherita opened her eyes.

“Yo, You up?”

What she was greeted with was the smiling face of a man who had clawed his way into her heart.
So Margherita noticed. He had done his best to break through. To show her that everything would be all right as he worked his way into her hollowed heart.
Margherita’s gaze softened as she answered.

“You’re an absolutely terrible man. You better take responsibility.”


Berudeus once again moved his lips towards hers.
After a short kiss, Margherita whispered into Berudeus’s ear,

“Please be a little more gentle this time.”

“Right, leave it to me”

And the two once again drowned together in harmony.


After some time passed, the man previously known as the Demon Lord would be favorably addressed as a citizen of Warren.

For those who knew the leader of the Thieves’ Guild’s entertainment division, he would also be known as the ‘Queen Bee’s gigolo’.

That is the tale of Straw Hat Bell.

Chapter 182

Chapter 184

2 thoughts on “Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 183

  1. Honestly, the Demon Lord had a pretty chill time most of the novel. Even the biggest hit his army took, was from him. 😛
    Instead harassing thief girl, it ended up being more like “absolutely screwing with the Hero at every possible moment, while mildly inconveniencing the Demon Lord” :’)


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