Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 2

Girl’s reincarnation


His name is Yashiro Eiji, and he is a legitimate Hikineet.

His parents passed away several years ago, and he has survived off of the inheritance ever since. To continue on like this, though, has become impossible. His bank account is converging straight to a zero, so he has no choice but to boot up his favorite desktop and open the Hellowork website. (TL note: it’s a Japanese website that lists job openings.) He typed the word ‘Girl’ into the search bar and hit enter.

The site gave him a heartless reply. Information that matches your desired conditions was not found.

“So Hellowork has no girls? When will a girl fall out of the sky for me?”

Eiji became stimulated by the keyword he himself typed out. Feeling a heat below his belly button, he reached Sage Mode after a few minutes.

“Well, it’s time for dinner.” Choosing a black jumper that did not appear too dirty since he had yet to do any laundry, he headed out to the convenience store.

Eiji almost never goes outside. He does all of his shopping online through mail-order, and if he ever needs food, delivery is good enough. The only time he ever betrays the protection of his house is when he goes out to this convenience store for its meal set.

Because if he’s lucky, he can see the shopkeeper’s cute daughter (Estimated: 8 years old).

“Oh, isn’t that the diner owner’s daughter over there? Why don’t I accompany her to the diner?”

Eiji, who has resurrected from his Sage time, begins to have delusions of leading the little girl by her hand and accompanying her. Eiji decided to cross the street and head to the sidewalk where the girl was at. His head full of delusions of hand-holding and accompanying, that he failed to notice the large trailer approaching him.

As soon as the driver noticed the appearance of Eiji, he tried to cut off the steering wheel, but it was too late. Eiji became minced meat instantly on the road due to the pressure of a 44 ton vehicle.

“Oi, Eiji”

Eiji woke up when a voice called out to him. He opened his eyes to a pure white world.

“Oh, you woke up.” Someone’s voice echoed directly into Eiji’s head.

“Well, you really are a piece of work. Other than daily common sense, aren’t the only thoughts in your had sexual crimes?”

Eiji looked around him, but he could not see anyone there. He did not address it and instead complained, “Mind your own business. By the way, who are you and where are you?”

The voice casually replied to him, “I am the God of Thieves. This is the boundary between worlds, and you were minced by a trailer. Do you remember?”

Eiji remembered. Caught up by a pretty girl on his way to a set meal shop, he jumped out to the road. Then he saw a large trailer approaching from the right side. His memory cut off after that.

Ooh, I might be dead…

“What happens to me now?” He asked to the invisible owner of the voice.

“If nothing else happens, you will be dead and on a course for hell because you are a piece of crap.”


The voice continued as if it was having fun. “But allow me to make one suggestion. Become my representative and reincarnate into a different world. I love guys like you who are the kings of low-lives.”

“What do you mean by agent?”

“You would be the representative of the God of Thieves. Of course, after being reincarnated, you wouldn’t remember that you are my agent.”

“What would I have to do after reincarnating?”

“There will be a brave who represents the God of Warriors over there, and there will be a representative for the God of Mages as well. I want you to harass them both.”

“That sounds troublesome.”

“Then it’s off to hell with you.”

“Forget I said anything,” Eiji quickly replied. “By the way, don’t I normally get a cheat ability for something like this?”

“Unfortunately, the God of Warriors governs physical strength and direct attacks while the God of Mages supervises high intelligence and magical attacks. Instead, you will receive the unique ability of thieves.”

Eiji became interested in the abilities that were neither power or magic. “What is it?”

“[Agility Aptitude] and [Item Master].”

“I can imagine the purpose of [Agility Aptitude], but what is [Item Master]?”

The God of Thieves began to explain. “[Agility Aptitude] will increase the skills necessary for thief skills. Skills like hiding in shadows, finding traps, picking locks, and assassination. On the other hand, Item Master is as follows.

The first ability is [Sense Item.] With this ability, you can visually detect magic tools.

The second ability is [Analyze Item.] With this ability, you can unconditionally know what a magic tool does and the command word to activate it.

The third ability is [Tame Item.] This ability means you can use a magic tool as many times as you want and it won’t use up any of your MP.

Finally, the fourth ability is [Copy Item.] This means that you can copy the ability from one magic tool onto other tools.”

“Well. That definitely sounds like a cheat.”

“Right? With this, there should be no complaints.”

“Not here.”

“Well then, with this, the contract is complete. I will bring you to your future vessel in the other world. All memories about me will disappear, but the abilities and your purpose have been drilled into your head so there is no need to worry.”

The God of Thieves began to chant something and the existence of Eiji faded from the world.

After Eiji had disappeared, the God of Thieves’ mouth distorted. “Of course, [Item Master] is meaningless unless you can get your hands on a magic tool.”

“Ellis! Oi! Ellis!”

Someone’s voice echoed in Eiji’s head.

Who is Ellis? My head hurts.

Eiji remembered, “Yes, I was hit by a trailer.”

Eiji unconsciously began exploring the senses of both his hands and feet. There was no pain there, and he understood his fingers and toes were responding to his intentions. The headache also began to soften rapidly.

Eiji gently opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the face of an Italian man.

Who is this guy?

However, as if to ignore Eiji’s doubts, the Italian man shouted joyfully. “Ellis has woken up!”

Wait, who is Ellis?

“I’m glad that you’re safe.”

Eiji moved his neck toward a new voice and saw a lady sitting by his side. She was also Western-looking and appeared to be Swiss.

An old man who looks Italian in front of me and a Swiss lady by my side. I do not understand. So Eiji mid-unconsciously expressed his doubts to the both of them.

“Who is Ellis?”

Then the old man grasped Eiji’s shoulders and spoke with a worried look. “What are you talking about? You are Ellis.”

The aunty to the right spoke up. “Maybe she has amnesia.”


Eiji tried putting force in his body once again. By now, there was no discomfort in his body, so he raised both his arms and looked at his palms. He had transparent white skin, and his hands were the size of a child’s. He raised his head and looked at his chest and feet. He was able to confirm that he had the body of a child, and he was wrapped in a dress that looked straight out of a play.

Eiji had reincarnated into a girl’s body.

However, Eiji was calm for some reason. It should be a big deal that he has changed from a Hikineet into a girl, but Eiji accepted it without questioning it for some reason.

Ellis-Eiji decided to pretend that she had lost her memory until she had figured out the situation. The first thing to do was to question the aunt and uncle.

The uncle’s name was Kevin while the aunt’s name was Alicia. From the conversation of the two, Ellis-Eiji discovered that they  were Ellis’ neighbors and business associates of her father’s.

“Angus sure is pitiable,” Alicia muttered to Ellis.

It seems like this. Angus was a thief belonging to the Thieves Guild. He was the center of the guild’s infiltration unit.

Ellis is Angus’s only daughter. Ellis’s mother died giving birth to Ellis.

Angus became afraid that Ellis would end up disappearing just like his wife. For example, maybe Ellis would be caught or killed by a slave merchant. That’s why, ever since Ellis could talk, Angus became a Spartan teacher and devoted his time to teaching Ellis the skills of a thief.

However, Ellis became too cute. Her skin was white as porcelain, and her beautiful blonde hair that she had gotten from her mother flowed down to her shoulders. Her elegance reminded Ellis-Eiji of an elegant doll.

Angus became impatient. He was worried that someone would try to take Ellis away from him, so he made her register with the Thieves Guild. Angus made sure that she was made into his subordinate. There was a reason for this.

“Female thieves are a tool all their own.”

If you left Ellis to other people, you do not know what would happen. If something went wrong, she might be kidnapped. Sometimes, you are asked to perform a harsh mission that would involve her selling her body.

So he made her belong to the department of infiltration. In infiltration, failure meant death. That ‘death’ would most likely be accompanied with ruthless torture as well. On the other hand, gender has nothing to do with infiltration, and if you become involved in this field, you will not be sent to perform other work because infiltration has the highest degree of difficulty.

Angus’s decision was correct. Ellis’s body was protected. Until he failed in his duties.

On that day, Angus and Ellis went to a nobleman’s house under the direction of the guild. That mission was supposed to be easy for Angus. At least in their experience. But this time, they were wrong. Angus and Ellis were caught in a poisonous arrow trap that were laid out in places that are not normally possible.

Although Angus and Ellis managed to reach their goals while fighting off the poison and reached their hideout, Angus lost his life. And maybe Ellis would have followed Angus if Eiji had not reincarnated into her body.

Ellis-Eiji gazed at her own naked body reflected in the water that Alicia prepared in the washroom. This was the nude girl that Eiji always saw in his dreams. However, because it was his own body, he did not feel aroused. His only thought was that he was beautiful. On the other hand, Eiji’s thoughts expanded. Even if he didn’t feel aroused from his own body, he should not have any problems with other girls. As a matter of fact, the figure of a lovely girl will make it much easier to get away with any indecent acts than the body of a hikineet.

On Ellis-Eiji’s pretty face, the smile of a “King of scum” spread.

Chapter 3

Chapter 1

7 thoughts on “Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 2

  1. “However, because it was his own body, he did feel aroused.”
    I think it is supposed to be “he did not feel aroused.” That’s the only thing that would make sense in that context. Same goes for the 2nd sentence after that.


  2. Yep, The MC being a Pedo I very much dislike. Especially a failure based off of the description from the start.

    Also, I still dislike that this story had Ellis die. I think it’d be better If Ellis was grown up then X happened, With Ellis returning to her appearance she had as a child and was given the goal by the God Of Thieves to go and harass people. I just find It ever so depressing when people die off like this and especially In stories where that person dies and gets their body taken over.

    Same thing with the Mother. She could’ve stayed alive and had been the one to raise Ellis. It be all the more interesting If the mother was the one that raised Ellis, Something happened that lead Ellis to become a skilled thieve, Later the mother dies with Ellis grieving over It and being scarred by It. When Ellis has X happens and returns to before any fallout between Ellis and the mother happened.

    I do remember liking this though later on though.


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