Hero Audition Ch. 13



Melia ran up to me with a worried look when I came back to our room after leaving the infirmary.

“Lily-chan! Are you okay? Is there any pain?”

Melia checked all over my body for any injuries. She also pinched my upper arms once or twice which was a little weird since I don’t remember ever hurting my arms in the bathroom scuffle.

“I’m okay. You healed me right? Thank you”

“Mm. Peony and I worked together to bring you back from the dead.”

“Wait, really?”

Melia left the room while sticking out her tongue at me and laughing like a mischievous child in order to go grab Peony. Obviously a miracle like that would be impossible.

Soon Melia returned to the room while dragging Peony behind her. She then placed her hands on Peony’s shoulders and pushed her towards me.

“I…..I’m sorry. It is out of the question for a healer like me to hurt someone.”

Peony reluctantly apologized. If it was Lily here, she would probably push Peony down and come up with an appropriate “punishment”. I am a more open-minded person and accepted her apology with a smile.

“I’m sorry too. It was wrong of me to tease you about your appearance.”

“Good! Now we’re all made up! Now everyone can get along!”

Melia grabbed my and Peony’s arms and forced us to hold each other’s hands. But does Melia’s “everyone” include Lily and the other nobles? I don’t really want to get involved with Olive or the other nobles in her group myself, but when I think that Melia, the girl with the perpetually cheerful expression, also sees the nobles as enemies, it gives me mixed feelings.

“Well good. Keep this a secret from the church. It’d be awful if they knew a healer ran over and punched someone.”

Saying that, Peony shook off my hand and left the room still in an obviously foul mood.

She’s someone who is primarily concerned with herself. The thought that it would be better to inform the church did cross my mind, but she is my friend’s younger sister. I’ll leave it as a last resort.

“Ah….sorry. She’s just nervous because she is having a hard time memorizing the scriptures like she was told to.”

Melia lowered her head and apologized on behalf of her sister.

Everyone should have a vague understanding of how difficult these auditions are going to be. I actually forgot about it because of what happened in the bath, but I have my own tricky assignment to worry about.

“Y….Yeah. I don’t care. But, more importantly, I have my own homework…..”

I quickly explained the assignment to Melia. I need to use a dance to give my dance coach Rose an erection. And after the first day of training, I’ve gotten zero results.

“…….Huh!? A dacne…..a-an erection? Like a man’s?”

Melia’s face was as red as her hair. She is way too adorable.

I don’t have any experience with this kind of stuff either, but I grew up being told that this was how people saw dancers by a slew of resigned family members, so I have some resistance to it.

“Yes. It’s that kind of dance.”

Melia turned her head towards the ground to hide her face, but her neck was a deep scarlet as well. All I said was I had to make Rose erect with my dance, but her imagination is running wild.

“That sounds difficult….”

“I think so too. So I wanted to ask you a favor.”

“Fue!? Me!?”

Her imagination must be running in the wrong direction again if she is this surprised.

“You don’t need to be that surprised. I was just hoping you could watch me dance. Could you tell me what you think of it? Don’t worry, it is only effective against men.”

“Ah…..okay! Leave it to me!”

Melia’s desire to do her best for her friend apparently won out over any embarrassment she felt, and while her face was still a little hot, she clenched her fist and looked ready to help. I feel even more guilty when I think the reason why she is so gung-ho is because she wants to make up for any trouble her sister caused.

Of course I am asking Melia so I can show her my twerk. I’m not being entirely honest with her when I said that only men are affected though. It works on women too, and Rose specifically said a flood would form at their crotch.

Melia sat down on her bed, and I stood in front with my back to her.

Rose told me to bring out the feelings contained in the dance. I’ve done my best to think about what that means in my own way.

Unraveling the innocent Melia’s strong heart. Transform her into an innocent lady with no experience to a battle-worn lewd woman. That’s the kind of thought I need to put into this dance.

I dropped my waist down and shook my hips back and forth over and over again. I slowly turned around after a time, my heart throbbing, not knowing what to do if she looked bored.

Contrary to my fears, Melia’s eyes were wide open with her index finger in her mouth. I’d only been dancing for a handful of seconds though, and the surprise made me stop in place.

“D-Don’t stop…..”

She was rubbing her thighs together while staring at me with pleading eyes.

“M-Melia? Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, so…..please don’t stop……”

The effect of the dance has already been proven, but it would be pitiful to leave Melia halfway like this. A chill actually ran up my spine when Melia begged me to keep going for a little longer.

I can understand the pain of being made to wait. But I didn’t think it would feel so good to be the person who gets to choose how other people experience pleasure. If this is how Lily felt back then, I’m a little jealous.

Putting aside my revenge against Lily for another time, I restarted my dance to soothe the writhing Melia in front of me.

Every time I shake my hips, Melia’s breathing becomes rougher. A dance can have different effects depending on the person, and Melia is probably someone it works especially well on.

My movements increased in proportion to Melia’s excitement. I only finished my dance when Melia collapsed onto the bed, a rough, squeaky voice coming out loud enough that I had to wonder if our neighbors could hear her.

My dancing went so well I had knocked the wind out of Melia. Melia was groaning, “Uhh…..” on her bed. Honestly, I know I didn’t hurt her at all, but I feel really guilty using her as a test subject like this.

“Phew…..dancers are amazing……I’ve never felt like this before”

After taking a rest and regaining her energy, Melia stood up with her usual smile.

“I’m sorry. Are you okay? Do you feel weird at all?”

“Mm! I’m going to go take a bath.”

She should’ve already taken a bath earlier, but I chose not to say anything and ignore the stain on Melia’s bed as I saw her walk out of the room with unsteady steps.

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A gif to show off what a twerk dance looks like. I’ll go back and add a gif for the last two dances as well and see about doing the same for future dances.


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