Slow Prison Life Chapter 49 So this looks to be the last chapter of Slow Prison Life. I'll keep an eye out because the author has said that before, but since this chapter takes place at the actual end of the story, I'm willing to believe them. I just want to thank everyone for following along as far as … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Chapter 49

Slow Prison Life Extra 5   Ariake Limited Edition George Ferguson managed to find an empty space near a wall and was able to sit down for the first time in over three hours. "Ugh, my legs already feel as stiff as sticks..........." His leg muscles were screaming after doing nothing but standing in line all this time. Naturally … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Extra 5

Slow Prison Life Extra 4   Hometown Limited Edition Rachel was enjoying the taste of a fresh cup of tea while snuggled under her kotatsu. "Hah........." Satisfied with the fragrant aroma of her tea, she then picked up a toothpick and took a bite of the thumb-sized abekawa mochi hanging off the end.¹ "Mm~, tea made from the first … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Extra 4

Slow Prison Life Ch. 46   Day of Departure, and then a New Normal A cloudless clear sky. A suitable morning for a departure. .......However, if you're being forced to flee the capitol after a reduction in rank, the mood is bound to have a little misery mixed in as well. Today is, the day of departure for the … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 46

Slow Prison Life Ch. 45   Prince Learns the Limits of His Power Garden parties get regularly held at residences inside the cities suburbs, and while these parties are meant to be events where different noble families can mingle and form connections, for the children in attendance, it is more of a dull get-together where no fun is allowed. … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 45