Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 14

Here is the new series I picked up. When I decided to do this one, I had the grand revelation that every story I’ve chosen has a female main character. I wonder what that says about me. Or maybe women just make better protagonists. Either way, enjoy.

It happened a few months after El came to our house.


Today I was riding in a carriage with El and Allen, taking a carriage ride to a cake shop that had gotten popular recently.

“I’m looking forward to it. Allen and I love sweets, but will El be okay? Aren’t sweet things your weak point?”


“Rose-sama, El-sama wanted to come along with you no matter what. Surely there must be some cakes with a more moderate sweetness for him.”

“Right, El being the only person left to house-sit would be too pitiable.”

*Nod Nod*

El had been almost expressionless at first, but over the last few months he’s gotten a lot better at showing his emotions. He’s also no longer afraid of everyone else in the mansion other than me.
Father and Mother are particularly happy about that.

While we were chatting, the carriage slowed down to a crawl, eventually coming to a stop, and a servant opened the door.

“……..Hey, who’re you!?”

“!? Rose-sama, please get behind me!!”

It was the usual servant who had left the house with us, but the man who opened the door was somebody I’ve never seen before. I also don’t recognize the place we’ve stopped at.

(I was so absorbed talking I didn’t watch where we were going…….where is the usual servant!? And who is this guy!!!”

I did as Allen told me, falling behind him and hugging El close to me.

“Stupid ojou-sama. Your servant is probably still unconscious outside your fancy estate. …..Quality goods like you are sure to sell for a high price.”

(High price!? Maybe, another dark auction!?)

“What do you have in mind for us?”

I pretend to be calm to not show just how scared I am and question the suspicious man.

“Hm? I’m obviously going to sell you. The client really wants that beastman over there. And he’s giving us an awful lot of money to make it happen. Plus you’re the child of the guy who busted up the last dark auction.”

(Then their client, might just be the mastermind holding the dark auction. …But, this guy sure is talkative.)

“……..Who’s your client?”

“That’s a secret.”

(I guess he’s not that stupid…….Somehow I need to at least let Allen and El escape…….)

The man’s blocking the only door. There’s also a chance that he has friends outside, so even if we can get past him, it’ll be meaningless if we get caught right away.


“Rose-sama, there’s still the possibility that he has comrades outside, so it’d be best if we act obediently here…….”

“Yes, I think so too.”

“What, you still think you’re going to escape!? Well it’s fine. Oi! Help me out Rix!”


(Hmm, so one of them is named Rix. If possible I’d like to learn that other man’s name too……)

“Oh Kiddo~, what should we do with them~? Put them to sleep and then carry them~?”

“Yeah. We need them quiet. It’d be bad if the location of our hideout got leaked.”

(……these guys are really stupid.)

“Since we’re being obedient, there isn’t a reason to do that is there?”

“Hm, what do you say~? We could just blindfold and gag them~?”

“Right, well, it’s fine as long as they’re not being noisy right?”


(Yosh! Idiots are good. Like this we’ll find and catch the mastermind!)

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    1. Leave them as a link. The last translator did a good job, so there’s no reason to fix something that’s not broke. Plus this way if anyone has been waiting to find out what happened in the year since it’s been dropped, they won’t have to wait any longer.


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