Harrasing Thief Girl Ch. 3


Hikineet VS Thief Couple


My neighbors Kevin and Alicia are very kind to me. The couple arranged the funeral for Angus and invited Ellis, who had just lost her father and had been alone all this time, to dinner every night. Alicia treated Ellis like her own daughter and walked with her hand in hand to all the shops around the city and helped her contact the Thieves Guild.

They tried to always share happy times with Ellis.

They were too kind.

At this rate, the 8-year-old Ellis would be adopted by those two.

Even thought she was actually 30-year-old hikineet.


Ellis-Eiji felt uncomfortable. Even though they were just neighbors, there are no people whose good intentions would go so far.

Ellis’s walks with Alicia helped her here. Alicia, who believes that Ellis has lost her memory, answered all of Ellis’s questions.

It is said that the currency unit in this world is called a ‘Ril’. Looking at the market price, at least for food and clothing, it is almost certain that 1 ril is about 1 yen.

Ellis-Eiji also confirmed that she could read the language of this world. The letters on the signs hanging above the shops were easily legible to her.

Through her conversations with Kevin and Alicia, Ellis also understood the relationship between the Thieves Guild and the Adventurer Guild.

All thieves belong to the Thieves Guild. Those who wish to work as thieves for the adventurer guild must register as “thief adventurers” at the Thieves Guild.

Unlike other thieves, thief adventurers do not get paid regular wages from the Thieves Guild. They must also pay 10% of their money earned to the guild. In other words, if general thieves are salaried workers with labor contracts, thief adventurers are like franchise contracts that pay dues to get the protection of the thief guild. Once someone becomes a thief adventurer, they are not allowed to return to being a regular thief.

The thief guild does not prevent people from becoming thief adventurers out of principle. Anyone who is in a management position within the guild would not make such a stupid choice of becoming an adventurer, and any non-executive thieves who become thief adventurers will being paying the guild a membership fee and the activities reported by those adventurers will expand the guild’s information network.

It’s a well-thought-out system, Ellis-Eiji thought.

Ellis-Eiji decided she wanted to keep a certain distance from the Kevin and Alicia couple. Unfortunately, Ellis is a member of the Thieves Guild and can not go against orders from the guild. This causes a problem because Kevin is the leader of the guild’s intelligence division.

“First of all, I have to find an affordable guardian to replace Kevin and Alicia,” Ellis murmured to herself as she began investigating every corner of her house.

Here, Ellis-Eiji noticed her ability as a thief.

Ellis discovered all the hidden doors that her father had installed in the house and unlocked all the keys her father had left behind.

In the process, Ellis-Eiji found Angus’s diary and Ellis’s diary. By perusing this carefully, she made her own experiences of Father and Ellis.

Next, she noticed a faint glow from a piercing. Picking it up, words flew into Ellis-Eiji’s mind, explaining the nature of the earring.

Intelligence Piercing–Single target. Effective range: 100 meters. Required MP: 3 Command word: {Listen Carefully}

Ellis-Eiji sighed. “It would be weird for and 8-year-old to have a pierced ear.”

Then naturally, Ellis-Eiji had an idea. Ellis-Eiji held out Ellis’s favorite headband in one hand with the Intelligence Piercing in the other.

“Magic tool duplication.”

Light from the hand holding the piercing flowed through Ellis’s body and blended into the headband being held by the other hand.

Intelligence Headband–Single target. Effective range: 100 meters. Required MP: 3. Command word: {Listen Carefully}

Ellis inserted her headband into her hair as a matter of course. She put the piercing back into the treasure box that her father had left, and she made her way over to her neighbor’s house.

“Kevin. Alicia. Hello.”

Alicia came out and greeted Ellis with a smile. Kevin also beckoned Ellis into the living room in the back of the house.

It is the wife who talks the most, but the one who is the most suspicious is the husband.

Ellis ate lunch with them and then set Kevin as the target of “intelligence” on her way out. Once she arrived home, a voice resonated within the room from the headband.

“Calm down. Just wait a little longer.”

It seemed like Alicia was upset on the other side.

“I can’t put my hands on her while she’s still in mourning.”

“She’s just an 8-year-old brat after all. If this goes on, we might get attached.”

“That Angus bastard. After I make Ellis my subordinate, I’ll have her search his house.”

“No matter who they are, nobody will imagine that an 8-year-old blond hair doll is actually a heavyweight intelligence officer.”

“Then we can sell Ellis as an adopted daughter to a high class noble. Then we can get loads of information from the upper-class.”

“We’ll be able to easily get back the 10 million ril we spent to kill that guy.”

“It was unexpected that he took Ellis with him. It was good that she survived though.”

Ellis-Eiji smiled. Because Kevin and Alicia were the type of scum that she did not have to sympathize with. I can expose them for setting up that trap for Father, but there is no evidence yet. She would betray their expectations and slowly reveal their plot.

Ellis-Eiji cut off the transmission from the Intelligence Headband and decided to leave before it became dark.

Ellis headed toward the adventurer’s guild.

As soon as she found out the intent of Kevin and Alicia, she had to hurry. After all, she was still an 8-year-old girl. If she made a mistake and made Kevin suspicious, he could detain her using the Thieves Guild under the name of “protection.”

So Ellis began looking for a suitable ‘guardian’. It had to be an existence that would act on her behalf.

When Ellis entered the adventurer’s guild, she first headed for the receptionist’s desk.

“Hello, Frau.”

“Ah, Ellis. Hello. I’m glad you look fine.”

Angus had helped the adventurer’s guild several times before at the request of the Thieve’s Guild. So Ellis also visited the adventurer guild many times before, and every time, the receptionist Frau would gently touched Ellis.

Is Frau about sixteen years old? She has an intellectual face and good skills that allows her to work with the rough adventurers. Fraud has a passionate figure of red eyes, slightly peachy skin, and red hair that looked like it was burning. She has a kind, motherly smile, though, that calms down even the most rowdy of adventurers. It’s also rumored that she is the daughter of the Adventurer Guild Master.

Ellis-Eiji, who had heard this information while on a stroll with Alicia, had a conversation with Frau to make it seem as if it was natural that she was here at the guild.

After finishing her conversation with Frau, Ellis began observing the inside of the guild. There were mostly a bunch of dirty, middle-aged men hanging around. There were some handsome young guys as well, but Ellis-Eiji was not interested in them.

Eventually, Ellis’s line of sight stopped on a slim girl who looked like a swordsman. Ellis went out of her way to tell Frau that she might be acquainted before heading toward the female swordsman.

The girl was about 16 years old. She had bluish, shaggy hair and had the same blue color eyes. She kept sighing while looking over the bulletin board.

Ellis put on a large smile and then called out to her.

“Onee-san, is something wrong?”

The girl was surprised for a moment and looked around to see who called her. She looked down with tender eyes to the little girl who looked like a cute doll.

“Hello, cute little lady. Just a little bit,” she muttered to Ellis.


Ellis read the requests that the swordswoman was sighing over.

It was a search request.

The hikineet immediately discovered the reason why she was sighing.

“Do you want to take a search request?” Ellis asked the female swordsman. “Even if I look like this, I belong to the Thieves Guild.” Ellis pulled out her Thieves Guild certificate in front of the female swordsman. Then the expression of the female swordsman changed.

“Amazing. You’re already a full-fledged thief?”


To the smile that Ellis showed, the female swordsman couldn’t help but smile back.

“Oh, sorry. I am Reeve. A swordsman in training.”

“Were you sighing when looking at the request because you lack a proper thief?”

“I’m afraid you’re right. Your name is Ellis, right?”

“Hey Reeve onee-san, if you don’t mind, would you please listen to my story?”

Reeve replied to the little girl while patting her head. “Oh, I don’t mind.”

Ellis’s plan has begun.

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  1. I love you for picking this up. And with good quality and only minor grammar issues. I really hope you keep translating this.


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