Slow Prison Life Ch. 25   Noblewoman Hosts Some Guests Elliott is also a Prince, so there are various events and jobs that have to be done every day. Lately his paperwork and inspections have been rapidly increasing, creating a mess of busy days that made him completely forget about the dungeon that had been plaguing his mind until … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 25


Slow Prison Life Ch. 24 This was probably the hardest chapter I've ever had to TL. It's kind of nice how this story always seems to kick me back down whenever I start getting a little confident at this. I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day though. Enjoy.   Attendant is Actually Really Busy The Ferguson Ducal House's … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 24

Slow Prison Life Ch. 23   Attendant Deals with some Uninvited Guests "Now, what shall I do........?" Sofia muttered to herself while getting out from her futon. Sofia had replaced Rachel inside the dungeon, so of course she didn't hesitate to use her Lady's bed the previous night. Although it was just a simple, temporary bed, it was designed … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 23

Slow Prison Life Ch. 22   Attendant Delivers Something to her Lord "Okay, don't let even a single mouse pass through! Tighten security and make a proper blockade around Rachel!" At Prince Elliott's direction, a number of knights were placed around a certain dungeon. Several knights from the Knight's Order took alternating shifts, concealing themselves, and waiting to seize … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 22

Slow Prison Life Ch. 21   Noblewoman Deepens her Friendship with the Young Lady When Margaret arrived at the entrance to the dungeon, the Prison Guard was not at his lookout point. "Mr. Prison Guard? Mr. Prison Guard!" No one called back. ".........Huh?" She confirmed there were no other guards in the passageway leading to and from, and since … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 21

Slow Prison Life Ch. 20   The Duke Seeks an Audience with the King Seeing the countryside town outside the carriage window, the atmosphere hanging around felt somewhat more stylish compared to its rural surroundings. Duke Ferguson's carriage moved slowly through the dense crowds while he looked out at the rooftops of the buildings lined up in the Fracker … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 20

Slow Prison Life Ch. 19 Sorry for anything that looks weird in this chapter format wise. Right when I was finishing this chapter an issue popped up and screwed with the whole thing. I'm pretty sure I got everything squared away, but I'm the type of guy that when there's one thing unlike how it usually is, it bothers … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 19