Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 186


So here it is, the last chapter of the first series I ever started. It feels really weird knowing I’m done with this. Really depressing too. I’d like to thank everyone who has followed along all this time and thank you for your patience with me. With this being the series I started with and a series I’ve continued with as I’ve tried finding my legs, it’s gone through a lot of changes, dips, and peaks as I tested out new ways to make things work. There have also been times where releases have slowed down dramatically (I’m looking at you entire month of October), so I’d like to thank you for your patience there. If you’ve made it all the way here to chapter 186, I can only assume you’ve found some enjoyment from the piece, and I’m truly glad you enjoyed this story as I have. It’s taken me almost two years to finish translating this series, and I feel like I should say something really special, but I can’t find the right words. So much for that English degree right? I just, really am going to miss this. Thanks again, and I hope the other series I translate can bring you some happiness as well. Sorry this little blurb ended up so long without me really saying anything. But once again, here it is. The final chapter. Thank you and goodnight.


Emperor Boy

“He escaped…….”

Marionetta looked at the note left on the desk and let out a long sigh.
The writing there was messy and difficult to read, and yet the message was clear.

[Going to Warren]

A few magic tools, including the Ring of Return had disappeared from the room as well.

“He was such a good, quiet child when he was young. Just what happened? Maybe I made a mistake while raising him……”

Marionetta threw herself on the desk exhausted.

“What’s wrong Marionetta?”

“Ah, you. Take a look at this.”

Marionetta passed the note over to Gray. Reading it, a bitter smile crossed Gray’s face as well.

“We can’t say he isn’t lively at least. Well, there’s a scary lot in Warren, so it’s not like he’ll be able to do whatever he wants.”

Marionetta took a look at the desk and sighed once again. There was a mountain of documents strewn across, all of them complaints addressed towards the prince.




“Ah, Agee. What are you doing today?”

This was a building near Warren’s Magician’s Guild. Agee was visiting the home of Ares and Izerina. Peeking his head into a window, he called out to their youngest son Klaus.

“I’ve made a huge discovery! So I wanted to tell Klaus about it right away! Let’s go!”

“But I haven’t finished studying my magic yet.”

“Okay! Let’s go after!”

“Papa and Mama will scold…….”

“If you keep complaining, I’m going to tell everyone what you did at the live house.”

“I got it, I got it Agee. Then let’s hurry up and go!”

Klaus rushed out of his house, chasing after Agee.


The two boys immediately headed towards the northern stream.
Arriving at the river’s bank, Agee pulled off his pants and underwear before jumping into the stream.

“Klaus, hurry up and come in here too!”

“Just hold on Agee!”

Klaus quickly followed suit, pulling off his own pants and trousers before jumping into the stream after Agee.

“So cold”

“We’re in here because it’s cold! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

The two boys continued lowering themselves into the stream’s icy water while shivering up a storm. And then……

“It came!”

Agee suddenly shouted out. Surprised by his voice, Klaus almost tripped and fell into the stream.

“Something came Agee?”

“You, look down at your wee wee!”¹

Klaus looked down like Agee had told him and was shocked by what he saw.

“Agee, my wee wee has gotten smaller!”

“That’s my huge discovery! Look, doesn’t it look like a drill? I call it, the Drill Wee Wee!”

“Uwa! That’s really cool Agee! You’re right! It does look like a drill!”

“And it’s hard too! Touch it Klaus!”

“Uwa! It’s so small yet so hard!”

“And, it’s attached! So on that, think about what kind of magic we can use with this.”


“Couldn’t we dig holes like this with some earth magic?”

“Ah, the spell {Excavate Arm}!”

“Yeah like that, only it’s with our wee wee, so it’d be {Excavate Wee Wee} instead!”

“But who will we get to cast the spell? Papa, Mama, and Big sister will definitely not let us do it.”

“Times like this are when we have to go see that old man!”

“Ah, you’re right”

“Yosh, they’ll go back to normal after a while, so let’s go quickly!”

“Right Agee!”

And so picking up their pants and underwear, the two boys ran back to town, their bare ends completely exposed.



“Uncle Straw Hat, use the magic on us that’ll let us dig holes using our wee wees!”

Agee threw open the door to a house and rushed in without knocking.
An older man laying down near a low table about to doze off while reading a thick book turned his gaze towards Agee without moving the rest of his body.

“Hm? Casting magic on your wee wees is something reserved for adults. And to start with you two, even if you did dig a hole I bet you wouldn’t know how to pull out again when you’re done.”

“Hey hey Agee, what does he mean by pull out?”

“What? Well, sometimes this uncle ends up saying some difficult things. Times like that we should just not mind it and ignore him!”

This was the home of the Queen Bee, the leader of the Warren Thieves’ Guild’s entertainment division.
And the two of them had come here to visit Berudeus, the Queen Bee’s gigolo.

“Hey Uncle, quit complaining and use the magic {Excavate} on our Drill Wee Wees!”

Berudeus looked down on Agee and then snorted through his nose.

“And where is this drill of yours little boy?”


Agee looked down himself. His wee wee had already lost its drill-like state.


At that moment, Margherita returned home from the Thieves’ Guild.

“Oh my, welcome Agee, Klaus”

“Hi Aunt Margherita!”

“Aunt Margherita, hello!”

The two cheerful greetings from the young boys caused Margherita’s gaze to naturally warm.

“You both look full of energy. What are you playing today?”

“Oh, we came to see Uncle Straw Hat so he could use some magic on us that’ll let us dig some holes with our wee wees!”

Margherita’s gaze instantly went cold. And that cold gaze was focused squarely on Berudeus. Berudeus started shivering more violently than the boys had in the stream.

“You, so once again you’re filling the boys’ heads with improper things.”

“No, I didn’t have anything to do with this. I’m innocent.”

“Auntie, did you want to see our Drill Wee Wees? Well too bad for you! They’re already out of stock today!”


“Agee, Klaus, I’m really sorry, but this auntie and uncle need to have a nice, long chat, so how about you two run home for today?”

“Oh! We’ll come again later!”

“Bye bye Auntie, Uncle!”

“Wait, don’t go home you two! Please don’t leave!”

But the two boys ignored Berudeus’s cries, running back out into Freedom Promenade.
After a moment, the sound of Berudeus’s screams would echo at their backs.
However, that kind of spectacle was normal for Agee and Klaus. That’s just the way life is, and they didn’t know any better than that.


After putting on their pants and underwear, Agee and Klaus confirmed the results of their experiments.

“So they get smaller when they get colder.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Maybe your sister cools down her boobs every day?”

“Maybe she does. Big Sister is the Dragon Maiden with the smallest boobs after all.”

“Be sure to ask your sister later!”

“Right, I’ll do it!”

Tomorrow, Klaus would spend the entire day bound and naked, hung from the eaves of his house.



“Then let’s save the Drill Wee Wee for next time. Oh, it’s the Mechanized Dragon!”

“Then Mebett must be close by too”

“That damn woman, thinking she’s better than us just cause she can control a dragon. Let’s bully her a little”

“Let’s stop Agee. If she finds out she’ll hang us upside down.”

“We’ll be fine. I grabbed this from Mom’s room.”

Agee showed Klaus a small ring. It was a Grand Magical ring.
So Agee and Klaus went looking for Mebett. If Ka-kun was hanging out in the town square, then she would surely be close by.

“Over there! That damn woman! Looking all self-important in that skirt of hers. Oi Klaus, I’ll lend you this, so do that thing.”

“Eh!? Do that?”

“It’ll be fine, so go for it!”

Pressured by Agee’s words, Klaus slipped on the Grand Magical ring over his thumb before muttering a spell aimed at Mebett.


Afterwards, a small tornado wrapped around Mebett’s body.


The pitiful Mebett had her skirt flipped up, exposing her kitten embroidered panties to all the children, chaperones, fathers, and mothers who had gathered around her.
At that exact moment, Agee grabbed the Grand Magical ring from Klaus, and using magic to increase the volume of his voice, screamed.

“Still wearing cat panties at thirteen years old! Stupid~! Gyahahahaha!”

“Ueeh! Stupid Agee!”

Mebett immediately sat down out of embarrassment and started to cry. The Mechanized Dragon quickly jumped to her side.

“Agee, you went too far!”

“It’s fine! Ah, crap! Ka-kun’s noticed us! Run away Klaus!”

Agee and Klaus ran away as fast as their legs could carry them.



“I’m hungry.”

“I’m hungry too.”

“Yosh, let’s go visit Big Sister Frau and have her make us something.”

And so the two boys ran off to Lily Garden.


“Big Sister Frau!”

“My, Agee and Klaus. What are you two up to today?”

“Frau, we’re hungry. Make us something to eat!”

“Hello Frau”

“My my, you two are energetic. What would you like to eat?”

“We want some of your Pork Dharma rice made by a pig woman!”


“Could you repeat that?”

“Pork Dharma rice made by a pig woman!”

For a second there Frau’s smile cramped.

“Agee! That second half is too much!”

“Eh, but I heard somebody else say it!”

Ah. Back then. Frau suddenly remembered back to a couple years ago.
One night Agee had stayed over and slept in the room next to Frau’s. There had been a drought since the incident with the angels, but when Ellis restarted her abuse, it had gotten particularly loud at times. Since he was so young, they didn’t think much of it though.

“Agee, I’ll make it for you if you drop that extra part…….”

“I got it Frau! Then I want to eat a pig woman!”

Frau wanted to scream.

“The other part Agee!”

“Oh, my mistake! I want to eat Pork Dharma rice!”

Frau let out a deep sigh in front of the two boys before telling them to wait in the other building so she could start cooking.


“Frau’s rice really is great!”

“Mm, my big sister always says that too!”

Frau narrowed her eyes as the two greedily devoured the meal she made them.

“Thanks for the meal Sis! It was yummy!”

“Thanks for the meal Frau!”

The two boys were filled up by Frau’s homemade Pork Dharma rice and jumped back out into the streets of Lily Garden.
Frau saw them both off with a smile.



“Yosh, let’s go mess with the gays next!”

“No way, I’m scared!”

“C’mon Klaus, you’ve gotta have guts! Uoh!”

Agee suddenly bumped into something that felt soft yet firm.

“Huh? Oh it’s Agee and Klaus. You’re looking as lively as ever.”

It turns out that Agee had walked right into Reeve’s butt without watching where he was going.

“Big Sister Reeve’s butt is so hard! It’s a huge difference from Mom’s. Klaus, you feel it too!”

“Got it! Ah, you’re right! It is hard!”

The citizens standing nearby all stopped and stared as the two young boys kept patting Reeve’s butt. The sight had left them all frozen, unable to stop them.

“To just reach out and feel up Reeve’s butt like that, they’re finished……..”

“Oi, those kids are going to die.”

Even so, Reeve felt a small feeling of nostalgia when Agee patted her butt like this. So after letting the two young boys marvel at their new discovery, Reeve gave them a soft smile and quietly instructed them.

“My butt was trained to be like this. If you two work hard, then you too can have butts hard like mine.”

“I got it Big Sister Reeve!”

“We’ll work hard Reeve!”

The two boys once again ran off.
Later on, a brave citizen of Warren would be left for dead on the side of the road after trying to pull the same stunt with Reeve’s butt.



“Oh, there’s a comedy show coming to the live house! Let’s go see!”

“Those comedy shows aren’t very interesting.”

“You just don’t get it! That feeling as the air freezes!”

“I don’t have any money……..”

“You don’t know!? We’re just going to force our way through!”


Agee dragged the unenthusiastic Klaus down to the live house’s entrance.

“If we don’t have any money, then we just won’t pay!”

Agee and Klaus squatted down underneath the entrance counter.

“Yosh! Now!”

When the lady behind the counter turned around, the two boys made a break for the entrance. But, the executive manager caught them.

“What do these damn kids think they’re doing?”

A good-looking man grabbed the two of them by the nape of their necks and picked them up into the air.

“Drop us old man!”

“Sorry sorry sorry!”

One of the brats was acting high and mighty even after he had been caught. Meanwhile the other kid already looked like he was already about to start crying. And that’s when a young catgirl happened to pass by.

“What are you two doing nya?”

“Ah, Big Sister Katie! We got caught trying to sneak in to the comedy show!”

“Katie, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!”

“What, do you two like comedy shows too nya?”

“I love them! That fall and slip is the best!”

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!”

Katie purred. Agee was a guy who apparently knew his stuff.

“Then I’ll buy us some tickets, and we’ll see it together nya. Kazuo, I want you to forgive these two nya.”

The manager dropped the two to the ground with a bitter smile, and that was that.


“Damn! Comedy shows really are the best!”

“You sure are a smart kid nya!”

Katie and Agee were off having fun together. Meanwhile Klaus stood alone slightly away from them.
Two of them greatly enjoyed the performance while the third thought it was a huge waste of time.


“Thanks Katie!”

“If you ever want to see a performance again, come see me nya. I’ll pay for us nya.”

“I got it!”

“I think I’m good……..”

Katie watched the two kids run off once again while arguing about something, and thinking about days long gone, made a bitter smile.



“Yosh! Next, next!”

“Agee, I’m starting to get tired!”

“Don’t start acting spoiled on me! For now, let’s race to the western hill!”


And like this, the sun gradually began to set.


“So this was where they were.”

“Both of them are sound asleep.”

Two people approached the boys as they snored loudly after falling asleep from all the playing they did.
One of the two picked up Agee.
In his sleepy eyes was reflected a girl with blond hair and beautiful, gentle emerald eyes.
A nostalgic scent and warm hold soothed Agee into an even deeper sleep.

The blond maiden quietly spoke to the black-haired maiden next to her and the dragon on her back as she struggled to get a good grip on the boy sleeping in her arms.

“He’s suddenly gotten a lot heavier. Claire, I’m going to send this kid back to Skycastle. Ra-chin, help me out here please.”

“Mm. I’ll drop my brother back off at my parent’s house. Then I’ll see you later tonight Ellis”

Ellis and Claire both pulled out their own Ring of Return.

And just like that, Agee (6) and Klaus (7) ended another successful day.

1. So my little brothers did stuff like this when they were young, and I started getting worried there might be something wrong with them. But apparently this is just a thing little boys do.

Chapter 185

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  1. Thanks for all the translations and your hard work. I’d enjoyed the tale of Ellis since ch.1, without taking merit from the translation, this chapter is superfluous and the story might as well end in the previous chapter. It left a sour taste.

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  2. seing it end now feels weird, ben following this series for a long ass time and now it’s done,
    i might miss this seires, not able to read more leave’s a void, well thanks for translating all the way

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  3. I really enjoyed this novel. It was a sweet little slice of life adventure and enjoyable to read. If it weren’t for all the ecchi stuff, I’d even consider reading it to my daughter. 😛
    The ending was satisfying enough, what can’t be said about a lot of novels.

    Anyways props to you Mr. Robot for translating it all.
    You really did a good job with the translation. I even forgot sometimes that this was a Japanese novel to begin with 😛

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  4. Ahh, what a bittersweet happy ending, Ellis losing Eiji and Eiji losing his memories. I think the part that hits the hardest is that the story never goes back to Ellis’ perspective after she wakes up without Eiji, and instead this last chapter is on reincarnated Eiji’s perspective. And damn, Ellis still ended up getting back into her rounds with the girls and even calling Frau a Pig Woman without Eiji… Really must be terrible for her to know her other half isn’t part of her anymore despite how they lived with each other for… what; about a year? 14 years old in this last chapter…


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  6. Now that I’m at the end I feel I must quote the funniest part of the story.

    Su-chan farts go BUFUFUFU!

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  7. Now i gotta find a new novel to read… Again…. Thanks for the quality translation i waited too long to come back to read this but it was a good read. Even being your first translation there werent too many errors or issues a few grammar or name mixups but overall quality id say a solid 9/10 the issues werent big enough to make it hard to read but some were a little confusing sometimes. It got much better around chapter 100 they were much fewer in number and it got better as it went. I’ll likely end up trying another novel or 2 from you later on keep up the good work.


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