Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 1

The first seven chapters of this series were already done by 9ethtranslations. I am only redoing them because I have never done this before and wanted some practice. I highly recommend their site, they pick up cute yuri stories, do good work, and are clearly more experienced at this than I am.

God has an idea


This is a divine world.

In that white space, two pillars are present, excitedly looking down at the empty space between them.

“Yes! This time it’s my win!”

The God of Warriors claimed his victory while taking a guts pose.

“Aah. When he first chose his proxy, I thought for sure it was impossible.”

The God of Mages shoulders drooped.

“Why do you two insist on playing with the human world?”

The God of Thieves rebuked the two gods, but they did not pay any attention to him.

“The human society that forgot about survival of the fittest is beginning to rot,” claimed the God of Warriors.

“Periodic stimulation from the outside world will eventually lead to the human’s prosperity,” claimed the God of Mages.

The God of Thieves could only sigh at the two selfish deities that actually only wanted to play with humans like chess pieces.

“Well then, there would be no place for my believers to stand.”

But the two pillars paid no heed to the God of Thieves complaints.

“This time, our game will take place in this world!”

“I won’t lose this time!”

“You’re playing again?” The God of Thieves could only sigh. Eventually, these pillars’ agents begin to act out, driving the world to ruin and involving me and my believers……

Damn it.

“Ah, I have an idea.”

The God of Thieves decided he would send his own agent in secret to the world the God of Warriors and God of Mages would confront. In order to vandalize their pieces and bring out a result neither would be happy with.

Chapter 2

9 thoughts on “Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 1

  1. Oh, Jesus Christ, The grammar and conversation flow Is so much better with this translation than the previous. It kind of sucked because I’m pretty sure lot’s of people already dropped this from the first translations. Hope this continues. The only thing besides the translations being bad that I remember are that I don’t like the Pedo MC and I think the entire story could’ve been about some 18-year-old girl being chosen and having her age revert back to that of a little kid.


  2. I just checked both versions and this seems to be the better one. So great job for the translation! Even tho you may be a rookie translator, the quality seems quite fine. Thank you for your effort!


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