Slow Prison Life Ch. 47 So this is the last chapter of Slow Prison Life. I mentioned it before, but this is a chapter the author made for the light novel, but he didn't finish it in time to be published. It would fall right after Haley would have been introduced. There are five more extra chapters after this, … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 47

Slow Prison Life Ch. 46   Day of Departure, and then a New Normal A cloudless clear sky. A suitable morning for a departure. .......However, if you're being forced to flee the capitol after a reduction in rank, the mood is bound to have a little misery mixed in as well. Today is, the day of departure for the … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 46

Slow Prison Life Ch. 45   Prince Learns the Limits of His Power Garden parties get regularly held at residences inside the cities suburbs, and while these parties are meant to be events where different noble families can mingle and form connections, for the children in attendance, it is more of a dull get-together where no fun is allowed. … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 45

Slow Prison Life Ch. 44 So this was originally the last chapter for the web novel, but there are three more chapters after this. Two novel exclusive chapters and one web novel chapter that the author didn't finish in time for the novel. That one takes place around chapter 38 The King Condemns The royal palace, has finally seen … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 44

Slow Prison Life Ch. 43   Newlyweds Hold a Conversation This was a short time before the King and Queen decided to return to the city. Four days before Martina 'asked' Prince Elliott a few questions in a way some people might describe as torture, there was a previous small quarrel between a loving couple at the frontier fortress.......... … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 43

Slow Prison Life Ch. 42   The Prince Assassinates the Noblewoman (Plans) A strange atmosphere was hanging inside Prince Elliott's office. Elliott had finally ended his seclusion inside his bedroom and was now leaking a ferocious aura similar to a chihuahua that had been backed into a corner. Every remaining member of the Prince's entourage had been summoned here … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 42

Slow Prison Life Ch. 41   Noblewoman Fears the Storm "Prince Elliott is just too stupid." If you were to thoroughly investigate everything that has happened, this would be the natural conclusion. But at the same time, this simple sentence could easily summarize the matter entirely as well. The Prince's attacks up until now weren't anything to really write … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 41