Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 100


With Rinoa-sama suddenly running off who knows where, is El going to chase after her? This is the thought that was running through my mind as I watched El nonchalantly drinking his tea without any sign he had any plans of getting out of his chair.

[Rose]: “E-El? Don’t you have to go after her?”

[El]: “Huh? It’s fine. I want to stay with Rose.”

He wasn’t moving at all. Like the very thought of chasing her hadn’t entered his mind.

(W-Well, maybe that’s how he feels……but if it were me I’d definitely want the person I like to chase after me…… Of course it doesn’t seem like El himself understands that Rinoa-sama likes him. ….but, I… feel a bit relieved that El didn’t go after her…..)

I was honestly surprised I would think that way.

(…..I’m, relieved? …….because El didn’t chase after Rinoa-sama…….I see, I see……from the beginning…..)

[Rose]: “El, I’m worried about Rinoa-sama, so I’m going to go look for her.”

[El]: “Eh? It’s really fine for you to not worry about it. She’ll forget about the whole thing soon enough and come back in a bit.”

(No no no! There’s no way that’s going to happen! El, just what kind of person do you think Rinoa-sama is!?)

Is it because they’re childhood friends that El can be so laissez faire about this? Wondering that, I excused myself from my seat and ran out the door Rinoa-sama had just leapt out of a moment ago.



[Rinoa]: “Uu, *Hic*…..*Hic*…..”

After walking around for a while, I heard somebody crying from somewhere closeby.

(…..ah, so that’s where you are.)

The person was out of view, hidden in the shadows, but their tail was sticking out in plain view. Even if that wasn’t the case though, I could tell just by the voice it was Rinoa-sama who was crying.

(I believe the saying goes ‘don’t cover your head while leaving your bottom exposed?’ Well, in this case it’s a tail…….)

I could feel my face loosen a bit after how tense I had been before.

[Rose]: “……Rinoa-sama?”

[Rinoa]: “Eh!?!?!?!?

I’m sure she thought nobody was coming for her.

[Rinoa]: “Ro-Ro-Ro-Roselia-sama!?”

Her bright red eyes flew open in shock when she saw me as her mouth repeatedly flopped open in a desperate attempt to choke out my name.

[Rose]: “Yes, I’m sorry to have surprised you. But, I couldn’t just leave you alone.”

It was painful to look at her puffy red eyes.  She gave me a quiet, “Thank you,” as I handed her my handkerchief.

[Rinoa]: “W-Why did you come? …..I thought nobody would…..”

[Rose]: “What do you mean why? Weren’t you the one who decided we would be rivals? Then it’s only natural I would be worried about you.”

[Rinoa]: “Uuu…..y-you just came to laugh at me! ……laughing at me, when I’m all miserable……or I guess not.”

[Rose]: “Right, I would never do something like that. Hey Rinoa-sama, I……”

I stopped before I could finish my sentence since I thought this might be a long talk. Rinoa-sama is a lady, and it’d be improper to have her keep hiding off in the shadows of some corner. So I took her hand, and we sat together on a nearby grassy lawn.

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