Villainess Wants to Live Freely El POV (2)

I figure if I just keep churning out these chapters, maybe people won’t notice how short each individual chapter is. Is it working?


The girl I was introduced to had beautiful platinum blond hair that you would never find in Ashtel, and the emerald green eyes that focused in on me glittered as if they really were cut from a gem.

Those eyes robbed me of everything in an instant.

While my heart was being stolen away, the duke started explaining to her how I was to be sold at a dark auction and how I lost my voice after all the abuse I had suffered while held captive.

“Rose, since you seem moved by his story, please treat him well. He’s a year younger than you so he’ll be like a younger brother! He’s a wolf beastman who can morph into a wolf, so can I ask you to get along with him?”

“Eh? Is that so? We’ll get along! I want him to get better and hear his voice.”

“That’s right, Rose, why don’t you give this child a name?”

“…A name…is it really okay for me to give him one?”

I have a name, but if we use it, me being a prince of Ashtel will get leaked. And I don’t mind using a different name if she’s the one choosing it for me.

“Elpis means hope. I’d like for you to speak, because there are wonderful people in the world as well! And, I want you to find hope.”

Hope…….El, it’s nice when she calls me that, but I feel really happy when I think about what it means.
Before I knew it, the story had wrapped up, and I let her grab my hand and pull me away. But who was the other hand she grabbed connected to?




“First, let’s introduce ourselves. I’m Roselia. Everyone always calls me Rose though. I’ll call you El from now on, so remember it okay?”

She introduced herself first, and I kept nodding my head to show her I understood.
Roselia……Rose, Rose. It’s a good name that suits a lovely girl like her well. I want to be able to say her name out loud…….

“This is my personal butler Allen. El, let’s get along from now on.”

This guy is called Allen? I have a feeling Allen likes Rose the same way I do.

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