Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 21


“This is His Highness William, the first prince of this country and heir apparent.”

(The first prince…….if I remember right, I get engaged to this person, and then our engagement dissolvement in the future is what leads me to my execution or banishment. ……He doesn’t look like he’d do anything too unjust, but then again, I hear you can’t judge a person just off their looks~.)

“……I apologize for the numerous acts of disrespect I performed without realizing it Your Highness.”

“No, I don’t remember you doing anything disrespectful in any form, so please lift your head. Roselia, you did well. You encouraged the other captive children and even took the initiative in helping Allen and me to escape. I’m truly grateful. I would have expected you to be terrified……..”

“No, I only did what I could. Your words are more than I deserve.”

“……I find it hard to believe that you’re really two years younger than me. You look the part, but the way you think is different from how I’d picture a six year old girl. How about becoming my younger brother Eric’s fiancee? He’s a little……that……”

(Hm? So in the game, instead of the first prince…….it was the second prince I get engaged to? …….and what do you mean by ‘he’s like that‘!? It’s way too unreasonable to ask somebody to be that guy’s fiancee when you describe him like that! I absolutely have to avoid this!)

“……I’m afraid someone like me is too discourteous to be a fiancee for a member of the royal family.”

“Your Highness, I have to interject as well. That…..Roselia is only six years old, and it’s still much too early to start talking about something like fiancees.”

“Heheh, Duke, are you sure it’s not really just you not wanting to give away your cute daughter? Or perhaps your real qualm lies with the fact that we’re talking about Eric?”

“…..Well, it is true I might consider the possibility for a moment if we were talking about Your Highness William, but Prince Eric is……. My sincerest apologies, but I only wish for Roselia’s happiness.”

“Haa, how frank. Well I can understand your feelings at least. However the Winsley Dukedom is important to the royal family. There’s also the fact that your meritorious actions after this last incident have left us in your debt. His Majesty won’t stay quiet about this. ……A formal invitation will be on its way soon.”


(An invitation to the castle…….does that mean the same thing for me? I don’t wanna go~ It sounds troublesome~)

“All right, I’m sure we can take care of the rest here. Roselia and our guest from the neighboring nation must be tired after everything that’s happened.”

“Thank you for your concern Your Highness.”

“……Thank you very much Prince William.”

“Roselia……No, allow me to keep calling you Rose. So then you can keep calling me Will as you did before. I’d feel lonely if you were to draw away from me now that you know I’m a prince. ……That goes for the young prince as well.”

“??? I understand, Will-sama.”

He had started mumbling there at the end, so I couldn’t quite make out the last bit. However I did understand he wanted me to keep addressing him as I had, so I decided to always call him Will-sama unless we were in more official circumstances.

Chapter 20El POV

5 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 21

  1. Just a guess, but with ‘young prince’ he’s referring to a duke’s child, right? I think I’ve read that although they translate the same, it is a different word.


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